January 20th, 2017

Unboxing a few things I’ve recently purchased.


I’ve never directly shopped from this brand before, although I knew about it for a long time. I only ever had a second-hand eBay wallet, which I did like very much.

I came across the website, and fell in love with so many things.

Usually I would not post about high-end brands online, simply because I know some people may get a bit weird about it, but honestly I was so excited to treat myself to these 3 items that when the packages arrived I couldn’t help but savour the moment by carefully unboxing everything. And so I figured I would show you what I’ve got! Read More


January 17th, 2016

A simple look.


You all know I love my cat-eye look, but many times, during the day, I don’t feel like putting on too much makeup, especially if my skin is doing well.

So I went foundation and concealer free, but still created a pretty, glowing makeup look that is easy to achieve and takes just a few minutes to apply. Read More


January 5th, 2017

Five days into the New Year, and I felt the need to start clearing up some stuff.


Today, I choose to focus on my studio at home, which I have neglected and kept very messy for a while. Read More


December 31st, 2016

After many months of work, it’s finally ready!


You may have seen photos of it on my Instagram or my vlog already, but in case you haven’t, here I talk about the new clothes available on my shop! Read More


December 30th, 2016

The accessories I always get asked about.

PicMonkey Sample.jpg

When, a few months ago, I wrote about all my accessories and how I store them, I forgot to mention the ones I have on me.

In this post I want to talk about them, and what they mean to me. Read More


December 16th, 2016

Two brands I’ve just discovered.


It’s the holidays, and companies are sending me a ton of stuff. Honestly, I’m loving it, cause many are new to me and some products are just amazing.

I was not asked to share anything about these – brands just send out free stuff to internet people all the time – but I was playing around with two specific ones yesterday and was very impressed with their products, so I figured I would write about them!

(Also cause I haven’t been too active in here lately, and wanted to stop by).  Read More


November 28th, 2016

Wanna unbox a few things with me?


Soap&Glory is one of the brands that spoil me, and they don’t ask anything in return.

Many of their products are must haves for me, so when I randomly received a massive package, and saw all the pretty items, I got really happy! Read More


October 6th, 2016

Recycling old clothes. 


A few months ago I found out about this store in The Lanes. I made a blog post about it, since I loved it so much, and somehow they say it and reached out to me.

On top of selling second hand and vintage goods, they also have their own line, Beyond Retro LABEL: this collection saves more than 600,000 items from landfill a year in creating directional sustainable fashion.

So let’s take a look at just a few of the gorgeous garments they have to offer! Read More


August 31st, 2016

The kitchen needed a new layer of paint.


When your house is mostly white, and it’s really old, and it didn’t use to be white to begin with… you will have to do lots of touch ups.

Today, it was time to make the kitchen feel a little ‘fresher’.  Read More


August 16th, 2016

I’m leaving again!


It’s been just about a week since I came back home, but it’s time for me and Felix to go on another romantic holiday. If you didn’t know, our 5th year anniversary is coming up!

Because I get asked a lot to share some tips on how I pack, I decided to make a quick list of stages I go through.

The first one, of course, is always a crazy mess. Read More