July 23rd, 2017

With new products.


I’ve been collecting lots of boxes full of new products to try out.

Today is a rainy Sunday, and so I spent the afternoon opening everything up and use it, so I could write about it on here. Read More


June 30th, 2017

A failed makeup video.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 15.26.55.jpg

Yesterday I tried filming a makeup tutorial. With the lack of a tripod, I tried putting the camera on the fireplace and hoped for the best.

It was chatty, and it was an okay video, but because I was so far away, I opted to scrap the video, and instead turn it into a blog post.
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June 25th, 2017

Testing out a new makeup brand.

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 17.05.47.jpg

I hope you are all having a relaxed Sunday.

The weather here has gotten much colder all of a sudden, but that turned out just fine for me as I took the time to wash my hair, put on a comfy sweater and try out some new makeup I received from Pretty VulgarRead More


April 17th, 2017

An eyeshadow look.


Today I wanted to make two different eyeshadow looks using my Natura palette. I intended to make separate ones, but as I was doing the green, I thought I could just do the red one right away. Read More


April 12th, 2017

Yep, another one!


You can tell me at any point if these get too much, but because I receive lots of stuff, it seems fair to somewhat thank the company as well as share, through giveaways, some of the products with you.

There are actually more products that I’ve included in this photo, so be prepared. Read More


March 20th, 2017

Another round of cosmetics to try out.


It’s a rainy and windy day here, so instead of adventuring out, I took the chance to unbox some makeup I’ve received, and try it on! Read More


March 14th, 2017

…Try, listen to, watch and play.


Here are some product recommendations, music and more. If you are looking for good new stuff, keep reading!  Read More


February 10th, 2017

Thank you so much to all the brands that spoil me. 


I’ve been sent lots of stuff lately, and I’m super grateful for it, but because it is way more than I can use, I’m going through what I’ve received, and at the end, there is a 2-winner giveaway!

In case you are confused by why I get so much free stuff, is because on top of being a youtuber and blogger, I need to test various products to include in my subscription boxes… so possibly some of the things you see here, will end up in my Spring one.

(sorry about this terrible photo, didn’t realise it was this blurry). Read More


January 30th, 2017

Proof that I should have less stuff.


When I moved into this flat, in the summer of 2015, I placed this writing desk into the living room, although I used to keep it in the bedroom of the old flat.

That means that, of course, I kept lots of stuff in it, but having it in a different room, I completely forgot about the things I stored here.

Here is what I found. Read More


January 17th, 2016

A simple look.


You all know I love my cat-eye look, but many times, during the day, I don’t feel like putting on too much makeup, especially if my skin is doing well.

So I went foundation and concealer free, but still created a pretty, glowing makeup look that is easy to achieve and takes just a few minutes to apply. Read More