August 24th, 2018

3 Days in a new city.


Every year, for our anniversary, Felix and I travel somewhere we haven’t seen been before.

This year we went to Budapest, because the photos from there looked so magical I knew I wanted to see the place in person.

Here is what we did!


The first day there, it was our 7th year anniversary, so we wanted to do something somewhat romantic: the Gellért Bath seemed out of this world, so we booked some tickets in advance and spent the entire afternoon there.


Budapest has quite a few baths around the city, and the Széchenyi thermal bath seemed stunning, but because we went during the weekend, we opted for a smaller (which was still huge) bath complex.


There is this indoor pool with cooler water, in the middle of the most scenic room; but there are also some more things on the outside.


This swimming pool seemed just like any other, but at one point everybody started getting in. Felix and I were confused by why everyone just stood there, waiting, but we did the same…

Pretty soon we realised it was one of those pools with wave machines! It was really fun, even if we weren’t expecting it and got totally covered by the waves.


A lucky find was this particular ice cream place called Gelarto Rosa: Felix and I were looking for some food and looked up a place with veggie options. Not only we ate the sandwiches, but also tried the ice cream (of course!). The vegan pistachio flavour was incredible… so good that we kept coming back for more.


In the evening we went to Mazel Tov, a really cool restaurant I had seen photos of, and looked too pretty to pass on.


The food was great, so if you are ever in the area, do grab a bite here!


After dinner we walked back to the hotel, and admired the pretty buildings.

Both Felix and I agree that Budapest is just as pretty as Paris, in our opinion: anywhere you look there are incredibly intricate buildings and the way the city is lit up at night makes it so romantic.

The only complaint we have about the city, is about the taxi service: we tried 3 times, in 3 different occasions, to grab a taxi. The first time we were denied, we were 10 minutes from the hotel so we thought it was just not far enough; the second time we were 20-30 minutes and the taxi driver was doing nothing, so we asked for a ride and he waved us away; the final time we tried, we had a long way to go and 3 taxis were empty, waiting for customers… Felix and I expected an excuse, and in fact we did get one. The driver, at first, tried to tell us that where we were going was too close – Felix pointed out that he wasn’t correct as the place we were actually going to was in fact pretty far, on the opposite direction he was indicating; so then he said ‘oh no, I can’t drive you there’. Felix questioned why, and the man simply replied ‘I don’t want to turn around’.

Right after us, a group of 3 people approached the taxi, but the driver had already thought about a way to send them away – he told them he could only fit 2 people.

So then an elderly couple asked him to drive them to their hotel, about 10 minutes away. The taxi driver said it was too close and he wasn’t going to move the car for that.

This was so bizarre! So we just ended up moving around by foot, bike or public transports.


The second day was a National Holiday – the Foundation of Hungary.

Saying that the city was crowded would be an understatement. Everybody seemed to be out, but we were set on visiting the busiest area: Buda Castle.


After an extremely slow bike ride, we queued up for the funicular.

The sun was burning us but it was worth waiting in line, as the view was spectacular.


We spent most of the afternoon up there, looking at the cute stands propped up around the castle, and admiring the city from up high.


But the best bit of the day was beginning at 9pm…



They lasted about 30 minutes, and we made sure to be there plenty of time in advance to secure a nice spot.

Being there during the national holiday was messy, but made this trip really incredible, as we got to experience something completely new and unexpected.


Seeing all the people gather in the squares to watch the show was such a cool experience.


I’m glad we got to be a part of that.


On our final day, we checked out the Central Market, which was packed with foods and traditional crafts.


At this point, from all the walking, I had 7 blisters on my feet and I had run out of bandaids, so excuse the cotton coming out of my shoe!


In the afternoon, we needed a change of pace so we headed a bit out of the centre and strolled around the ELTE Botanical Gardens.


This area was much more calm, so we took our time to relax and look at all the pretty plants.


Plus, I have a thing for glasshouses and orangery style buildings, and the one in this park was so stunning.


Just look at how idyllic this place is.


Later in the afternoon, the bad weather approached and we could hear thunders from far away getting closer.

We knew we had a bit of a walk ahead of us, so we made our way back to the centre.


We ended the evening with walking along the Danube river.


Eventually we reached the shoe monument that commemorates the lives of the people that were shot in this spot, during Wold War II. People were forced to remove their shoes before being killed, so the iron sculptures symbolise the shoes left behind from all the victims.


Sorry to end it on a sad note, but that was it for our trip. The day after we hopped on the plane back to the UK.

I see a lot of people confused by why Felix and I decided to visit this city for our holiday (to be fair, we always get asked that type of question no matter where we are) but to be honest, Budapest is simply beautiful. I’m glad we got to see it!

Have you ever been there?


118 thoughts on “HELLO, BUDAPEST.

  1. Laurence

    Hey Marzia!
    It looks like your trip was very enjoyable! I really love reading your blog posts, they make me very happy :3

    I do have one question tho… WHERE IS MAYO? It has been a while and I am still wondering where your (very earned) white puppy is hahah :’)


    Buona giornata (hehe ho preso lezioni di italiano durante l’estate)

    Lots of love from Montreal (another place you should visit – we have a lot of vegan caffés and, from my understanding, you speak french as well?)


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lauren

    Hi Marzia! What a lovely post. I’m so glad you had a nice time. The buildings there look sooooo beautiful 🙂

    I was just wondering, you travel a lot, do you find it difficult to find restaurants that serve good vegetarian food? Even in my city it can be hard to eat out because there are hardly any vegetarian restaurants 😦

    Anyway thanks for such a wonderful post. I love reading your blog. It always makes my day:)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Chloé Gerber

    Hi Marzia !
    I’m so happy to see that you visited Budapest ! I went there last year with friends and I was just like you : amazed that this city is this beautiful !
    Unfortunately I didn’t had the chance to visit Buda’s castle because of a special event… I was so sad but since there was plenty of other buildings to visit it was still one of my favorite trip !


    Liked by 3 people

  4. Laura Cardoso

    Wow Budapest looks insanely gorgeous! Definitely one more place to add to my travel bucket list!
    Im glad you had a nice time there, enjoying and exploring new places! The pictures look amazing, and also loving your new hair colour… I’ve always wanted to have a similar shade, but as my hair is so dark and thick I think it would be hard to maintain. Also im scared my hair will be damaged or dry afterwards. Maybe someday I’ll be brave enough…? Hehe
    Hope everything is well and wishing you and the puggies a nice weekend!

    Love from Canary Islands!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Héloïse

    Been in Budapest for 6 month to study there, that was the greatest months of my life, it’s an uncredible city, especially for the student life but i don’t think you visited the bars and clubs :p and for the taxi it never happened to me but i am not surprised, some poeple tends to be rude with tourists unfortunately.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. StellaMSamm

    Hi, Marzia! Thank you for telling us about your trip. Budapest seems like a very nice place to visit. I watched Felix’s video on his channel yesterday and it was so fun to read/see how you both describe it. I’m so happy for you and Felix, you seem both so relaxed and happy around each other. Can’t wait to see your wedding planning — you will be such a gorgeous bride! Anyways thank you for sharing your trip and best of all to you both!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Nina

    Hi Marzia! Happy anniversary! You look beautiful as well as your outfits ^^
    I’ve been to Budapest few years ago and it was also for anniversary with my boyfriend. We had such a great time.
    Since you like traveling to not so “popular” locations I can suggest you my city, Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. There is a lot of things to do and see and it is perfect for a few days trip. It has really rich history. Also people are very friendly especially with tourists 🙂 Apart from Belgrade, in Serbia you can visit Novi Sad which is very close to Belgrade, Subotica which is on the Hungarian border, and few other cities in the north of Serbia 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jana

      Agreed! I think you would love visiting fortresses in Serbia. Novi Sad, the city I live in, is
      somewhat similar (especially the architecture) to Budapest. And, as Nina already wrote, the people are really friendly.. so come and visit us💫


      1. Andy

        Actually, if you ever come to Czech Republic and have the opportunity – don´t forget about the rest of our country. The real beauty is actually hidden all over the place, not just Prague! 🙂 (my favourite is in the South – Hluboká nad Vltavou, Český Krumlov,… and not even mentioning all of our nature beauty – mountains, forests and rivers).
        Anyway, I´m sure that if you ever come here, you will love it. Thanks for your blogpost, it is always so inspirational!
        Love from CR!


  8. anthibz

    Looks like you had an awesome time! Hey I may even add Budapest to my travelling list! happy anniversary ya two! love from Greece.


  9. Vivien

    I live in Budapest, and I agree, the taxi drivers are horrible people. There were Uber in Budapest, but the taxi drivers got mad, and in the end Uber had to leave the country, so…
    Anyway, I am happy that you liked the city, the center is quite beautiful, and there are many things to see. I moved here when I was 3 years old, and I’m 26 now, but I still discover new sites. And there are really interesting pubs, clubs and ruinpubs, so the nightlife is awesome too.


  10. Krisztina

    Hi Marzia!

    I’m glad you enjoyed your holiday here, I’m actually quite sad too, as I work in the Gellért Bath and was there when you, you passed by me, but it was a busy day and I didn’t see you, when I saw your post on insta I was pretty disappointed I didn’t get to say hi, anyway I love everything you do, and wish you and Felix the best!

    Ps. Public transports are the good way in Hungary! Sorry for your blisters!

    Kriszti xx


  11. Bri

    Omg, those green shoes that you’re wearing in the picture with the gelato/ice cream are so cute! Where are they from??

    Thanks for sharing your photos with us 🙂



  12. Rachel

    Hi Marzia! What a wonderful anniversary!
    Budapest looks very nice! I want to go there someday…

    I have some unrelated questions, is that okay?
    So, I really love your current hair colour. It’s my favourite hair colour since 2 years ago and I really2 want to dye my hair with that colour. But people around me told me that getting my hair bleached (my hair colour is black) will damage my hair. They say it will get my hair super dry. And I live in a very-very humid tropical city.

    Okay, back to the questions. So, is it true that bleaching your hair will make it dry? Does it happen to you? If yes, how do you take care of it? Is it worth it to bleach my hair?

    Sorry for the long reply! I hope you would answer my longest dilemma ever..
    Thank you!


  13. itsme

    Hello, Marzia!

    In Felix’s video it looks like you don’t really enjoyed the holiday and Budapest. Am I wrong? Was there too busy the city on the National Holiday or just don’t really like the city? I am interested in your opinion. Thanks!


  14. Cristina

    Hey girl!

    I feel like you guys pick really cool & beautiful places that I wouldn’t even think to go to & your blogs/vlogs always give me inspiration to travel to these places as well! So to those confused people I would say – it’s a big world and there’s so much to see, you should see it all!

    Anyway, I’m glad you both had an amazing holiday and a very Happy Anniversary to you guys! Can’t wait to hear more about your wedding details! 😀

    Lots of love from Florida💕 (the crazy state lmao)


  15. Marie

    Hi Marzia!

    I loved the video and these pictures are stunning! There were places that gave me the ghibli effect by just being so calm and serene. I was wondering how do you plan your trips? It looks like you have a great schedule, know where to go and what to see! This is something I feel like my boyfriend’s parents have down perfectly but I can’t for the life of me seem to get down as nicely, do you have any tips? Thanks for another great post!


  16. Blanka


    Happy anniversary! I live in Budapest for 6 years and I always suprised how much I didn’t see yet, even if I go to a lot of places in here. It’s cool that you loved it.
    The taxi thing is so messed up! This city is a little scary sometimes :/ but what big city is not.

    Take care of yourself! 🙂


  17. Denise

    P.s. Marzia, volevo chiederti: che obiettivi hai usato per le foto di questo viaggio e per quelle del Giappone? Non so se hai già risposto a questa domanda, ma mi piace molto l’effetto che da a ogni scatto ^^


  18. Heather

    Budapest is stunning! My family is from Hungary, but I’ve yet to visit it. Can’t wait to get there someday. Did you try any traditional Hungarian foods while you were in the city? Some of the best comfort food out there!


  19. georgiaetolivia

    So beautiful! My partner and I are considering Budapest as well! After reading this article we will probably go soon 😍


  20. lydia🐝🍒✨ (@fulaxspooner)

    this is sort of a random question,, but for your wedding, what colour are you planning to dye your hair?? are you going to keep it platinum blonde like it is now? if you’re planning to have a white wedding dress that would be SO pretty, but pink hair would be a really cool look too!!


  21. Rune

    This place looks so amazing! I wish I had gone here when I used to live in Germany. Would of definetly been a lot easier for me to see. Might add this place to my list of travel plans for the next couple of years.

    And thanks once again Marzia for sharing all these amazing places and all your fun experiences. Congrats on 7 wonderful years. I’ve seen with you guys since the beginning and hope to see you guys for many more.

    Have a nice day!


  22. Sara LM

    I don’t see why people would ask… Budapest is simply beautiful. I was there only for a couple of days and I think it is one of the prettiest cities I’ve ever been to. I agree it can compete with Paris, especially the Buda side and the castle.


  23. Johanna

    Hola Marzia!
    Tengo una amiga de Budapest y está feliz por haber visitado su cultura! Hungría es realmente hermoso. Espero que Felix y tú puedan venir a Perú y ver las alpacas incaicas y Machu Picchu. Estaría súper feliz que pudiesen venir. Un beso!


  24. With love, Caroline

    It sounds like you had a really good time and I’m so happy about that! 😊 Hapoy anniversary by the way ! 😄 I’d love to visit Budapest and now that I’ve seen your beautiful pictures, even more! Love 😘❤️


  25. Angge

    Budapest is such a beautiful place and youve managed to capture it so well. Honestly, it would be a dream to travel anywhere hopefully when im done with school. btw i hope wordpress could be more secure i noticed some comments which seemed off but i guess it is quite hard to avoid.


  26. Linn-Therese

    Hey 🙂 For weeks I have tried to contact customer support for the sub box, and no one has answered me :/ Could you help me?


  27. Bryanelle Pozos

    MARZIA! Hi sorry
    I have a quick question that I’m really hoping you’d answer.

    How do you and Felix prepare yourselves to go to a place with a foreign language you both don’t speak? And how much time do you plan in advance to get to know where you’re going better or do you guys just wing it?



    1. marziabisognin

      Hi! We kind of just check online to see if people mention that locals speak english or not. Most places are pretty easy to get around, and in Budapest people spoke english very well!! Usually we plan a few months ahead, but this time it was a very last minute thing: we booked a couple of days in advance! :p (luckily it all worked out hehe)

      And thank youuu!


  28. Angy

    Hi, Marzia

    I loved your pink dress outfit! It’s so pretty! 😀
    Anyway, I like the idea to travel to any place where you haven’t seen been before, it’s always nice meet new things and places. Also, Budapest looks like a place where you should visit at least once 🙂

    Btw, happy anniversary to both of you. You are a lovely couple and my favorite ❤️

    Have a nice day!


  29. Meryl

    I went with my mum last year and I loved it!
    We went in April so the weather was kinda meh and we didn’t have that much time. It still was super nice, though. I especially just love the old buildings! (it’s also a big plus that most things there are very affordable lol)


  30. Lucia

    Hi Marzia! I am from Budapest, Hungary and the fact that you’ve loved my hometown so much just really fills me with joy. I’ve been watching your channel/blog for about 2-3 years now and I can definitely say that you are one of my favorites and you give me inspiration in fashion, lifestyle, passion and so. Keep up with your great work and passion for blogging!
    Much love from Lucia❤️


  31. pettymeg

    Hi Marzia! I am from Budapest. I think Bp is a very beautiful city,there’s a lot of interesting and hidden places to go for example Fekete ( caffe and breakfast bar), Szimpla Kert ( =simpla garden, this is a rutin bar), Szputnyik, Retrock ( vintage clothing shop), Fiók ( fantastic notebook shop) , Stilshop, Cikkcakkstudio and either old cinema ( Puskin, Toldi mozi) . If you would visit our country again you will check this places! ( because this is the real romantic and retro Budapest) ( sorry, my english is very bad 😀 )
    Love and hug Petty ( I love your pictures) 🌿❤️⭐️


  32. Lucy

    I’ve been to Budapest around two years ago and I absolutely loved the city. I visited different places though and haven’t seen some of those you mentioned and it makes me want to go to Budapest again! Lovely post.


  33. Madison Taylor

    I went to Budapest this summer and thought of how cool it would be if you visited and made one of your “Hello, ___” travel montages. And then you did! So cool ^-^ . It was sad to see the shoe monument. That firework show must have been amazing! Sorry to hear about the bad taxi service. We practically walked everywhere as well when we visited!


  34. shimizudani

    In case you guys come to Budapest some other time and see the fireworks, too: I think that you should watch it from the Buda side, preferably from a spot where you can see the Parliament from, since the fireworks are quite Parliament/Chain Bridge centered(from what I know at least).


  35. Thalia

    Hey Marzia,
    Just wanted to say that your videos are one of the most calming and therapeutic things on youtube, and make you feel like you’re in these beautiful places (even when you cant go (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)゚) out of interest, what was the third song in the Budapest vlog, starting at 7:47? it wasn’t listed in the description and I can’t seem to find it anywhere, and I would love to know what it is called.
    Grazie mille per tutto,


    1. ClemyCloo

      Felix is a great guy, and I don’t appreciate you being here to spread hate. Marzia, you are a lucky person to be with Felix, so don’t listen to this hater ^


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