January 13th, 2017

And yet another sweet recipe. 


Yesterday I bought some sliced almonds, and I had smooth almond butter laying around. I put two and two together, and ended up making some cupcakes! Read More


December 19th, 2016

Super soft, cute, and vegan.


Here is the recipes for the chocolate cupcakes I baked the other day. Glad lots of you were interested in it! Read More


February 15th, 2016

I made Felix some cupcakes yesterday. He ate them!


Recipe inspired by OH! Nuts.

As I previously mentioned, the heating system in our flat has been broken for about a week now. We kept the fire going to keep us warm, knowing that last night the plumber would have come to check on the boiler and fix it for us…

Well, unfortunately he told us we just have to get a new one, as the one we have is waaay too broken and old to save.

So before we can get the new one installed it will be at least a few days. The temperature in the flat is around 15’C and that means that it’s extremely cold to live in. Last night even snowed outside, we were freezing!

Okay, it was just for 45 seconds, but it still counts.

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