February 16th, 2018

My recent trip to Japan.


About 5 months ago Sanrio invited me to go to Tokyo to check out some of their latests products; they knew I am a big fan of Gudetama, and of course I couldn’t pass this opportunity. February approached, and so Felix, PJ, Sophie and I all got ready to go.

Here are some photos from my trip! Read More


January 24th, 2018

Where does it all go?


Whenever I write a blog post I generally come up with a title quite quickly, as in my mind I already have an idea of how – more or less – it’s going to play out.

That’s not the case today, so as I’m typing this, I’m not too sure where this entry is going to go, but I will just allow myself to write whatever comes to mind.  Read More


January 15th, 2018

A quick visit.


On Thursday evening I landed in Venice to spend a long weekend with my family and some friends.

On Saturday, my dad had the idea of driving up to Recoaro Mille, a mountain site not too far from where my parents live, to get some fresh air and look at the snowy peaks.  Read More


January 2nd, 2018

Not sure how.


I’m the kind of person that waits until the clock hits a certain number before posting a video. Would anyone care, if I posted it at 17.03? I doubt it. But I have to make sure it’s either 17.00, or 17.05. Which is very strange, because I never tend to care about things like this on any other situation.

I live my life in the middle – in every sense. I’m okay with not being the best, but not being the worst; not standing out too much, but not be invisible either.

I think maybe with this specific topic, it is different, because I’m unsure, and I’ve always been.

Today I’m gonna talk about many things, but mostly focus on my Youtube ‘career’ and what that entails. I went for a walk and couldn’t shake off these thoughts, so I figured writing would help me, as I’m hoping you could shed some light on it as well. Read More


December 3rd, 2017

At Preston Park.


The weather has been so cold lately, as you would expect, but we have been lucky enough to get many sunny days this year.

Yesterday Felix and I went to the park with the pugs, so I took the chance to get some photos, as well as many clips for a video, coming out later today! Read More


November 30th, 2017

Something different.


Today’s blog post features Felix photos, as I asked him to go on a walk and photograph anything he liked.  Read More


November 25th, 2017

The reveal.


Two weeks ago, as you know, I had surgery to correct my deviated, tilted septum.

Here is how I look, and an update of my recovery. Oh, and course, my crazy pink hair! Read More


November 11th, 2017


My story.




3 Years ago I had a septoplasty to help with my breathing. At the time I couldn’t keep going with spending miserable nights getting barely any sleep, so I did my first surgery.

Quickly after, 6 months later, both my surgeon and I knew it was not very successful, and was told we could do another one right away, but the fear of reliving the surgery was too much… until yesterday.

Here is my journey; from explaining the first surgery, to comparing it to my revision surgery, and everything in between.

Read More


November 3rd, 2017

It was a busy final week.


I haven’t been able to write as much as I would have liked to, but here I am, catching you up! Read More


October 22nd, 2017

Another year, another birthday party!


Yesterday was my birthday, which happened to fall on a Saturday, giving me the perfect chance to spend the weekend away.

I rented an airbnb, invited some friends, and celebrated my 25th birthday!  Read More