August 12th, 2018

The sun is currently on holiday.

IMG_1108a copy

This summer we were blessed with multiple consecutive weeks of sun and warm temperatures, here in the UK, which – growing up in Italy – was something I was missing a lot.

I tried my best to enjoy and appreciate each sunny day, but beginning this Tuesday, it sure feels like summer is coming to an end. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 14.24.48.jpg

On Tuesday evening my parents landed in Gatwick, and after picking them up, we drove to our holiday home.

Before they left for the airport, I remember telling them to leave their jackets at home, since we were having such a heatwave. Surely, the moment they arrived here, it started pouring down.

I was hoping that they would get to experience the place with nice weather, but I have to say, the rain was very cosy.

Felix hadn’t seen my parents in a long time, so this visit was the first one after getting engaged.

After my parents left, my mom texted me saying how much they like us as a couple, which made me incredibly happy! My parents don’t really say things like that often, so getting that text was very sweet.

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 14.22.54.jpg

Another reason why I was hoping for good weather was because I was filming a video about the night sky (already up on my channel). I filmed the intro for it before picking my parents up from the airport, earlier in the week, and I told myself I would get a few nights to get some amazing images of planets.

Well… that didn’t really happen but I did managed to see Saturn, which was so cool.

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 14.23.35.jpg

I had never been able to see it before, an even though I didn’t get much footage, I was relieved to see all your wonderful comments on the video!


Other good news: all the pots I’ve made survived my very first firing! (don’t pay attention to the jug up there, it’s not ready yet).

I can only work on my pottery when I’m at the holiday home, as that’s where my office is (with the wheel, tools, sink and kiln) so that slows things down quite a bit.

Before leaving last week, I had the kiln fully loaded, and started the firing process: it takes maaaany hours to be completed, so I had to leave and come back to Brighton before I could open the lid of the kiln to check on the pottery.

When I finally went back, I was hoping that at least half of my pots would be intact, but to my surprise, they were all fine! A few had minor cracks, which I’m going to keep myself, but the rest was all in perfect condition, so I’m looking forward to start glazing them all next week!


On Thursday evening Felix and I accompanied my parents to the airport, and once we got back, I had to prepare for the Maì restock.

Some of the white gold Foglia bracelets and Estate perfumes are still available, if you are interested!

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 14.27.38.png

The support and feedback I’m getting regarding Maì is really amazing – thank you all! I’m loving the process of sketching product ideas and then making my doodles come to life, and the fact that so many of you are willing to wait weeks to get my creations means so much to me.

Anyway, I spent Friday and Saturday editing and preparing the orders. I still have a bunch of parcels to put together for tomorrow morning, but I wanted to quickly come here and talk to you guys.

Are you guys doing anything fun this weekend?


56 thoughts on “A HAPPY, RAINY WEEK.

  1. Kenna Rys

    I am so happy to see that your parents visited you! I am sure you must have missed them too! Also I am so happy that your pots survived! I find pottery a very interesting hobby and I want to start creating my own pots too! Any tips I should know?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. marziabisognin

      It’s so much fun! It definitely takes some practise, but it’s very rewarding when you manage to make a nicely shaped pot! 🙂
      My tip would be to never underestimate how easily you can make a mess with clay: have multiple buckets at hand, and keep in mind that you can’t just wash it down the drain (so if you need to wash your hands, you have to have a proper setup to avoid damage). Don’t use your strength, a proper technique is all you need: I of course tuck my elbow, but I find that keeping my leg around the pole of the wheel helps with stability. Do not rush, and don’t get frustrated if you can’t make what you originally wanted – let the clay take its shape, if you are not able to make the pot you had in mind – sometimes that will create some beautiful results. I made the ‘worse’ looking thing and ended up loving how strange it looks! I watch lots of videos of potters on youtube; they all have different techniques, so I can pick up tips from each and figure out what works for me. Have fun! ^_^

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  2. Morgane

    Really excited about your pottery! I honestly just love your creations and I am so happy to support you in all your projects! I am proud to own some of the things that you’ve taken time and creative energy to design and make! xx ☺️

    Liked by 2 people

  3. kittyp0p

    I’m glad you guys got some good weather there! The weather here has either been rain for days on end or just way too HOT (like well over 90 degrees). So this summer, we’ve spent a lot of time inside haha your night sky video was fantastic and I hope you’ll be showing us more of what you can see with your new telescope (: I commented on you Instagram photo about my trouble with the post office- that I haven’t received my notte set yet, but I believe we should be able to pick it up Monday! I’m super excited to have a necklace and bracelet with both designs, and I can’t wait to make a blog post about your jewelry & new site. Much luck to you, always
    -Shannon 🐸

    Liked by 2 people

    1. marziabisognin

      Hi Shannon! Yesterday I shipped out your order, with a little something in it as a thank you for always coming back to get more Maì products – it means a lot! 🙂 Sorry to hear there were issues with the parcel; I hope you get it soon, if not, feel free to e-mail me and I can try to help!

      Liked by 3 people

      1. kittyp0p

        You’re the sweetest, thank you so much! The hold up is nothing to do with your end, just bad mail service where we live haha but I really appreciate your great customer service (:

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  4. L

    Aw I’m so happy to hear that your parents and Felix are doing well! And your mom is definitely right; you guys are the cutest couple ❤ So glad to hear that the pottery and Maì are going smoothly. Good luck with all your projects!! I love all your content and your personality, and it makes me so happy that you’re doing great.
    Enjoy the rest of the summer!!

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  5. Sara Brune

    I did ceramics in school for two years! Opening the kiln is always such a wonderful and scary experience. Have you tried sculpting by hand yet? I prefered it to using the wheel actually and made many bowls with a leaf design that I glazed different colors. Thanks for always sharing your creations with us! I look forward to being able to purchase some pottery of your design!

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  6. Nevaeh

    Marzia this is so cool! I’m happy to here your parents saw Felix again and you guys spent time together. Also, I’m happy to here that some of the products are still up so I could get some! PS, your doing great! Love you!


  7. frezia09

    Your planets video was really interesting! I actually ended up reading more about Saturn after watching it, something I wouldn’t normally be interested in 😁 Looking forward to see the pottery on maì! Xxx


  8. Lina

    I’m glad that your life is so good and everything’s good. Maybe it is not perfect but you have a beautiful family and this is sooo important. I wish you all the best!
    I’m currently in the summer break and I’m working in an architecture company. It’s pretty interesting. On weekends I’m taking Korean classes. How about your Japanese? Are you still studying it?

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  9. Lexiheft

    This weekend we’ve been dodging “scattered thunderstorms” which is the permanent state of the eastern US in the summer 🙂

    But we managed to go to a hilarious political musical called Dave (based on the heart-warming book and movie) that was a cheerful & funny diversion during all the crazy politics going on in Washington DC right now


  10. libysan

    I love your posting schedule the last few weeks. I get to make myself some coffee and read your blog posts on Sunday morning (usually with one of your videos playing on my laptop as a background). That comment your mother made was really sweet and I hope someday I can have a similar experience as you. Have a great week friend!


  11. andreamp

    It’s nice to have a cosy weekend once in a while! I’m glad you got to see your parents. In what language do they communicate with Felix? English or has he picked up some Italian? Anyways, I admire your entrepreneurial spirit! Keep doing your thing.


  12. Bri

    I was really interested in your Mai perfume but unfortunately I just read that it only ships within the UK because of its alcohol content! Will you be making other perfumes in the future that can ship internationally?

    I always love reading your blog posts on the weekend! Thanks for sharing 🙂



  13. anthibz

    Ah I’m sure you had a great time with your parents! Moments like these are unique. Plus the planet video was an awesome treat alongside with mai. Wishing ya all the best Marzia!


  14. Emily

    Hi marzia,

    seeing your passion for planets and space was extremely endearing. I am happy to see your pottery is now fired, the fun part is glazing! Hopefully you have some cool options for colors and finishes. In high school I made some very basic pots, but the glazes I used were so beautiful I decided to keep them after so long. ❤ I will be buying my dear friend a small gift today hopefully I can find something special. Have a good week!


  15. galantescoquetteries

    I can not wait for your pottery to be available online!
    Also, your video on the night, the stars and the telescope was really interesting! This kind of video is so unusual on youtube. Your channel has always stood out by the fact that you do not do the same kind of videos as everyone else.
    I hope that the preparations for the wedding go well! ❤


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  16. Betül

    Hey Marzia! It’s really nice to hear that your parents visited you and had a great time! And congrats with Mai since it’s been doing great and also for the pottery, it’s really inspiring for me to try out new things. Lately I’ve been really into Italian language and I would love to start learning, any tips, advices on how to start?

    Love you ❣️


  17. Anja

    Hi Marzia,

    I’ve been wanting to get a telescope for the longest time, but I’m never sure which one to get.
    I was wondering what telescope you were using?

    Enjoy your week x


  18. oxria

    Can’t wait to see your finished pottery! I’m sure it will be super cute!
    The weather has been insanely hot where I live, so my family and I have been spending a lot of time inside! But these past few days I’ve managed to be creative and make some new drawings, so I’m happy 🙂


  19. Lau Marti

    I spend my weekend with my cousin, we went to the beach.

    Tropiacal rains make the waves super bigs and harder, so we almost could get into the water.

    But it was nice, and the sun was grateful with us hehe.

    I enjoy every of your posts hope your parents can enjoy UK as I can imagine: a lot!!

    It is beautiful what are you doing with Maì and the pottery thing.

    And I loved your latest video, I did not expect Saturn may be viewed with the ring and I liket a lot. It was very exiting and really beauty.


  20. ScentofSunflowers

    My weekend. I found a pretty dam good tv series on Hulu called Harlots. Is almost like The Handmaid’s Tale.

    Also I kinda want your cracked pottery.

    And that must feel amazing to have your parents approval. I can imagine!! Wish you two the best!!

    ❤ can’t believe summer is going away the sun is the best!

    Idk why but there’s just something about seeing Saturn in your video. I m like very strangely drawn to it as I was watching your footage. Is weird seeing how real it is.


  21. H.

    My fiancé who lives in the midlands said the same thing. He said “I think summer is over.” Glad you had a nice time with your family and I can’t wait for the pottery to be up on Mai. I’m looking forward to purchasing all your jewelry when I finally relocate to the uk but for now being as i’m in America the prices have gone up way too much when converted to American money that I will just have to wait. I was lucky enough to get about 4 pieces from Mai prior. Much love Marzia. P.s. I love your video of the night sky. I too have a telescope and I keep a star gazer journal with pictures and when exciting events will happen. my boyfriend says I am quiet the nerd because it is my hobby but he just doesn’t understand. much love. Harley.


  22. Evelyn

    Hi! Today is my birthday! 😀 And I’m spending it with my family.
    Your family is beautiful! And I also include Felix now 😉 Hope you have a wonderful week! Love from Argentina!


  23. Ava

    The only plans I have this weekend is to prepare for school! thank you for another cool post marzia. Has anyone ever told you that you have amazing writing skills? Have a great week 🙂


  24. Tom m

    Hello Marzia, I hope you are enjoying the rain, after the intense heatwave I am really enjoying the cooler weather, I nearly died after running to work because it was so hot. Stargazing is awesome, I would like to get into it myself perhaps, shame that I can’t see the sky so well from here, I have binoculars but they aren’t the best for looking at the sky at night, I will probably get myself a telescope. Even with my binoculars you can see many more stars than with the naked eye, I was looking at the big dipper, I call it the frying pan, and I noticed that one of the stars was actually a two stars. It is sort of my weekend now and I hope I will do some positive and productive things, that is the plan. I don’t want to bore you or overdo it, its just that this is my only outlet. I actually like talking to you.


  25. Olivia Risner

    Unfortunately I didn’t order new products but I did invest in two of your forest creature shirts which are old but it was cool to finally get one since I wanted one along time ago but didn’t have a stable job to really spend money on myself! I’m so glad to hear your week was great! I took a week off from work to spend time with Sean and it was nice because our roommates left as well so we had the place to ourselves so it was quiet for once. We were able to treat ourselves to a lot of dinners and relaxing time. I got Sean into PewDiePie and he was laughing at one of the videos you guys did together where you played a Christmas themed slender man 😂 I enjoyed my holiday to be honest. It was much needed.. now I have to come back to life and save up, find new roommates, get the lease in our name and utilities and find new furniture, and set up our room since we plan to stay and it will be cool. I hope it just works out.


  26. Mary

    Hey Marzia! I am so glad to see that your parents visited you! I was not aware that you were into pottery! It seems to be a difficult hobby, yet enjoyable! I forgot my password to my phone and in addition my email password, so I couldn’t log in for a long time! It was a few days ago that I remembered my passwords and I have been trying to catch up with what I missed this whole time from your blog and your channel (and it’s a lot! I was probably the last person to learn that you and Felix got engaged!) Have a nice week Marzia!


  27. StellaMSamm

    Hi Marzia! I’m happy for you that you got to see your parents again and that they support you and approve Felix. You have such interesting hobbies! I love that you stand out from other YouTubers by doing something completely unique. I’m excited about the new sub box — can’t wait to get my hands on the new products. My days basically look all the same right now but tomorrow I’m going to Sweden (getting out of my little cave). I feel bad for not seeing my friends as much as I wanted to but I just don’t feel like going out. Probably because I know that the next month will be just so-so busy and tiring…

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Emelie's Life

    I’m having so mush fun this weekend. I turned 23 on Fryday and now I’m in Brighton! For the second year in a row. I’m sitting here having breakfast at the Hilton hotel, with an incredible view of the sea, reading this post. Once again overwhelmed over everything the wonderful city has to offer. And I am so much looking forward to have the entire week to soake it all in!

    Really cozy morning read. I’m so exited for Maí! I have a few pieces and can’t wait to see what you will give us in the future!

    Much love from Sweden
    (currently in Brighton 😉)



  29. Tae

    Just watched your sky video, I absolutely love everything you put out! And the music from the video is so relaxing 🙂

    I’ve always loved watching at the night sky and a few weeks ago I had the chance to look at the blood moon through telescope 😀 It was amazing, but the telesope isn’t of great quality so the view wasn’t as great but nevertheless the moon was beautiful! Did you manage to catch the blood moon with your telescope? 🙂


  30. icaweng

    So happy that all the pots survived, cannot wait to see how they turn out after glazing ^^ August started as a good month for me because my fiancee visa had finally been approved, which means no more long-distance relationship >< However, I am sure I will miss my family so much…


    1. Ariana

      All the best! I hope everything turns out well between you and your fiance, and I’m sure you’ll be able to see your parents from time to time.


  31. Jauza Mumtazah

    I had my braces put on this weekend. I was excited… until I found myself in slow pain and not able to eat anything. But, reading this post makes me feel a little better–the little things in life are so worth appreciating over. Good luck with your shop, Marzia. I hope the new week ahead brings you luck 🙂 ❤


  32. Ariana

    Hey! I’m so happy that your mum likes you and Felix together, that really warms my heart. I love the deco on the wall behind your rack of pots, and they look super lovely! Maybe you could keep a few unglazed for that rustic look? Can’t wait to see your beautiful glazed pots. ❤


  33. elbadilan9

    Hey, Marzia.

    I’m glad you got to see you’re doing super well.

    My plans for this week is to go to two museums in the metro area: Museo de Arte en Puerto Rico and Museo de Arte Contemporáneo. It’s been so long since I’ve been to an art museum and I’ve been taking some history classes in university and they always speak so passionately about art, I must go to them!

    Thank you for doing what you do!

    Love, Elba 💕


  34. Zayra

    Hey Marzia! I enjoy reading your blog. Your stories are always amazing to read. I’m glad your parents visited you and that you all got to cozy up in the rain! I sure miss the rain here in Southern California. I hope you’re well and thanks for sharing all your amazing crafts. 🙂


  35. Kalina

    Hi Marzia! Your last youtube video about the night sky was amazing! I enjoyed it a lot. I hope you will show us more of what you see with your new telescope in the future. 🙂 I enjoy reading your blog as well! Recently, I traveled to Rome, Italy. I was there for two weeks and it was so warm there too, but now I am back in Norway where it rains as well, and I have kind of missed those rainy days. I was wondering a thing: Since you moved to England, are you still comfortable with the summer weather in Italy or is it become too warm for you? I am originally from Bulgaria, but moved to Norway six years ago. I can not stand the Bulgarian weather in the summer, it is too hot.

    P.S. Keep on doing what you do! You inspire me! Lots of love from Norway. ^_^


  36. fannyelsa

    this weekend I was the photographer for my friend’s wedding, which was super exciting…
    up until I broke my hand 8 days before. I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to do it. Luckily it was my non dominant hand and my fingers were intact, so with the cast I was still able to shoot properly ! I was scared cause I was shaking a little bit in the church (I was quite in pain) but I steadied myself and delivered ! Oof !! I’ll be working on those photos a lot this week, and then next Saturday Im planning a one day getaway with a friend. She has a big big surgery coming up, so i figured we could both use the time off ❤

    I'm so glad your parents were able to visit, and that they can see that you two belong together. Quite reassuring before the wedding ahah !!


  37. Zoe

    Hi Marzia!
    So great to read about your parents visiting. I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years (living together 5) and due to visa/country reasons he hasn’t met my dad yet! Crazy. Hopefully some day, enjoy the time you spend with your family and with Felix!
    Unrelated but When can we get an updated make up tutorial video? Your look on the last couple videos has been to die for! Would love to learn which blush, eyebrow make up & lip colors are you using!

    Sadly I missed the maí restock, and when I checked back the items I wanted were gone, but hopefully next time! Love the designs. Keep doing you!


  38. Ila

    Ciao Marzia! Piccola curiosità: i tuoi genitori parlano inglese? Se no, come comunicate quando siete tutti insieme?
    Il mio ragazzo è inglese e la mia mamma parla solo in italiano, per cui ogni volta mi tocca tradurre per entrambi!

    Un abbraccio x


  39. Sevana

    How exciting that the kiln is finally here! Waiting for a tool to complete a project can get pretty cumbersome, so I’m happy to hear that you’ll be able to go ahead and continue your pottery! I’m looking forward to seeing how your style the glazes.
    Astronomy is so amazing. I also was staring at the moon and stars as I was growing up. I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to work in the space industry now (what a turn of events!) and having the opportunity to be able to send people to space is an amazing reality! Although I will probably not be able to go to the moon myself, I’ve created a cute little “moon tribute” succulent dish with Moonstones, decorative pearl stones and little ceramic bunnies that I’ve placed right by the window I look out at the moon. 🙂
    As you get ready for your wedding, please don’t do what I did and over stress! Things will go well and also not as planned, but that’s okay. I found that after looking at so many wedding dresses that I thought I wanted, I ended up choosing a dreamy design far away than my original wish and had it hand made by a family member, which made it so much more special. It’s definitely something to keep preserved for my future daughter.
    I hope you’re having a wonderful week!


  40. Sohanna

    I’ve been feeling down so it’s the perfect time to finally catch up and watch Night Sky! I’m so happy that your jewelry business is going so well, you deserve it. AND that your parents approve of Felix and you as a couple 🧡 you guys are goalsssss.

    On the other hand, I wish summer was over, I hate the heat here 😅😭


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