August 29th, 2018

Simply here for a chat.


Generally, if I come on here, I have somewhat of an idea of what I want to write about, but today is one of those days that I just want to start typing and see how this develops. 

Back in February, on my way to Japan, I was looking for some entertainment on the plane.

I came across the Great British Bake Off – which is quite a popular show here in the UK, obviously, but because I don’t have cable TV, and didn’t grow up here, it’s something I never really felt like watching. I had heard about it, but that was about it.

They had two episodes available to watch on the plane, and so I gave it a go. I really liked it right away, and when my friend Sophie looked over at my screen, and realised what I was watching, she was ecstatic!

We decided that this year, we should watch it together, as it’s something she has been watching for years and years. I was down.


So last night, the first episode aired.

She invited me over, as well as Signe and Emma. We all brought sweets, to be on theme: I made mini almond doughnuts covered in cinnamon (which people liked, thankfully!). I meant to take a photo to show you, but I completely forgot. Eh.

Watching the show with others was so much fun, as we are all so invested in the different contestants already!

Do you guys watch the show as well? Do you have a favourite yet? (I think the past seasons are on Netflix).


Something else that happened this week was related to Maì.

A few months ago I had thought about a new range to add to the shop (up here is the first doodle I made for it) and I was able to put them for sale.

The yellow gold pieces are gone, but the white gold ones are still available right now! (necklace and bracelet).


I also got around to make my first batch of pottery available.

I would be lying if I said I think these little pots were perfect, and I even thought of just keeping them for myself and wait to put anything out for sale till I’m fully satisfied with the results, but with a bit of encouragement from Felix, and knowing how long I had you waiting already, I did it.

I was incredibly relieved to see that people liked them, so thank you all for the positive feedback. I’m totally aware that I need to develop my skills a lot, but I’m also glad to see that my early work can still be appreciated. It does mean a lot!

I think a big issue was with the glaze, simply because I had never glazed anything, and I quickly realised how different each glaze acts when in contact with the pot. But it’s all a learning lesson, so I’m hopeful that I can keep making progress overtime.

I can only work on the pottery when I’m at the holiday home, which we only really go a day at a time (or two), to then come back to Brighton for the week; so practicing and finishing each piece takes far more than it should – hence why I’m so slow to put products out. But thank you all for being patient!

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 18.00.28.png

Today I’m realising how once summer ended here in the UK (the weather has become so chilly and cloudy already) I have coincidentally toned down my colour palette. It has to do with my change of hair, but I thought it was fitting.

Anyway, I think I’m at the end of the post.

Thank you for reading, I know it’s all over the place!




128 thoughts on “WHATEVER COMES TO MIND.

  1. Yauheni Baraulia

    Hello Marzia! Have you and Felix ever visited former Soviet Union republics? For example, you don’t require visa to visit Belarus.


  2. Katie


    Stop commenting on this blog harassing Marzia. You are not in love with her. You have never even met her! You are in love with the idea of her, and it is incredibly selfish. She is engaged and happy with Felix. She is living her life to the fullest and your comments are completely inappropriate. The things you are saying are very scary to a young girl. Please seek a mental health professional and discuss your issues with them, instead commenting disturbing things to someone who has nothing to do with you.


  3. ppsychoteen

    omg read this real late but i was also scrolling through tumblr and chanced upon GBB! there so much commentary on tumblr about the show and it seems like a really fun and exciting show! getting ready to watch it soon too!


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