July 19th, 2018

Me realising I’ve made a pretty  e x p e n s i v e  mistake. 


Let me tell you what happened.

As you guys know on the 1st of July I launched Maì. 

I had this date in mind and wanted to make it work. Sometimes I can be pretty stubborn.

I didn’t have the kiln, and I didn’t have first hand experience with selling online.

But I wanted it so badly, so I tried my very best to make it happen, and told myself as long as everything else was working fine on the website, the pottery section could wait.

I was right about that, but here is something I didn’t consider: the price of gold.

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 15.12.31.png

The night before launching Maì, I checked that everything worked correctly, and spent a few hours doing some math to figure out prices for the fine jewellery I was about to sell.

I had this e-mail saved, in which I was told how to calculate what my final prices should look like, if executed correctly…

weight in grams x gold title = gold weight
divided gold weight x daily quote (the price of gold changes everyday) = gold value
gold value + manufacture = cost per piece (% to be added)

(this is translate from Italian so I may not be using the technical wording)

Alright, so it’s a pretty simple and straight forward formula, yet on the invoice I was given (and this is all my fault) I wasn’t fully sure what numbers I was looking at, and because I was rushing to do the math so I could put the pieces for sale, I must have misunderstood some amounts and went on to create a price for each item in my store.


Cut to now, I’m realising that I’m not making money, compared to how much I’m spending myself to buy the pieces.

So today I decided to bring out my invoices again, look up the numbers, and check each piece.

It turns out I was selling some of the pieces for way less than I, myself, was buying them for. Luckily some others weren’t negative, but actually matched the price so I didn’t lose too much money, but the bottom line is that I’m awful at math and only now realised – after hundreds of orders that I’ve sold and shipped – that I had extremely low prices which wouldn’t turn a profit.

You can imagine the joy, and how stupid I feel.

But I guess I’ve learned my lesson, and if anything all the people that bought the jewellery so far had a pretty good deal!

I’ve now adjusted the prices, but you will see yourself that unfortunately they are much higher than before.


When I went to Italy my cousin warned me that by the numbers on my shop, it seemed like I was underselling the jewellery, but I was being stubborn, once again, so when I restocked everything, I kept the same prices, worried that if I put them any higher, it wouldn’t seem fair.

What I’ve learned now is not to rush when it comes to business, and to listen to people that know more than me on the field!

This situation really sucks, and I’m trying to brush it off and tell myself that I will make the money back, but I wanted you to know that if you see higher prices on the website, you will know why.

On a positive note, thanks again to all for the amazing support you are giving Maì: seeing you guys ready on the website on the day of the restock made so happy. I will keep adding more and more products, and I hope you will keep liking what I put out, even if the price of jewellery has increased!

I hope you are all having a much less stressful day than me.



96 thoughts on “WHEN YOU MESS UP.

  1. H

    Ouch. That is actually a double ouch. 1 for you and 1 for me. I purchase from America so lets say when I bought the foglia earrings it was 49GB but I paid 77 in American dollars. The notte bracelet was 75GB. I paid 100 dollars for it. Plus whatever fees the bank adds on. Well we all make mistakes and everything will always work out. Love you Marzia.


  2. annywho

    That’s okay Marzia, that’s how the business world is. There are always those days where you lose money (doesn’t matter how) and sometimes it’s inevitable, specially those who are just entering this area. But it’s okay because it’s part of the experience! I know this because my dad has owned a store for more than 20 years and mistakes always happen here and there, some bigger than others, nonetheless, he got the experience and is now very successful. But everything is part of the experience!! On the other hand, this week I spilled a full cup of coffee on my Macbook pro which cost me YEARS to save up for, and now I am very stressed out bc I don’t have enough money to buy another one and the semester is about to start and I need something that runs editing programs (film major). But I really hope you get the money back soon and wish you very success on your online store!!♥️

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  3. H

    But I WAS not finished. We understand why you need to raise prices and that won’t stop many of us from still trying to make your store sold out 🙂 It’s all reasonable and all understandable because these pieces last a lifetime and they are so beautiful. When you go on mejuri I bought a ring for like 140. it was that evil eye ring and it was 14k. but let me say something your jewelry sparkles so beautiful and is so unique and so much better. When I saw you were selling a foglia ring at like well in my money 40 bucks. I was like Oh is marzia losing her mind here? how does she sell such a beautiful ring at 40 and other places are selling the same thing asking hundreds? You made a mistake and your hard core fans got lucky at it. In actuality that is what happened. we sold you out twice and got so lucky to have such beautiful things. I will still continue to purchase and buy every item in your shop no matter what the price. So don’t be down on yourself. Smile and it will be A okay. Thank you for all you do and don’t be tough on yourself. -Harley


  4. icaweng

    I will still try as best as I can to get one of your collection >< Really love the designs and was happy that the price was much affordable to me, but no matter what, I support you and look forward to see the new designs come up : )

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  5. anie_time

    I think this happens to everyone sooner or later who runs their own business. Don’t stress yourself about it too much Marzia – lern from it 🙂
    I know it’s easier said than done, but this mistake will help you to be more careful in the future.

    My day was pretty great – I finally got another tattoo after waiting for 4 months for the appointment and I love it!
    It’s so colorful and pretty ♥ Well…it’ll look better when my arm isn’t swollen anymore ^^’

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  6. Florie

    Oh lord..

    Though the first picture made me laugh quite a lot, I’m sorry to learn that you’ve been through such an experience ; but I’m not really surprised, because it’s normal to make mistakes, and sometimes they are a little more important than usual.. I myself made one big mistake two weeks ago.
    I hope you will be doing well very soon !


  7. Isabelle

    oh I would like to have something so badly, but I don’t have money now, I just have some things to pay firstly so.. I hope in future I will buy something beautiful from your jewellry or clothes 😊


  8. Lau Marti

    Dear, this things happens. At least you figured out was happening and you are going to resolve this mess. But you are not the first and the last person in the world who makes mistakes in business. Lots of good desires for you!

    (I’m learning english and maybe my writing is so lame. Hope you could understand!)



  9. Carolina

    Ciao Marzia!!
    Mi dispiace che il processo di realizzazione abbia avuto questi problemi! E’ chiaro che tu abbia lavorato molto, e penso che quanto al risultato, tu abbia veramente aperto una piattaforma creativa e bellissima.
    Adoro le collezioni, i prodotti e gli accessori che in questi anni ci hai fatto conoscere, e davvero, non ci hai mai deluso. Sono certa che hai già ricevuto tantissimo supporto!
    Parlandoti da cliente – ricevo le tue subscriction box da più di un anno – mi piacerebbe usufruire molto di più dei tuoi prodotti, per me e le persone che amo. Sfortunatamente, non posso permettermi molto. Per questo, e pensando ai problemi che hai avuto con il cambio dell’oro, mi piacerebbe che un giorno producessi una linea un po’ più accessibile. Ci sono problemi di sostenibilità per materiali più economici?
    Un abbraccio forte! C


  10. Julie (@julide_g)

    Hey Marzia,
    It is so beautiful to see that you are doing great with your creative creations. I am sure you will be more cautious with the math. 😀
    Your creations are pushing me to start to do something creative as well. I’ve been working on my dissertation for months. Being in the lab for hours, doing some research, writing the dissertation… ARGH. But it turns out that it will get published. Yay.
    I would love to write a blog as well. I moved to Brighton for my Masters and realized it is a perfect place to start with a blog. But time is so precious and finding the free time is so hard. Unfortunately, I will leave Brighton in a few weeks and I would like to have my first tattoo in Brighton which will remind me of this wonderful place. Can you recommend a tattoo artist in Brighton?
    Keep up with the great work. You are such a talented young woman. 🙂


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  11. nlolovega

    Ah! Very sorry to hear, but don’t worry, it happens to the best of us and I am sure you will make the money back. Plus, this lesson will make you better for all the following times in the future. I really hope you don’t stress much about it and everyone continues buying as usual!


  12. Danielle

    Making mistake, realising them and correcting them makes you a stronger person. You are human, we will always forgive your flaws no matter how small or big they are. Whether you feel silly or not. The items look amazing, you’ve done so well. Don’t let this put you down Marzia! X

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  13. Hmida Adil

    hi marzia
    firstable i am sorry about what happend for you ,however take it easy all of that happend , i am an arabic guy and i like your videis so much[i hope you or anyone see this comment]
    secondable i hope you see this song you will enjoy it so much \


  14. MangoStar

    The best-laid plans of mice and menoften go awry. No matter how carefully a project is planned, something may still go wrong with it.

    I’m glad you were able to figure it out and fix it quickly. Keep at it Marzia!! We are all rooting for you!!


  15. Erica

    Pursuing a new business line without trial is unrealistic, luckily it is a mistake that you have been able learn from gain new knowledge in the field. You seem like a tough cookie 🍪, you will take the experience and grow from it!


  16. T Hafez

    i feel so sorry for you and believe me if i was one of the people who bought them i would definrtly give you the money you owe because it kinda feels like stealing to me idk. anyways people learn from mistakes and that is life hope you are doing okay now xxx


  17. pokkicchi

    Aw Marzia hope everything will be better from here on out! I agree math can be real confusing and can easily mess things up – especially money wise 😦 but we all learn from our mistakes! love you and your videos!! love from america ❤


  18. Chloe

    Oh i can’t imagine! Better late than never…right?? The pieces are gorgeous, but I missed the restock! I really hope I manage to get a piece soon.


  19. Sara LM

    We understand! I have actually already bought the ring, but I am planning on keep supporting your business. I love every aspect of it and I understand that the prices might get higher for the effort you and your family are making. I feel you are very open so I trust you money-wise. I don’t think you would make prices extremely high just to make profits. I feel you’d rather work harder and share your pieces with as many of us (and beyond! I’ve shown your pieces to my mom and she LOVED the notte line and the planters).


  20. ruhilrosly

    I dont know what the actually cost of jewellery because probably I dont have them that much. But whatever it is, it’s good that you learn from your mistake and proudly confess the mistake that you make because I can assure you that there’s not much people able to do what you’re doing right now. With your sincerity, I believe people can feel that. I hope your business can expand more and all your items will be loved by people. Love from Malaysia 🙂

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  21. Selin

    Dear Marzia,

    it is okay to mess up. Luckily, you found the error pretty quickly. We all are very impressed by your ability to run your own business. Keep doing what you do, there is still a lot waiting for you!

    Another thing: In your Lifepath blog post you mentioned your life changing decision: stay or go?
    I have come to find myself in a very similar situation and would be glad to get advice from you or your followers who have gone through the same thing. My main struggle is convincing my rather traditional parents of me moving away from them.

    I love your content on any platform and you inspire me day by day. You are an amazing artist and creator.



  22. madhatteransia

    I have problems with Maths too and a lot of times I do the silliest mistakes. There’s no need to feel stupid (which is quite human to be sometimes though I guess), keep on trying and everything will be fine. xoxo


  23. Sharooga

    oh an that sound like something I’d do, only it would take me ages to realize -_-; good thing you did so early on and hey! at least you will learn something! At least maybe I will be able to get a chance at getting something next time 😀


  24. Marie

    Hi Marzia! There are 2 things I want to mention.

    1.I’m glad you figured it out with your jewellery and I think people that want good quality things knows that quality costs more. I especially have realised buying cheap stuff, in the end, is a waste of money if I could buy something more expensive I can have for years instead.

    2. I just watched your latest youtube video and I couldn’t help but notice the tiny plant pot tattoo! I love seeing new additions to your tattoos and I was wondering if you have any tips on choosing tattoos? My main concern is that I’ll choose something that has positive connotations for me, but in the end might remind me of negative things. Have you had to think about this before with your tattoos? They might not be when I get them but I’m worried I’ll look at it and be reminded of the negativity instead. I feel like I wanted to ask this to you especially since I know you enjoy horror books, films, and you love creepy things AND you love cute things and I do that as well? I’m just kinda stuck on which part I’m supposed to “choose”? One example being tattoos from games I love but that have very dark themes and hidden horrible meanings behind them. I love the game, I loved the experience and I’m now getting into game development so the game itself pretty much changed my life, but I’m worried I’ll look at it and only think about the sad parts which is the “true” meaning.

    That turned into a whole rant, I’m so sorry! Hope you’re having a good day! You look amazing in the new video by the way and I love the jewellery collection! Cheers!


  25. Bella

    I was so sad that I didn’t get the chance to buy some of the jewellery and wanted to ask how long will it take to restock again? I can’t wait any longer!!! 😀

    Greetings from Germany!


  26. Stephanie Kilgast

    Ah well, truthfully underpricing (or over pricing for that matter) is something every business owner makes at some point. Good you figured it out though!
    I’m sure the loss of money is going to be re balanced with future orders. You seem to always sell everything within a very short amount of time 🙂

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  27. sharonbmmm

    This is so worth buying tbh❤. Your jewellery line and design is what I have been looking for foreva. Your design is so minimalistic and sophisticated. Like how is that possible? It’s just magnificent. I’ll be buying the necklace ( If I can be quick enough ) when it gets restocked . Anyways I love you so very much! God bless you and take care! Don’t be bumped about what happened. One day or another you had to face some business problem and it happened today. I’m sure God will create a new road for you to follow. Lots of love! Sharon ❤


  28. Ina

    Hello Marzia,

    This isn’t really related to your blog post, but i got engaged around the same time as you did, and I am starting to plan my wedding for 2020. I am dying to know how you are managing and your tips and tricks … I personally order a wedding book to be sure not to forget anything.

    Anway, I find this so exciting !! And I would love it to read a blog post about your planning 🙂

    That’s all, thank you xoxoxox

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  29. Lana

    Hi Marzia,
    I know this isn’t related to your blog, but I have a very important question to ask you!!! This is my last year of high school and before we finish, by September I have to write down the list of universities or higher education programs in general where I want to apply for. I’m very inspired by your lifestyle, the things you do and create, I also like art, writing, and creativity related stuff BUTTT in the other hand, I also like biology and more scientific related things (except maths hahah).
    Soooo I’m very confused on what to study and I also have a little bit of pressure because I’m going to study in France far away from my family and I don’t want to mess this up. What would you recommend me to study???
    I’m sure you would have some great advice for me. Well, that’s it thanks for answering and btw I love your channel and your pugs!!!


  30. Aletze Estrada

    Well, this was a big OOPS. But yeah, you basically let people bought jewelry as if it was for sale. Sorry about the money, hope you can make it back, girl.

    Anyway, I’m interested in some pot holders, as my mom LOVES plants so I’ll keep checking the website until I have the money hahaha. I got a job so now I can afford things 😀 yay for adulting.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. hmm?

    the only thing I don’t understand is when last year you sold the 14k notte jewelry and I bought the bracelet for 140 dollars. I don’t understand why 9k is more expensive than 14k. I also don’t understand why the price of the jewelry continues to go up. I just checked and the notte mixed gold line is slowly getting more and more expensive by the day.I’m assuming it’s defo high in demand by fans.

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  32. StellaMSamm

    Hi, Marzia. It is so nice of you to acknowledge your mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes — it’s in our nature. You were so preoccupied with everything else that this important bit just slipped. Your jewelry looks so beautiful! I will definitely order in future as it represents the sky. I have always been drawn to this type of jewelry. Just please don’t beat yourself for this mistake. Mistakes make you stronger.
    Love lots.


  33. maegoicecream

    I just found out you have a shop called “Mai” and it sells jewelry that has jewelry with stars and moon pendants. My nickname is actually Mai from my actual name Mae and stars and moons are my favorite pendants. I have loads of rings, bracelets, and necklaces with that design so I excitedly click on the store and realize… ITS SOLD OUT. I swear to god when it restocks, I am so ordering it. And if my boyfriend ever decides to gift me jewelry I am not taking anything but your collection. they’re so pretty!


  34. celinesara

    Ouch! Good you caught that before it got worst. Sometimes you win sometimes you learn.

    Talking about starting a business in a field you have no prior knowledge of: Candice Pool created her jewelry brand (high end pieces though) from her kitchen table without knowing a thing from that industry. She said she hustle her way through. Maybe there are interviews, accounts or advice she might have given somewhere on the internet.

    Love your work and admire your determination.

    If you read this, any of you, have a great day!


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