Hello, this up here is me!

I’m Marzia Bisognin, a 23 years old Italian living in England.

You can already follow my adventures on Youtube, but I decided to put this up on the internet because writing has always been easier for me than talking. Being an introvert, I want this to become a little space in which I can share anything related to my life, personal things that I usually leave out and deeper thoughts. Don’t get me wrong, there will be much more than that, but what I really want for this blog is simply to be able to express myself fully, letting you in on the kind of stuff that usually isn’t shown on camera.

There won’t be a schedule, or a thread. This is my online diary, which means anytime I feel like writing about my experiences and ideas, a new post will pop up!

Hope you will have a good time taking a closer look at my life, and of course, if you ever feel like sharing anything with me, that would be lovely.

                                                  Virtual hugs, Marzia.


162 thoughts on “About

    1. Casey Sloan

      Even if she wasn’t already in a committed relationship (that’s quite public if you just took 2 seconds to look into) this is not the way to woo a person, Thomas. What you are doing is frightening to me, I can’t imagine if she ever read your comments she would feel anything different than that. You should delete them if you can and leave her be. Or i’m sure she will figure out how to block you.
      Honestly with the creepy stuff “Fans” do to people these days, if I were her, I would report you to police for just being creepy in general. If it were one or two comments, who cares, but you’re beyond ridiculous with this.



  1. Thomas Mather

    It’s a rubbish life loving someone who has a boyfriend and wont talk either. I would be your friend but that seems to be impossible because its impossible to get through to you and you avoid me like the plague.


  2. Thomas Mather

    All I wanted five years ago was to talk to you, but because you’re so famous I dont get that privilege, I keep trying and you must not understand how horrid it is. I hate the internet and I have said allot of things that are bad and even then I knew I shouldn’t have said them and I am sorry I wasn’t more considerate towards you and more respectful of your relationship.


  3. Thomas Mather

    I’m done with the internet for a while, maybe if you would like to speak as friends I will send you my address on facebook and we could write eachother, I would love that. you take care of yourself Marzia and Felix too. I’ll still watch all your videos. I love you, see you some day.


  4. Dannii Lee

    Thomas you need to stop. What you’re doing is what a stalker would do. You need to get help. It’s not right. I understand you can love people and they have their own lives. But leave Marzia alone and get yourself some help. There is someone out there for you and you can be happy but what you’re saying here and all your messages aren’t normal. Leaving all these comments like this is only going to get you noticed for acting like a stalker and not going to get you anywhere. Please sort your head out.

    Also: admire you so much Marzia and love your blog posts. I struggle with introversion and anxiety too. I love your style and you honestly inspire me to organize my life more and make the most out of it everyday!! Much love from New Zealand 🙂


    1. Thomas Mather

      you’re right, thanks for trying to understand. At least somone has the common courtesy to say something instead of just acting like I don’t exist. Goodbye Marzia, I’ve had enough and you drive me crazy and you only care about your famous friends and not someone who cares about you. Five years might as well have not happened.


  5. Thomas Mather

    I am sorry I even tried to contact you, I am sorry I bothered to compliment you and support you, I am sorry that I ever thought you could have been my friend, I am sorry for everything I said to you wrong and right, most of all I hope you have a perfect life and maybe we can forget all this. But until then bye.


  6. Thomas Mather

    I just wanted to apologise, once again I have unloaded my problems onto you. It seems that you honestly have no interest in communicating and, as much as that hurts, it is your choice. I still want to talk, I still want to be friends with you and I still think the world of you. I guess I had better go get my head straight and sort my life out, it is a shame I don’t have you to share my thoughts with or talk to. If you ever did want to talk I would love to listen. Goodbye Marzi.


  7. tom

    I’m jealous of Felix, why does he get the prettiest woman in the world? I’ve made such a fool out of myself, and what is worse is that I have put it all on here. I didn’t know how else to reach you, you probably didn’t even know I existed right? I mean you’ve got millions of people who follow your every move and I am just one person trying to reach out to you. 🙂


  8. tom

    You are actually really sweet and perhaps just a little naive but I like that about you, so please don’t be offended because you are the best.


  9. tom

    You take care sweetheart, I hope we can be friends and that you can forgive me for the rubbish I have said. Have a chill evening and I hope to see you soon.


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