June 22nd, 2018

New summer clothing!


Here is it: my summer line, Linee, is ready to shop! 


As I talked about in other posts, the colour palette is pink, white and navy, and it plays with colour block sections and lines.

Here I’m wearing an off the shoulder top, made out of a ribbed material and held up by a thin stretchy band.


It’s tight fitting, comfortable, and I wanted it to be a very versatile and feminine piece that was simple enough to wear with different bottoms, but also needed a twist, which I obtained by splitting it in two colours.


I paired it with these tailored pants, which fit almost exactly like the Amore pants (cigarette style) I previously released, but are much softer and breathable.


The fly and closure are kept hidden to create a smart look, and the right leg has a pink section that ends a few cm shorter than the navy, creating an interesting hem.


But I also made a wrap skirt, with an A-line shape, that follows that same concept, but in reverse: this time, it is mainly pink, with an panel underneath, in navy.


I paired this with a white printed t-shirt.


As an extra little touch, I opted to get this made with black thread, which matches the black from the large print in the front.

But, but… If you live somewhere a bit chillier, this hoodie may be the way to go.


I’ve been wearing it non-stop (actually wearing it now as I’m typing), as it’s extremely comfortable. Again, I’ve teased this piece in the past, so you may already know that it’s the same fit as the Limone hoodie (oversized, with small slits on the sides, and a shorter hem in the front).


It has a white sleeve with the print by the elbow.


Next up is this striped dress, with its layered fabric to create a soft, fuller look.


It has puffy sleeves, off the shoulder, help up by both an elastic band and navy ribbons.


It’s a mini dress with a side split, from which a full white section begins, covering the whole right sleeve.


Something I’m very excited about having in this line is this white swimsuit!


I was finally able to design my dream one-piece swimsuit, with a low cut back, frilled sleeves that tie around the shoulders, and my print in the front.


To cover that up, the final thing is a beach jumpsuit, which is super fun!

It’s light and breathable, as well as easy to get in and out of. No zippers, just the ties around the shoulders, and when paired with the bathing suit, it looks like a complete outfit.


Oh, and it comes in two colours!

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 14.09.06.jpg

We even have some accessories, if you are interested: Kroma designed some cases to go along. I had one of them in my latest Q&A video and saw that people were interested in knowing where it was from. I couldn’t say it earlier, but now you know!

These up here are just a few, but on the website they have many more to pick from.


So this is it!
I really hope you guys like it.

Find it now on my shop!




158 thoughts on “LINEE.

  1. mackzplanet

    okay I have seriously never seen a top I wanted more than the color blocked off the shoulder top!!! Absolutely beautiful, can’t wait to buy!!!


  2. Laura ✧・゚

    Already commented on Youtube I believe, but I absolutely LOVE this line!!! I hope I can get the hoodie before it sells out. I wish I could get every piece lol. Your work is amazing!! ❤


  3. christyexplainsitall

    This line is so cute and unique, I absolutely love it! My favorite piece are the pants, I love love LOVE that asymmetrical hem line! The off the shoulder dress is super cute too. UGH I just love this whole linee (😊) and the colors you chose!


  4. Aida

    Marzia I love every single item you design, and not only from this collection.
    But I have 2 issues: I’m a plus size woman, and have a very humble salary.
    Have you ever thought of doing a more economic range or even a plus size range?
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a size 20-22, I’m 6 foot tall, but I know lots of marzipans would love that and it will make your lines a bit more inclusive. Just a suggestion 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your creativity with us, you’re amazing. And don’t let anyone make you think otherwise.


  5. rylynrose

    Hi Marzia, I love this collection! I really want to start a clothing line on my own too but I don’t know how. I do know that I need to start designing and find a manufacture and everything but not HOW I can find one. Can you please tell us a bit about how you actually started your own brand and how you manage it now?


  6. Holly Gregg

    Where did you get your choker necklace from? It is so pretty!! I am very excited about your new line, it looks amazing. 🙂


  7. Lieke

    Hey Marzia,

    I am in love with the Linee line and I really want to get a couple of items. The skirt is already sold out though D:
    Will it restock?


  8. Rune

    Hey Marzia,

    Loving this line. And knowing you were going to release it I made sure to save up just enough to where I was able to buy two pieces. As much as I wanted to just buy the dress you had, I wasn’t sure it would work on someone of my physique so I opted for your long sleeve shirt and the beach romper.
    They all look so gorgeous I wish I could just buy them all. Alas, bills!
    I’m really excited for your fall line and ready to save up for it too. I hope there is more pink!
    Loving this so much, and I hope to one day be able to design and create such stunning pieces like yourself.

    Keep it up girl!



  9. vividual

    Wow, these clothes look beautiful! And how pretty is your hair! The color really makes your skin shine. I’m so jealous! I just found your blog and followed you. Great work! I’m excited to see what you will get up to in the future 🙂


  10. Laura Linda

    I ordered the t-shirt but in the wrong size. Customer support won’t respond to my mails. Is there any way to exchange it for another size? I already paid a lot for this shirt


  11. Laura Linda

    I ordered the t-shirt but in the wrong size. Customer support won’t respond to my mails. Is there any way to exchange it for another size? I already paid a lot for this shirt


  12. Jagna

    Dear Marzia, will the items currently marked as sold out be restocked? The collection is really great and some items sould out very fast! Thank you 🙂


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