June 29th, 2018

Propagating a monstera.


A few weeks ago I recommended a small book about plants, which teaches you not only how to properly care for different indoor plants, but also how to create new ones from the what you already have.

The monstera is quite popular at the moment, and it seemed easy enough to propagate, so I gave it a go myself!


I realise this is such a specific post, but I loved seeing the stem grow roots and be able to pot it after a few weeks, so I wanted to share what I did.

First, you wanna look at the stems, and whenever you see one of those leaf nodes, leave about a cm under it and cut off the stem, at an angle, with a sharp knife (scissor may ruin the flow).


Let it sit in a jar full of water for a couple of weeks. Pretty soon you will start noticing the leaf node growing in length and some baby roots will appear.


I waited 3 weeks, and this is how much the roots grew. It seemed ready to be potted!


I got some soil that is specifically used to grow plants that are made from cuttings, just to give it a better chance at settling.


And here is Edgy, already in love with his new friend.

Not sure people will find this useful or care, but I was happy to see this first monstera cutting going so well that I wanted to share it!


63 thoughts on “BABY MONSTERA.

  1. Brooke C

    can always rely on Marzia’s posts/videos to see many cute plants! This inspires me to grow more potted plants, if my cat wouldn’t eat them all 🙂


  2. Angy

    I’m not so good with plants, but I really love them! I want start with a little plant and then, start to have more.
    As always, your photos are so beautiful, you have a good eye! 🙂

    Have a nice day!


  3. Dil

    Hey Marzia! Don’t know if your book teaches how to graft (make hybrids of plants) but I’m recommending it you in case it’s of interest 🙂 my uncle actually grafted a tree with 17 varieties of apples and pears so it’s an amazing project to take part in. – Love the post xx


  4. celinesara

    Marzia, where did you purchase the glass vase with a leather strap?

    Thx for that post! I actually had in mind to make a baby papyrus from a bigger one. It actually seems fun


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