26th June, 2018

5 new additions.


Some products in my bathroom that I have been reaching for daily, and I think it’s worth sharing!


The very first one is this quip toothbrush. Quip is sponsoring this blog post (#ad) – which is very exciting because it’s not only a stunning product, but it’s the most convenient and handy electric toothbrush I own.


Brushing our teeth is part of our morning and night routines, as we get ready for the day, or comfy for the night; so having a good toothbrush is essential.

I’ve wanted an electric toothbrush for a long time, but I was looking for something that wouldn’t look too bulky, and most importantly that didn’t require to be recharged via cables.

If you live in an old building, you may have my same issue: there are no wall plugs – for safety reasons of course – so easy things like doing your hair, or charging your toothbrush, need to be done elsewhere in the house.

This is not a major issue, and it’s something you get used to, but overtime I stopped charging my old toothbrush and went back to regular ones… until now.


As you can see, quip toothbrushes are compact and can be attached to your mirror or tiles. I love that!

I have the newest addition to their line, with the pink handle, but they also came out with a green one which I want to get for Felix, so we can have matching toothbrushes. He instantly asked for one when he saw mine hanging on the wall!

Another thing about quip is that, if you wanted to, you could subscribe to their service, and receive a new brush head refill every three months for $5 (free shipping worldwide). It’s optional, but I wanted to mention it in case that’s something you could find useful.

So, if you are interested, go to to purchase a limited edition pink or green brush and get your first refill for free.


The second product I wanted to talk about is this deodorant Lush bar.

If I’m being honest, I don’t generally pay much attention at all to the deodorants I pick out: when I run out of one, I just get whatever I can find at the grocery store, or Boots, without giving it much thought.

When I saw this bar, I was quite surprised by how different it looks compared to any deodorant I’ve seen on the market.

Because it is a Lush product, of course it smells great, but I was unsure by how well it could work.

I tested it out for over a week and I have to say – I’m sold! I think it works just as well as any other deodorant, but it’s natural and packaging free.

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 13.05.56.png

Lush has always been environmentally conscious, and it’s nice to see that they are always pushing things even further. Well done, Lush!


In one of my previous posts I said I picked a fragrance from Le Labo. Lots of you were curious to know if I bought the full size bottle, and yes I did get one, although I was lucky enough to have a gift card for it (as these perfumes are quite pricey).

I loved the fact that on the website, at the checkout, they asked if I wanted to have my name on the label. Within two days of placing my order, the perfume arrived.

I have a lot of respect for companies that put that extra effort into the way they present themselves, and when they do offer higher priced products, it’s a nice touch to be able to customise certain things.

And of course, I’m in love with the fragrance!


But now I’m going to share something that has been saving my skin from cystic acne. Or at least helping… a lot!

Back when I was in Tokyo, I entered the Etude House shop and got myself two of these spot patch packets, along with a few other small things.

I wasn’t having much trouble with my skin so I didn’t start using these till this month, as I had some ups and downs, due to my cycle being all messed up, and I found myself waking up to lots of cysts.

I reached for this and right now I’ve used it all, so I don’t have much to show, but it contains a clear sheet with some see through patches that you put on your skin.


I noticed right away that once the sticker was on my face, the spot seemed to hurt less, and the longer I was able to keep these on my face, the quicker the spots would heal.

As I said, I’ve run out of all of them, but I must get some new ones, and would recommend these to anyone that struggles with acne. I really did feel that it helped tremendously!


Ooooh, and finally, the hair donut!

This is not necessarily a new product but it is something I recently came around to using again.

For the whole month of June, I believe I only ever used a hot tool to style my hair twice. Which for me – a girl with extremely thin and straight hair that likes to have volume and waves – is a miracle.

I used to use this hair donut years ago, and then stopped. I cut my hair in the beginning of last year, so my hair was just too short to get a good grip with this. But now that it is longer (thanks to hair extensions) I tried out the donut again, and it’s working better than ever.


I wash my hair every 5 days, in the evening. So whenever I do that, I dry my hair and quickly wrap it around the donut, so that I sleep in it the entire night.

The morning after my hair has the most voluminous, natural waves.

I sleep with it every single night, and at times it can be slightly uncomfortable, but most of the times I have no issues with it and wake up to really good hair, without the need of applying heat to it.

Tip: for the type of waves I’m after, I only wrap my hair around the donut in a loose, side bun. That’s enough to give me the look I want, and it’s far less uncomfortable than a tight bun, to sleep in.

So these are all the products I wanted to talk about.
Have you ever tried any of them? 


73 thoughts on “BATHROOM PRODUCTS.

  1. Emilia

    I would love step By step tutorial how you actually use the donut to make vawes? How do you wrap your hair around it and how it stays on place at nights?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Marie

    Hi Marzia! I’m sorry to ask here, but, is there a serious reason (if you want to tell) for removing your beauty videos, and marzia’s time? I really liked the rose gold look and the others and I wanted to “study” them a bit.


  3. Rachael

    Hi, hello! I just got an order confirmation for the mermaid box! Can you make a short video or blog post on some of the goodies that will be in it. I can hardly wait.
    Lots of love from Utah. Come visit we have cool rocks


  4. Alexann Sharp


    I used to get really painful cystic acne and I’ve been using Differin gel which used to be an over the counter cream. I use it along with CeraVe face wash and moisturizer. I’ve noticed an amazing difference and haven’t had a problem since. I still want to buy some of these pads because I know when you get cystic acne, it’s super painful.

    I’m excited to try these products! Please keep the recommendations coming 🙂

    Also, do you plan to do another jewelry line? I missed the opportunity last time, but I am super inspired by your celestial collect and I regret not being able to get it at the time. I know a lot of your fans would love for you to do another classy/dainty jewelry collection! Oooor even re-release the same collection lol??

    Thanks and have a good week!

    Alexann Sharp


  5. Sarah Gahler

    Please, please, tell me your secret on how you only need to wash your hair every 5 days! I have to wash my hair every other day, or else it looks so greasy and bah and then I feel icky and could never go to work like this. and now during summer I’m happy if do not need to wash it every day which annoys me as it is so time consuming.
    so please, let me know. I’d be forever grateful 🙂

    Have an absolutely amazing day and thank you for letting us be a part of your life 🙂


  6. Ana

    Hi Marzia,

    I have also been using the hair donut the exact same way for months now! I put it in my hair at night and then wake up to lovely curls. And it really feels great, but sadly it only stays like this for a few hours.

    My hair is incredibly straight and also very dense so it’s really hard to get any curls (hot tools don’t even work on my hair). I thought I could some styling products like hairspray or mousse to make it last longer, but nothing I got until now worked. So, I don’t apply anything to it at the moment…

    How do you make the curls last throught the day? Do you use any hair product after you take the donut off? Please, please, please let me know if there is a secret method or product to make it stay like this longer. 🙂


  7. Ivana

    Because you mentioned using hair extensions I want to inform you that this part of beauty industry exploits people and isn’t transparent enough. I recommend watching Rafinery29’s youtube vdeo about it.


  8. Allyson

    Acne spot patches are awesome! I’m a chronic skin picker – horrible, I know – and I love the spot patches because they help heal and also keep me from touching my face. My favorite are by the brand COSRX, if you happen to want to try a new brand.

    I also am definitely going to give the hair donut a try!

    And for anyone else interested in beauty products I just did a ton of mini reviews on my own blog 🙂


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