February 23rd, 2018

An update.


After many months of renovations, the time has come!

I’m not focusing too much on the design aspect of the flat just yet, but I am going to give you a quick update as I haven’t been on here as much as I would have liked, lately.

So here we go! Read More


January 29th, 2018

Products I use to keep my acne at bay!


Interestingly enough, not a single one of the things I use is targeted towards acne-prone skin, but this is what works for me.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I had been following a routine that helped a lot with my acne, lowering it to about 10% of what I used to have; although that’s true, unfortunately after the surgery – a few months ago – my skin has gone through some weird stages, from super oily, to very dry, to the combination of both, making it much more difficult to stay acne free.

That’s one of the two main reasons why I have been waiting to write about my skincare routine, as I wanted to make sure it was effective enough to share; the other reason is that I wanted to include some extra products, that are currently packed away in the other flat. I was hoping by now I would have moved back, so that I could reach for those things, but I guess for now I can focus on just the stuff I’ve been using for the past 5 months or so.

As I mentioned, my skin is trying to adjust to the shock that was caused by my surgery – and although my acne is not as controlled as it used to be, it’s still around 30%-40% better than the past, so I’m sure the products I’m using are still helping, as it could be much worse.

Alright – I wanted to get this disclaimer out of the way. Now we can go through everything! Read More


January 19th, 2018

Trying out some more makeup.


Yesterday morning I’ve received some PR boxes packed with products for me to test out.

I wasn’t able to use everything at once, but I did try lots of new stuff, so here I am, sharing my opinion on them. Read More


January 6th, 2018

With friends.


One of the goals I have this year is to spend more time with my friends… well, not friends in general, but rather, my girl-friends.

I very often hang out with friends, all coupled up, and I love that – but I also miss, at times, having some girl time.

I didn’t waste any time this year, and a few days into January, I made sure to ask my friends, here in Brighton, to spend an afternoon with me.Β  Read More


January 1st, 2018


Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 15.54.18.png

I hope you had fun celebrating last night!

Today I’m being very productive, as I woke up feeling very positive and creative: I’ve redone the graphics for the blog and youtube; I’ve set up my bullet journal for the new year; I’ve caught up with e-mails; and I’ve took down the tree and cleaned the house.

The last thing left to do is this post, in which I wanna announce a quick giveaway to send out some samples from my current line. If you wanna join, open up! Read More

2017 BEAUTY.

December 29th, 2017

My TOP 5 picks.


This year, thanks mostly to PR packages, I got to experiment with lots of different brands and beauty products, finding some must-haves that I always make sure to have while travelling, and most often reach out for while doing my makeup.

If I went over all the products I liked this year, this would be a long list, so I’m limiting myself to the top 5 items that I definitely need and will repurchase in the future.Β  Read More


December 21st, 2017

It’s officially winter!


The holidays are approaching, so I wanted to show the PR packages I’ve been receiving, and share some of the products with you! Read More


December 19th, 2017

Winter clothing.

beret look.jpg

After many months of work, the new line is available – find it HERE! Read More


November 20th, 2017

For November.


Here is a photo of migrating birds, because I didn’t have a collective image of all the products I’m going to open up.

This month has been a bit slow for me, as I’m recovering from surgery, but having new packages to unbox makes my days a bit more exciting.

Here is what I’ve received.Β  Read More


November 15th, 2017

By Lazy Oaf.


You guys know how much I love Lazy Oaf, and not only the founder has recently launched a new brand – G.E.M. – but there is a lingerie and nightwear line releasing soon.

I was contacted and asked to pick some pieces, and here I am, showing you what I selected for myself!Β  Read More