Hello, this up here is me!

I’m Marzia Bisognin, a 25 years old Italian living in England.

You can already follow my adventures on Youtube, but I decided to put this up on the internet because writing has always been easier for me than talking. Being an introvert, I want this to become a little space in which I can share anything related to my life, personal things that I usually leave out and deeper thoughts. Don’t get me wrong, there will be much more than that, but what I really want for this blog is simply to be able to express myself fully, letting you in on the kind of stuff that usually isn’t shown on camera.

There won’t be a schedule, or a thread. This is my online diary, which means anytime I feel like writing about my experiences and ideas, a new post will pop up!

Hope you will have a good time taking a closer look at my life, and of course, if you ever feel like sharing anything with me, that would be lovely.



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  1. izamarb

    Hi Marzia, First I absolutely love everything you have done! But I do have a question about some online stores. Do you think you could talk about which online stores/retails are ethical, or okay. Or maybe direct me to a page where it shows! Love you lots! :*

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  2. Marina Bueno

    Hi Mazia! I really liked your idea for blogging, I liked the posts so much! So, I want to ask you, where can I buy your book? I live in Brazil and I hope I can find it somewhere… best wishes for your new life blogging 🙂

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  4. Christiana

    Is there any way to buy your book, Dream House, if its not available at your country? If Marzia couldn’t reply, can someone else reply? Thanks.

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  5. Janika Richards

    Loving your blog! Like your YouTube videos it is gripping and soooo cute! Seeing and reading your daily thoughts and activities show that you are just like us (maybe just have a lot more self-confidence), that is inspiring.
    Much appreciation
    South Africa x


  6. Diana

    I am so happy you did it! Please share some advice because I want to start a blog for 4 years now and I am still afraid 😦 could use some help/tips.

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    1. Simply Aerin

      Hey Diana! I know this was from awhile ago but I’d jus recommend to start slow and just start what you’re comfortable with, then slowly branch out into other things. If I had to be honest I wouldn’t start a schedule because it would be like work and that’s no fun. Especially if you just post about your interests and not you yet I feel like that really helps.


      simply aerin.


  7. Melissa

    Hi! I know you are really busy and I’m not sure if you’re going to reply this but would you be my pen pal?? I really like you and your style and your blog! Please let me know :)) My tumblr is @yellowsubmarine00


  8. simplymeandyoublog


    You have inspired me so much as an individual. I’m a very shy girl and I have social anxiety that was very onset when I was 13. I used to have panic attacks even going to school and I never knew why. Along with these panic attacks, I began to have very negative thoughts about myself like that I’m ugly, that I’m fat, that I’m too short, that I’m worthless and that I’m just a very ugly person on the inside. This put me into a very deep depression. I never went out all summer to go swimming or anything. I stayed inside and I sat at my computer all day or stared at my phone in bed. But a very good thing came out of thathe dark stage. I found your YouTube channel! And everything about it made me feel so much better! It gave me hope. I soon began to slowly open up again to my family and friends after a few months of shutting myself in and hurting everyone around me with my solitude. By that time, it was time to return to school and I felt anxious again. My first day of school in gym class, I had a panic attack. I collapsed on the gym floor and everything went black. But when I woke up in the infirmary at our school, I met a girl, her name was Madeleinan. That was the first time in years that I actually had a comfortable conversation with someone. To make a long story short, she is my best friend and I have a much larger group of friends and we all watch yours and felix’s channels, we love fashion and beauty videos and blogs. We sometimes have covergirl or Revlon parties at each others houses! Well, I wrote a lot but I just wanted to thank you and felix for being true people and being yourselves because i wouldn’t have found myself.

    Virtual hugs,

    Mia Isabella

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  9. Elias

    Hello Marzia I really enjoy your videos and even though you’re on the other side of the world from me it’s amazing that you are telling us about your life btw you are so talented ok if you could reply to my comment hugs from America


  10. Vanessa Morales

    Hi Marzia, I love your videos and I have tried to to find a way to tell you that I love all your food recipes. I have lost almost 15 pounds just from switching from the food I used to eat to the food you eat. I hope you will continue to post more foods that I can try 🙂 thank you


  11. Ricky Holloway

    Hey Marzia!

    Have loved all your videos especially the DIY, food inventions and vlogs but now just diving straight into your blog and finding every post pretty dang awesome! My name is Ricky and I shout out all the way from South Africa. Just wanted to maybe suggest a nice idea for a post/video (mainly because I really admire your views on so many things) about moving in with your partner. My boyfriend and I are moving in together next week! YIKES! Excited and nervous, but back to my point. If you have any tips or hints about moving in with your partner for the first time, I know it would be amaze-balls to hear them and I would really take them to heart.

    Always love ya!

    PS So awesome to hear that you’re starting a new adventure by studying Interior Design.


  12. Ivonn-Ed

    Hey Marzia! I have A LOT of interior design magazines that we don’t use anymore. They are basically brand new and I know that you’re studying that now so I wanted to send you all of them! I really hope you can get back to me and I can send you pictures of all of them! Love you and Felix ^.^


  13. alittlesomethingsomethingsite

    This blog honestly brightens my day! I have watched your Youtube channel since almost the beginning and I felt like I could relate to you as a person on so many levels. I just started my own blog now, and you were definitely a big inspiration to me. Have an amazing day! :)) x


  14. fromdreamtoplan

    Ciao Marzia! Happy to have found your blog! I Such a coincidence that we have a similar situation: I’m italian but I’m studying and living in London! I totally love the layout you’ve chosen, the style the content…everything! I’ve read some of your posts and I can’t wait to read more! Looking forward to following you 🙂

    Lisa | http://www.fromdreamtoplan.net/

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  15. Maria Clara

    Hi, Marzia! I’ve been following you on youtube since early 2014 and I’m in love with you and the person you are since then. You are a great influence in my life. I always were an impacient and apathic person, but you’ve changed me! Now I feel like my whole life is upside down, I see the world, the people differently. I can visualize the kindness above the madness and those simple things made me a better person. I’m a sixteen-year-old girl on the last year of high school that worries day by day about entering the university and this peaceful place you’ve created – this lovely blog – just calms me down in an speechless way! Knowing that this delicate and kind person you are have suffer as you did makes me fall apart. All I wanted was to give you a big bear hug to thank about all the good you did to everybody, including me. My biggest dream is travelling abroad – I’ve already wrote you about this before – and seeing you and your dear Felix inspires me to try to reach it and visit the whole world! That’s it. I just wanted you to know what you did and keep doing to me and why I simply love you! Virtual hugs from Brazil, Maria Clara.


  16. beffiboo

    Hello Marzia ❤ you inspire me to start my blog, too. Because I'm also introvert I want to express myself. Thank you for everything Marzia. Hope you have a great day


  17. Callie Patterson

    Hello Marzia,
    I am a HUGE fan, I reaaaallly love your DIYS and Vlog’s. I order your book this week hopefully I get it soon!
    Keep making people laugh and smile at your videos. Your and inspiration to all!

    Love Callie,


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  19. Meagan Hartman

    I love watching you and Felix on YouTube and have for years. I personally get really excited about your videos because you are so open and easy going about things you love and want to do in life. You give a lot of people hope and strength when they feel down. I personally appreciate you greatly and can’t wait for what this year brings from you!


  20. Surachi

    Hi, Marzia! I am in love with the idea of you having a blog Marzia. It’s especially good for people who prefer reading than watching. I also love how your so into this and how you put so much emotion and passion into your typing. I will be here for support. Love you

    Love, Keyla


  21. voilaforever

    Dear Marzia , I really enjoy your writing here. You inspire many people including myself with your unending genuine spirit. Please keep doing what your doing and never give up in all that you do.

    Semper vitae!
    Nathanael from Tulessa.com)


  22. Hannah

    Hey, does anyone know the name of the interior design course Marzia started? I’ve been looking for one for ages and reading loads of reviews but the one she’s taking sounds really fun.
    Thank you!


  23. CAThy

    Hey, Marzia! You have just posted a new video recently where you tell us where have you been before. You seem to be obsessed with natures’ beauty, and cute stuff so I think you would be interested in visiting such places as a Cat Island in Japan, Norway(welcome to Alesund, hotel Juvet, Storfjord) and Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg(Petergof), Kaliningrad, Kamchatka). These all are the GREATEST places for you to visit I could remember.


  24. Angela

    Hi marzia! I am a noob to anime. I was wondering if you could recommend anything to watch for someone new to it.


  25. mariettamifsud

    Hello Marzia, I just came across your video, Why Brighton? I happened to move to Brighton in the coming months, and maybe you can help me out, did you find it easy to leave your family behind? I live in Malta south of Sicily so the flight is not to long if I need to visit my family. I want to go and try to live in Brighton, but I am afraid of what my family will think. Can you help? X


  26. Hannah Cadieux

    Hey Marzia, I just want to say that you’re such an amazing person and your videos make me really happy! I love watching them! Can’t wait for your winter line to come out!! Love you!


  27. Petra Šerá

    Dear MarziaPie

    You had (and still have) quite a big impact on my life. Watching your videos and reading your blog makes me feel like starting on Youtube myself, and I am seriously thinking about it. Your videos always help me to chase the boredom away and your positive attitude towards others makes me feel like being a better person myself. I am here, writing this comment just to tell you how much of a beautiful person you are, and you deserve to know. Never stop believing in yourself and always do your best!

    Your fan

    PS: If you ever feel like you have no one to talk to, or want a new friend, just hit me up at my E-mail: tarulka.konicek@seznam.cz



  28. Alety Arias

    I wanted to ask what helped u with learning how to be more social maybe u can give some tips.? btw I love u and your work


  29. Amanda

    Hello Marzia, first of all I really enjoy your YT channel and your blog. I want to ask you, as I know how you and Felix met, some advices because I’m kinda in the same situation. I met a German boy in France this summer and we talked to each other unfortunately for a very short time but we exchanged numbers and kept talking till he decided to come visit me here in Italy from German. Oddio solo ora ho pensato che possi parlare anche in italiano perché lo capisci T-T comunque, ho un sacco di ansia perché lo ospiterò e non so i suoi gusti e ho paura che tutto possa andare male T-T spero che tu possa darmi qualche consiglio, anche solo dirmi se anche tu ti sei sentita così e cosa fare per tranquillizzarmi un po’. Grazie!


  30. Sheyla

    Hi there Marzia! 😀 My name is Sheyla. It’s nice to meet you! I’ve subscribed to your channel on youtube for a long time now but I haven’t tried to put any comments until recently cause I’m a little shy and sometimes it’s nice just to see the video of your life. In my mind, I think we would have made good friends ^-^ It’s so nice to see your creative outlets and hard work flourish throughout this time and anyone who personally knows you would be very proud of you. I hope we could be friends one day if it’s not too much trouble c: Hope you have a nice day today!


  31. Alex C.

    Dear Marzia, this is my first time visiting your blog. I’m a long time fan and have a question that I’m not sure has been answered already: Do you drink alcohol? No judgement if you do! You do you. But I’ve seen Felix drink and post videos, and many other YouTubers, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen you drink alcohol.
    Love your videos and liked your book! -Stay Awesome, Alex.


  32. Kat

    Marzia, I just wanted to say I love your design style and also the outfits you wear. I’ve never been good at picking out clothes or making my house look as nice as I would like it to, so I love watching your videos and getting better ideas. Thank you!


  33. Erin

    I just wanted you to know that I love your blog. I wish I was half as creative as you are. I also wish I had the time to do some of these. Keep at it, you are doing amazing things. Love your videos too.


  34. Nefeli

    I really don’t know where to start. I have been watching your comments for days and the first thing I want to say is YOU NEED HELP.

    And no I don’t mean it in a bad way. You seriously need to get some help because what you are doing here is stalking, harassing and hurting both you and Marzia. In your mind, all these may be a way to approach her and make her talk to you but trust me, if she reads these comments she must be SCARED and CREEPED OUT by what you are saying.

    You know how hurtful it can be to tell her stuff about killing yourself? What do you expect her to do? Put the blame on her? Meet you so that you don’t kill yourself? That won’t happen. For someone who says that you love her, you are only harassing her.

    And even you, you are unhappy and miserable. Why would you go through all this? Why not give yourself a chance to meet another person or to be happy by yourself? Stop romanticizing your actions. Take a step back and look at what your are doing to Marzia and foremost to yourself. Nobody is happy out of it.

    GET SOME HELP. If you are afraid of going in person then call a hotline. I am sure there is a hotline. Just give it a try. For now you are only miserable and Marzia will not agree to meet you. Frankly I wouldn’t blame her if she is afraid of you or if you are causing her a great deal of anxiety.

    You are not in love. You are obsessed. You NEED to get over it before you end up destroying yourself.

    Last but not least, people will do stuff for you when and if they want to. They all have the right of choice. But NEVER try to emotionally manipulate someone cause that is the ugliest way you can tell someone you “like them” or “appreciate them”.

    Seriously. GET SOME HELP SOON.

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  36. Chmicha Fishcaek

    So you never ever got any response from Marzia to at least let you know she didn’t want any of this ? :/
    If that’s the case, i understand the ups and downs…Ignoring someone is not always the best solution, it should come after stating things clearly at least once… :/
    Also if it’s your first crush, that makes it all the more understandable and difficult, i still get dreams of my first date sometimes, even though it’s way behind me now.
    One day chances are you’ll find someone special, and that someone will make you forget all the pain, i know this because it happened to me. It’s worth living for. ❤


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