December 18th, 2016

Such a lovely day.


MY OUTFIT // Scarf: BURBERRY – Coat: ASOS – Shoes: GUCCI

As you know, on Saturdays both Felix and I keep the day free to only spend it with each other. Since we got back from LA, this hasn’t been possible, as I had to travel, we had guests over, and work/study took over.

But finally, yesterday, we got back to “normal” and spent such a fun, relaxing day together (and the pugs, of course). Read More


August 27th, 2016

Sometimes, that’s all you need.


A little update… and giveaway! Read More


July 15th, 2016

What they say is true: you never stop learning.


It’s been almost exactly 5 years since I have graduated in what translates to English as “Tourism Expert”. I remember thinking that studying tourism, economy and languages would not be very helpful for the life I had planned for myself, but it turns out that travelling is one of the things I truly love doing, and speaking four languages is pretty useful. And economy, well, I hated it… but it helps now, since I do run my own company.

So after all, that choice was pretty spot on for me. But, there is a but: as I have previously expressed, and many people can easily tell, I am more interested in the art field, and I never really gave that a proper chance. Sure, I paint, I snap photos, I edit videos and I make my clothes and clothing lines – which I am very happy about – but I always felt like I wanted to learn more, on a more professional level. All I know in the art field is what I have gathered on my own, and although that could have been enough, I wanted to push a little more this time.

And so yes, I went back to “school”.  Read More