May 20th, 2018

Decorating our new, bare home.

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 10.57.01.png

Back in the late summer of 2017 Felix and I started looking for a ‘holiday’ home. I use the term holiday loosely because it’s more of a place we can go to at any moment, that will offer us a nice break from the city life in Brighton.

In November we found the place we were looking for: a simple, clean house, gated, with a small garden. We weren’t looking for anything over the top, but rather a home with enough space to allow guests to stay over, as well as being tucked away in a cosy and quiet area.


When we got back from Japan, all the paperwork was done, and on the very first day we came back, we drove all the way to get the keys to the place.

Although this home is newly built, there were some adjustments we wanted to make, and we are currently still working on it.

For example, the small garage that came with it was powerless, so we made sure to add electricity and lights in there so we can get more use out of it.

I also swapped the previous countertop, a dark grey stone, for light marble.


Everything is quite bare, at the moment.

The living room is almost empty, but I’m planning to get a larger, more stylish wood burner installed, and a big indoor plant.

Both Felix and I agree on the decor style we are going for: minimal, bright and clean, with industrial touches here and there.

There is quite a lot that needs to be done, at the moment, so I’m not sharing many photos of the place just yet, but I’ve been vlogging the process so expect a video about it next week.


As I mentioned, we do have a medium sized garden in the back, which I’m so incredibly excited about! But because getting the home took so many months, the grass and plants have grown wild, so I’m getting Maya’s help to redesign it. (∪ ● ω -)

All I know so far, is that we want to put some outdoor globe string lights to really light up the garden at night. BUT, we have no power sockets outside, so that’s something else I’m gonna have to fix. I would also love bamboo all around, but I will think some more about it.

I feel like this month I’ve been focusing so much on this that I haven’t found the time to write blog entries and film videos, but as you guys know I love interior design so getting to work on another home makes me so happy!

If you are wondering, we still live in our Brighton flat – but this place will provide us with some extra privacy, a chance to relax, and also have our families over (usually our parents have to stay at hotels since we don’t have space in our own flat), as well as have summer parties with friends, and cosy winter nights.

I will be sure to update you on the progress!

Happy Sunday.



199 thoughts on “A NEW PLACE.

  1. Tom

    I drew a really nice picture of you once, it was in the envelope with the letter addressed to you because I thought you might of thought it was a cute present.


  2. nameojanele

    Hey Marzia! I love what you and Felix have done with the place; It’s so beautiful and cozy. Where did u get the bed frame from? I’ve been looking for that kind of bed frame but I just don’t know what they are called

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Becky

    Just to warn you – bamboo can be really invasive and get way too big quite easily, so make sure you get the right kind of you want it to stay looking like a hedge. Lots of people keep it in really big pots (sometimes buried in the ground) to make sure it doesn’t spread too far.

    The house looks lovely, can’t wait to see the decorations!


    1. marziabisognin

      I knew that it could become too big and invasive, but I didn’t know people kept them in pots to keep them from overgrowing – that’s really helpful! Thanks for letting me know. 🙂


  4. littlefloweringtree

    I advice on getting lilac (Syringa_vulgaris) for the area in the garden next to the fence, as they can grow after your own desire (you can shape it by trimming it in a certain way) , it grows quite big and easy, the leaves are rich and could make some decent shade….and the flowers !!!oh my leaves! They smell so strong in the evening you’ll be able to feel it for 500 meters at least!

    Wishing all the health and joy for you !


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