December 3rd, 2017

At Preston Park.


The weather has been so cold lately, as you would expect, but we have been lucky enough to get many sunny days this year.

Yesterday Felix and I went to the park with the pugs, so I took the chance to get some photos, as well as many clips for a video, coming out later today! Read More


December 18th, 2016

Such a lovely day.


MY OUTFIT // Scarf: BURBERRY – Coat: ASOS – Shoes: GUCCI

As you know, on Saturdays both Felix and I keep the day free to only spend it with each other. Since we got back from LA, this hasn’t been possible, as I had to travel, we had guests over, and work/study took over.

But finally, yesterday, we got back to “normal” and spent such a fun, relaxing day together (and the pugs, of course). Read More