July 26th, 2018

A tasty snack.


For the past few weeks I’ve been enjoying snacking on salted chocolate covered almonds, as I feel like they are the perfect pick me up for when you are craving something sweet, but they are small enough that you can just grab a few and be satisfied with how delicious they are. 


I can only find these almonds (pre-made) in a particular store, so if I’m not nearby I cannot get the exact ones I like, so I figured I could try to recreate them.

I’m sure this snack is not new to most of you, but I can say I had never had chocolate almonds before and only now realised how great they taste!

To make mine slightly healthier, I opted for some Vegó chocolate, which is vegan, just so even if I indulge in these my stomach won’t pay the consequences.


Start by melting the chocolate (I used 10 vegolino ‘bricks’ for this recipe).


Once it was all soft, I added half a teaspoon of salt (adjust to taste, but I found this to be a pretty good mix for me).


Bathe the almonds in the salted chocolate and let dry in oven paper, overnight.


I put mine in the fridge as we are experiencing a heat wave in the UK, so as I took them out they looked a bit ‘wet’, but they were totally ready to be eaten, and tasted amazing (you can’t really fail!).

I placed mine in a jar, storing them in a cool place.

Have you tried some before?
Any other combinations I should try myself? 



  1. Tom

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  2. Tom

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  3. Tom

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  4. Tom

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  5. Tom

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  6. Flor

    Hi Marzia! Love the recipe. Im going to try it, I live in Argentina and now we are experiencing the complete opposite: cold wave. My favorite combination (and very cool for summer) is a salad with celery, green apple and veganaise mayo. You should try it.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. StellaMSamm

    Hi Marzia! Salted Caramel is actually one of my favorite flavors (actually probably the favorite). I highly recommend trying Loving Earth’s chocolate as it is also vegan and much healthier than the Vego chocolate. Plus they have the Salted caramel flavor within their range so you could just use the chocolate to make this recipe. Almonds and cashews are my favorite nuts — I eat them every day and I just never can get enough of them. Thank you for inspiring me with this post. Perhaps I will also make some of these delcious snacks 😉 Love lots.


  8. Julia van Gemert

    It sounds deliciouse. Lately I’ve been obsessed with something similar, instead of salt it’s almonds with chocolate and cinnamon and it’s amazing.


  9. Joanna

    Great recipe Marzia! I was about to make this recipe then I saw 5 almonds on the jar. I want to make atleast one jar. I am going to shop for almonds tomorrow, can’t wait to try this.


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