June 7th, 2018

A homeware haul.


This month Felix and I have been spending a good amount of time in the holiday home, which gave us the chance to get some of the stuff we need in order to make it feel more lived in.

We are of course still missing a lot of things, but I’m loving the way it’s coming together, so I’m here to show you some recent finds!


I bought a large table from with a long bench and 5 chairs of two different colours: light blue and dark green. I thought that instead of having them all look the same, because it is a bigger table, it would look more playful to break the colours a bit – and I like how subtle the change is.


I’ve come across a website called Oliver Bonas, and decided to make an order from there. They had so many wonderful things, but I tried to only get a few.

One of which, is this spice set up here. Not really necessary, but I love the look of it!


I also got some beautiful mugs. Like I did with the chairs, I opted for two different colours, this time baby pink and green.


We also needed a doormat, and I saw this adorable alligator one.

My sliders are from Urban Outfitters.


In the website they had a bunch of pretty storage boxes, from small to large. I picked a medium sized one, so I can store all my makeup and skincare in it.


The final thing I bought from there is this print. I generally buy prints where I have an empty wall and don’t know what to do with it (towards the end of my decorating process), but this time I saw it and liked it so much that I decided to get it regardless, and today I realised it fits just right on top of my desk, so it all worked out!


But the best purchase of the week is this fig tree. Remember how in a previous blog post I mentioned that I was looking for a larger plant that would lean onto the wood burner? Well, this does that just perfectly!

It’s big enough to deserve a name, so I called it Kao.

The basket is from Ikea.

It may not seem like much yet, but I’m being extremely selective with what I buy for this home (it took so long to find the plant, or even the right mugs I wanted) so having found these items, I feel like I’ve done good progress!

Do you have any online store recommendations for me, by any chance?



  1. Angy

    Hi, Marzia!

    Every time I see an update of your new rest house, I want more to have my own home. Actually, my mother and I live with my grandparents and I started to plan move to my own space, I’m excited about it, I hope do it soon.
    I love your designs and how your home are getting better and better! I’m glad for you for this new rest space 🙂

    Have a nice day! 😀

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  2. Jasmine Cadzow

    I know you were asking for house suggestions but today I stumbled upon a clothing brand (Christy Dawn: ) where every item is made from ‘deadstock’ fabrics (the ones other companies would have thrown into land fill), so they only have enough material to make maybe 20 dresses in each material, making them quite unique. I just thought some of the designs might compliment your aesthetic. Also, it being summer where you are, most of the outfits I saw would suit the season as they were light, colourful and classically inspired. Loving the look of the holiday house though! It’s so sweetly simple and elegantly cosy. The couch and yard seem to suit Maya and Edgar perfectly (the little arm cushion is the perfect size for Maya)!


  3. Alex

    Hey Marzia! Can you give us some interior design tips since you’ve been enjoying to decorate and design your home recently?
    Hope you’re having a great day/night.❤

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  4. Ana

    Hey Marzia,

    I love what you have done with the place! It has such a cozy and fresh feel to it so far. Can’t wait to see the final product!

    I just want to say, it has been so much fun keeping up with you and your videos over the years! It’s funny; my fiance and I have both been watching you and Felix for pretty much our entire relationship, and we started dating back in 2010! We got engaged at the end of March of this year, and at the time we actually joked about the two of you getting engaged as well, and then it actually happened!

    We’re set to marry in August of 2019, so it will be fun to see if you and Felix end up marrying in August too. Wishing you easy and stress-free wedding planning!!

    Sending you lots of our love,


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  5. Ana-Maria

    I just love the way you are decorating your home. The same way i would like to try also when i will move with my boyfriend 🙂

    It’s so..minimalist and yet colourful, but like pastels and the colours just fit so well together.

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  6. emije

    Hay Marzia I’m a fellow blogger here on word press and reading your blog is really nice and I also love reading other peoples work and seeing that so many other people are as equally as passionate as I am
    Loves emiji

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  7. Joey Murphy

    Marzia and Felix, go to they have these art prints that you can have your names put in. There are multiple prints to choose from. Most of them are a Male & Female animal “couple” and there is also a cabin one too. On all of them, I think the names are “carved” into a tree. Click on shop, go to home and cabin, they will be in wall decor somewhere.

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  8. Margaryta Bushkin

    Ciao Marzia!
    Probabilmente lo hai già sentito nominare in quanto esiste da anni ed è molto diffuso, ad ogni modo ti consiglierei di dargli un’occhiata – Westwing!
    A seconda del periodo cambiano offerte, brand e stili proposti, il che è comodo perché permette anche di scoprire nuovi marchi, oltre che fornire qualche idea o ispirazione.
    Hanno anche una sezione della loro collezione, che invece rimane sempre attiva.
    Buon proseguimento!

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  9. Charlotte

    Your holiday home looks beautiful Marzia, I love your quirky-yet-Scandi style. My boyfriend and I have just bought our first home together and I hope it turns out looking as chic as yours when we are finished with it.

    Thanks for sharing this part of your life with us.

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  10. Emily

    Hi Marzia,

    I hope you read this because I have a recommendation or two! has some really great stuff if you look at their website and like it, I know they stock products from so you could check them out too to find more products 🙂

    Best of wishes

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  11. Theresia

    Ciao Marzia! Please share the shop/brand the bed in your holiday home is from. It remembers me of a futon somehow and I am desperate to find something like that, even if it costs quite something 🙂 Grazie !

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