June 17th, 2018.

Giving myself some time to relax.


It seem unreal to say that since coming back from Japan I have been busy every single day, but it does feel like that. As usual, I’m never quite sure where all the time goes, but especially on the past few weeks time just dissolved.

I think it has to do with my “secret project”, as it’s been taking up a lot of my time on a daily basis, but doesn’t feel excessive as it’s something I’m really excited about.

But today I had the type of day I haven’t had in a while: a slow, completely work-free day. 

To be honest, I prefer busier days, as when I do little I tent do get headaches and feel like I’m wasting my time; but sometimes, like today, it is necessary.


Mainly because of this little pug up here.

She has been having issues with her stomach for a few days, and it got pretty bad.

The vet gave us medicines and a new diet to follow (she has pancreatitis and we believe that – after reading reviews online – the brand of food we usually give her changed their recipe slightly, causing her some stomach sensitivity).

Whenever Maya doesn’t feel well, my life stops. I dedicate my day to make sure she is looked after, so I’ve been just spending time with her, barely leaving the house.

Luckily, after some medicines, her pain seems to be gone, and now I’m left with some bottles to collect her poop (I’m sure you all wanted to know about that), and some probiotics.


Because I was mostly indoors today, not doing much, I thought I would get around to select a fragrance I liked: a few weeks back I received this kit with samples of each perfume LeLabo sells.

I had smelled them before, but couldn’t quite pick my favourite as so many are really nice.

So I got some strips of paper to spray each on, and tried my best to organise them from the one I like the most, to the one I like the least.

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 17.24.13


The winner turns out to be Labdanum 18, which unlike the other options on my top 5, I had no idea what it contained (or even knew what it was). When I went to the website, I was impressed by how well each scent is represented, and I was surprised to see the notes in Labdanum 18, since I really had no clue.


But anyway, the one time I left the house today, I headed to Homebase quickly to grab a large pot, paint and plant-care goodies. Oh, and soil!


In fact, I’ve been needing to re-pot my monstera as it has grown a lot since I first got it.

I got around to do just that this afternoon; I’m a bit sad to have to move it from my bedroom, but it looks beautiful in the living room, and I’m hoping it’s going to grow even more, now that it has a much bigger pot.

I’m now here with both the puggies, in the couch, writing this blog post, putting together a new month folder for my bullet journal, and about to start cooking dinner.

Felix is hanging out with friends this evening, so I’m looking forward to watch a horror…

do you have any suggestions?
What have you been up to this weekend?


141 thoughts on “NOT BUSY.

  1. veebee07

    Your plants are lookin’ awesome, I’m currently growing herbs. How old is Maya again? We sometimes gave our pug, Frank, one sugar free TUMS tablet before bed (maybe a couple times a week but only whenever he had problems) and that seemed to help. He lived to be 17yrs old! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Tae

    Maya is sooo adorable, I melt everytime I see her >_< (And Edgar too) I'm so sad she's not feeling well, I hope she feels better soon, I'm sending all my love to her, Maya get well soon!!


  3. hmida

    hi marzia
    can you please help the palestinian people cuz we didn’t see peace for long long time .the israelians toke our land and killed my people and destroyed my nation .we dont want money,but we a support from you and your marzipans,i am now 15 but in 2014 the israelians attaked gaza and my dad was died,now i am working to get enogh money for my little bros ,i don’t need money, i hope you see and if you did do a video about it
    thank you for evrything
    تحية للشعب الفلسطيني


  4. Pooja

    I love the things u do..whenever i saw anything (videos,posts,blogs) coming from you i got inspired..the thing is u r my idol
    ❤❤ marzipan


  5. ClemyCloo

    Hey Marzia! I’m usually the one with nothing to do! I was wondering if you had any activities I could complete or any ideas on projects.
    Love, Clementine
    PS. Say I said hi to Felix, I always get lost in his comment section lol! (Ask him if the name Clementine rings a bell 😋)


  6. molori23

    Hey Marzia, I am glad that you seems to reply comments here so I wanted to tell you this ♥ sorry for commenting again.

    I am so glad that your clothing line will be releasing new stuff soon, I think your design is beautiful and nice, you do have a passion in designing and decorating thing! ♥

    I would like to get one as the way to support your passion, but I am sad that your shop didn’t really ship worldwide. 😦 Do you know about this? And do you maybe plan to make a change for the shipping?

    Thank you marzia, and I hope Maya will get well soon. I am so sad to hear about what happened to her eye… 😦


  7. laury

    Hey Marzia,

    Perhaps you could watch “dead silence”, its all about creepy dolls and dead ventriloquist …I’ve rewatched it and it still good!

    Love your work as always ^^
    Kiss to you and Maya from France


    1. Victoria Nicholas

      What the frick is wrong with you. You have no right to say that. Marzia TRIES to care for everyone that is a follower of her. If she didn’t care for someone it would probably be you. It’s obvious that all the crap that you’re talking about should happen to you. Oh, wait, nevermind. I bet you don’t have any fans. Marzia IS a human and lives a life that she enjoys. I don’t think she needs you to ruin hers like you trashed yours. So, why don’t you just get off this site, go back to your moody room, and watch youtube and keep hating on them.


  8. lexiachan

    I know I’m a bit late to the party because you posted this a while ago but One missed call the Japanese version and Cinderella the Korean version are both pretty cool I’d also recommend Sinister if you haven’t already gotten around to watching them 🙂
    Sendin lots of love your way ❤


  9. Cali

    Lol bro chill. Money isn’t everything. You have a real issue if you feel the need to voice all that hate and actually expect to be heard by her and be influential in what she does. What you say has 0 effect. Think about your own life and unhappiness first before deciding to attack others for their success and well-being.


  10. Dani

    I do not intend to offend you, with respect I ask you how you can live a life turned towards yourself and towards such superficial things? I also take care of my appearance and that of my home but it is something secondary in life, I really believe that this way of living makes people sick. I do not intend to attack you marzia, I just do not agree with your way of life, which is the way most people live. I hope to have given to understand because I do not speak English, greetings.


  11. Charlotte

    hey Marzia ! it’s a bit late but i reaaaally suggest you to watch “Hereditary”. I don’t know if it’s still in theaters in the UK but here in France it is, and it’s just an awesome horrific movie! i think you and Felix could really like it (actually now that i’m thinking of it, i bet i’m not the first one to recommend it).



  12. mishchellerr

    Hi Marzia! Hope you’re having a great day/night.

    I just want to ask if what could you recommend to be more creative? I’m usually a very creative person before and thinking social media/job made me lost my creativeness. Thinking you’re probably one of the most creative/crafty person I know!

    Hope you’ll read this and if you can’t think of any recommendations, that’s fine! I was just hoping. 🤭


  13. Bernice Baj

    Hi Marzia!

    I just watched and rewatched your JUNE NOTES video where you revealed your “secret project” and I thought that “Mai” is the best name to give your company to which we can see that you are extremely passionate about. Mai starts with an M and is also near to Maya 🙂

    What have I been up to this weekend?
    Uhm. a lot, but I tend to procrastinate so I see myself struggling with time-management and don’t quite get things done.

    Tomorrow is the first day of school for me. I’m really excited (and a bit scared cos I’ll have more on my plate again but still, it’ll be an awesome semester I HOPE)

    Excited to see the pottery that you make for Mai 😀

    Thea Bernice


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