Hello, this up here is me!

I’m Marzia Bisognin, a 25 years old Italian living in England.

You can already follow my adventures on Youtube, but I decided to put this up on the internet because writing has always been easier for me than talking. Being an introvert, I want this to become a little space in which I can share anything related to my life, personal things that I usually leave out and deeper thoughts. Don’t get me wrong, there will be much more than that, but what I really want for this blog is simply to be able to express myself fully, letting you in on the kind of stuff that usually isn’t shown on camera.

There won’t be a schedule, or a thread. This is my online diary, which means anytime I feel like writing about my experiences and ideas, a new post will pop up!

Hope you will have a good time taking a closer look at my life, and of course, if you ever feel like sharing anything with me, that would be lovely.



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      1. Grace

        I’m so excited for her next video to come out, she is the best person ever, she inspires me so much l wish you and cutiepiemarzia the best, love,


  1. Fabian

    Love you and your videos on youtube. I am so happy that you started this blog so that we can get some news informations about you and your life. Stay as you are.
    Love you


  2. Fabian

    Please stay as you are and I am so glad that you started this blog. Now we can get some informations about you and your life, that is really great. Love you

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  3. Cathy

    Keep up your amazing work! Sometimes being an introvert is hard, but a Mystery is better than an Open Book.
    Greetings from Germany


  4. Sofia

    Im excited because I love reading and listen to you. If you are reading this I hope you keep doing what you like and want. ❤❤❤ Hugs and kisses from Slovakia


  5. Elif

    Every person needs a diary to write about the thoughts and i think blogging is the best cuz you know that you are not all alone at there, people may help you about your problems or share your happiness. I believe that your blog will be one of the bests because you do have the writing skill. Just know that i will always support you, Marzia.
    Love you 😘.


  6. Aade

    Hi! I am 12 years old and i have been loving you since 2013. I love your style and your warderobe. I`m a girl so dont worry. When I grow up I wanna be just like you. I`m from estonia so that comment,i`m really proud. I hope you read this and I hopeyou like it. I really wanted to order the Marzias box but my family dont knok what or who you are so i`m kinda sad but it`s ok couse I can watch your videos still!
    All the best! Aade (Yes, that is my real name!)


  7. A SOPHIEsticated Blog


    I’m so happy that you decided to start up your own blog! 🙂 The pen is mightier than the sword, so yes, I do agree with you on the idea that sometimes, it’s easier to write than to speak. Wish you the best of luck with your blog! ❤


  8. Laura

    Hey Marzia 🙂
    I’m sooo happy that you decided to make a blog, you’re such a nice person 😊 Also thank you for making videos, I always watch them ❤
    Hugs ☺


  9. Laura

    Hey Marzia 🙂
    I’m soo happy you decided to make your own blog, you’re such a nice, talented person 🙂
    Also thank you so much for your videos, I always watch them and I almost feel like we were friends if this doesn’t sound weird haha ❤


  10. Alison

    *Spanish comment appears*

    Hola Marzia! Espero estés genial, me alegra verte haciendo cosas diferentes, eres una chica hermosa y talentosa. Sigue explorando tu creatividad :3


  11. Tiffany

    This Blog is So cute I love it, I also have a blog and started recently as well. just before you announced your blog ❤ Love you and I hope your having a good day!


  12. Saria

    Hey! I like that you opened this blog, especially because you wanted it for so long. Just now I’m feeling sick and are in bed… But it’s nice to read your blog on my phone, cheers me up! And it reminds me of the book in currently reading ” The perks of being a wallflower ” by Stephen Chbosky. As always lots of support Marzia ❤️


  13. Danielle

    I’m so glad you decided to start blogging Marzia! I can’t wait to hear more from you 🙂 Best wishes -D


  14. Bryanna

    I have a feeling I’m going to like this a lot, already I’m ready to read what she is going to post next. I think its a great idea what she did, I’m glad she finally did it.


  15. Sara

    Ciao Marzia! amo leggere i blog e sono contenta di aver trovato anche il tuo da seguire 🙂 spero di poter migliorare e far crescere anche il mio!


  16. machopotato

    Thankyou for inspiring me to start up a blog Marzia ^_^ i always look forward on watching your videos and reading your blogs!


  17. Mia Kovacevic

    Heii Marzia ❤ !
    I wanna also start a blog, but i don't really know how.
    Could you please help me ?


  18. Carolina

    You have always fascinated me on instagram. your style is so inspiring, I love your pugs and I admire you for being so unique and cute. Im so excited to read your blog everyday!
    thanks for being you,



    they look so delicious
    my mom actually prepare this cookies at home
    they are absolutely delightful 😀
    thanks for the recipe
    i will definitely try it
    hope pewds loved these cookies 😉
    luv you marzia bye ❤


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