June 1st, 2018

Working, building and learning.


The past few weeks have been very eventful, so making extra time to write has been difficult, but now I can give you a recap of what I’ve been doing. 


As you know from my previous blog post, and my latest video, Felix and I got a ‘holiday’ home. It was completely empty, so I’ve been spending lots of time searching, buying and assembling furniture.


That on its own has been very time consuming, but fun at the same time, of course. I love how with each day we spend there, you can see it becoming more and more of a home.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 17.29.08

We still have plenty to do, but of course you will keep seeing photos or clips of the house as we decorate it.

This place will be fairly minimal and cosy – style wise – so don’t expect the extreme amount of detail I’ve put into designing our Brighton flat!


Something that is alllllmost ready, is my summer clothing line, which I’ve called ‘Linee’. Up here you can peek at some of the items: a striped, off the shoulder with puffy sleeves mini dress; a pair of cigarette, smart pants with a colour block section; and a double coloured hoodie with elbow print.

I originally wanted to keep my go-to black, white and pink colour palette, but I opted for navy instead as it’s a slightly newer twist.

I’m currently waiting for the final piece to be ready, so I can arrange a photoshoot and film my lookbook to show you everything. It shouldn’t be long at all, maybe a week or two, so get excited!

And since we are on this topic, Felix and I have been working on the summer line for Tsuki, as well as a fall/winter one. So expect new things coming out for Tsuki as well.


But my clothing projects aren’t the only things I’ve been working on. You guys know I have a studio in my Brighton flat, from where I work (by filming, editing, designing and so on) but the one I’m putting together for the holiday home will not only cover those same purposes, but also allow me to be more hands-on with some creative stuff.

I need to keep it vague for now, but I’m going to explain everything in my June notes, and I cannot wait to share this one specific thing with you guys, as I’ve been putting so much thought and work into it that I’m really hoping the response will be positive. It’s the first time that I take on a project like this all on my own, so figuring out all the details has been tricky, and it’s a bit scary, but totally exciting. I simply cannot wait to get it going and get your feedback on it!

I have SO many more things to figure out, which is why I don’t wanna give out any information on it – as I think it’s too early – but as I mentioned, I will make it a goal for my June notes to complete this project on camera, so you guys will be able to follow what I’m doing. Wish me luck!

(Even just writing this makes me feel nervous cause I think I’m getting ahead of myself, but I also have been feeling the urge to share how excited I am over something new. I know you guys at this point are probably extremely confused, so let me change topic).


How about we talk about plants?

I recently picked up this little book at Urban Outfitters, and I LOVE it.

I struggle so much with plants, as I love them but I find it hard to really know how to care for them properly, as whenever I buy them, the sellers make it seem so easy, while being so vague with the care instructions.

I’ve been buying many books about plants, but this – even though it’s the smallest one I have – is the most useful. It basically covers the most important aspects of keeping a plant healthy, and gives you some information about the most common indoor plants.

I never know where to place my plants (do I put them by a window? is the air too dry? do they prefer some shadow? why are the leaves getting crispy/floppy?), how frequently I need to water them, and how can I grow a new plant, from the ones I already have?


This books covers all of that, and it does it in a very clear and organised way.

So, if you – like me – love decorating your home with plants, but are always a bit unsure of how to really care well for them, grab this book! This is exactly what I had been looking for.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 15.10.49.jpg

Anyway. Today is Dogy’s 1st birthday!!

To celebrate I built him a huge cage, so I’m gonna head over to my channel and post this video now. Take a look, if you’ve missed Dogy.

Have a lovely weekend,


167 thoughts on “AND SO IT IS JUNE.

  1. Rune

    Growing up. I never knew what I loved. What I liked. I was a go with the flow kind of person who watched and didn’t talk. Because talking was something I didn’t know how to do, I never knew to speak my feelings or anything. Seeing you, in these last few years Marzia. I just love everything you do. You have been such a HUGE inspiration. I feel like you’re just this amazing person that is so full of life and that if I ever had the blessing of meeting you. I’d fall apart at your genuine persona. Because you write and speak in a way I have not seen here where I live. And I wish I could. I hope one day I can have a friend like you. Someone I can look up to that is genuine, unique and as genius of a creative mind as you. Keep true to you. And please never stop. Your smile is such a wonderful thing.

    Take care.

    P.s. your style also is the best I know of. So gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bruno Mendes

    Hello Marzia,

    I own a Hedgehog which it has been with us for a month and my girlfriend loved the cage that you built for him.
    Can you tell us if you bought is somewhere and if you did, where it was?
    We’re really interested in it 😀
    Thank you and happy B-Day do Dogy ^^


  3. RemainHere

    Hi Marzia!
    I adore the outfit that you wear in the first picture in this post! ^_____^
    Where did you buy all the pieces?


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