September 16th, 2018

Making some progress!


It’s been a little while since I updated my blog, and because I have been busy working on the pottery (and showing some relatives around Brighton), I figured it was time to come back and share my creations so far!  Read More


July 26th, 2018

A tasty snack.


For the past few weeks I’ve been enjoying snacking on salted chocolate covered almonds, as I feel like they are the perfect pick me up for when you are craving something sweet, but they are small enough that you can just grab a few and be satisfied with how delicious they are.  Read More


June 29th, 2018

Propagating a monstera.


A few weeks ago I recommended a small book about plants, which teaches you not only how to properly care for different indoor plants, but also how to create new ones from the what you already have.

The monstera is quite popular at the moment, and it seemed easy enough to propagate, so I gave it a go myself! Read More


December 23rd, 2017

With a healthy twist. 


It’s not a secret: I love sweets and desserts. But if I decide to make something for myself, it has to tick two boxes – it needs to be easy to make, and it has to be healthier than things you can buy.

This milkshake is vegan, requires just 3 ingredients, and takes about a minute to make… oh, and the best thing is that it’s packed with some good stuff for your body and skin.  Read More


December 14th, 2017

Ready in 15 minutes.


Today, for lunch, I opted for a soup.

Now that winter is approaching, warm soups are a must, but to be honest with you, I usually go for broth, as I never realised how easy it is to make soup!

For this one, I mixed my favourite two vegetables, and created a smooth, delicious dish, so I’m here to share this recipe.  Read More


November 16th, 2017

My favourite pasta recipe.


I love pasta. I don’t think that will come as a shock to anyone.

For a very long time, my go-to pasta dish used to be penne with tomato passata and shallots, but in the past year, a new recipe has taken that spot: orecchiette with zucchini and pesto.

This combination is perfection, so allow me to show you how I prepare it.  Read More


October 15th, 2017

5 extremely easy DIYs.


We are half way through the month of October, so of course I’m feeling the Halloween spirit.

Sundays are the days where I usually catch up with work, but today I couldn’t help but wanting to DIY some spooky stuff. These are all very simple and quick to make, so anyone can try and be creative with it!  Read More


September 30th, 2017

A weekly update.


Remember how I was saying that I’ve been sick? Well, this sore throat is not going away. But the weather has been quite nice, and I’ve gotten some stuff done.  Read More


September 18th, 2017

A vegan option.


If you have followed my channel for a while, you will know that one of my favourite dishes is bruschetta.

In the North of Italy, we make them slightly different from the South (which are the more common ones to find in restaurants around the world) and today I’m going to share the way I make them, but with a twist: I’m trying out vegan cheese for the first time.  Read More