April 22nd, 2018

A sunny day in a little island.


The past few days in Tokyo have been feeling like summer, with clear skies and high temperatures.

That resulted in the perfect time to explore Enoshima island, near Kamakura – just about 1 hour and a half train ride from Shibuya. 


Felix and I met up with Emma, Arik and Joey at 10am by the Hachiko statue. We hopped on the train and once we arrived, we were greeted by this building wishing us a nice day.

Then there is a long bridge you can walk on to make you way to the island.


My friends had all been there before, so I did my research to make sure I knew something about the island as well.


What I’ve gathered is that there is a legend around it: the goddess of love, Benzaiten, created it after battling a sea dragon. In doing so, two theories formed:

  1. She managed to imprison the creature deep into the caves of this island (you can actually visit Iwaya Caves);
  2. She agreed to marry the dragon in order to tame him.

When I asked about this to my friends – after seeing some dragon statues and caves – they didn’t have a clue what I was talking about!

Regardless, I thought it was pretty cool how this place had its own legend.


Lots of people come here because of the views of Mount Fuji: we didn’t get a clear sight, but even like this it looked so striking.


The island was already very packed yesterday, but in summer time it’s said to be extremely busy, especially its beaches (Shonan beach in particular). We could already see a lot of windsurfers, and I can see why: it’s really windy.


You can walk down a path that brings you to some rocks you can climb and walk around on, during low tide.


Because of the sun heating up the rocks, we were able to walk on them pretty easily…


even though some bits were more dangerous than others!


If you get too close to the edges, chances are you would get splashed by water.


After spending the morning hiking, we went back into the main area and stopped by for some food.


It was such a warm day that in order to feel cool again, I ate some shaved ice (or as I like to call it, some ‘snow’).


Then we made our way to the Shrine: there are 3 of them, all dedicated to the Benzaiten goddess.


Here my friends thought me lots of new things: for example, these up here are bad fortunes.

You pick a fortune from a basket, in exchange for 100 yen, and if you get a bad one you tie it on these strings, as they will be burned later.


I was curious to see what I would get, as finally I had someone that could translate my fortune for me, and it turns out I got ‘Big Luck’ – which apparently it’s really rare to get, as none of my friends ever got one!

This made me really happy, so I folded it back and I’m keeping it in my wallet.


Another thing I was thought is how to wash your money for more money: there is this specific pond (not sure what the name is) where you can grab a basket, put in some money to dip into water, and then you throw it into a wooden box in the middle of the pond. If you make it, it will bring you more money.

It took me 5 tries but I was able to do it!


As I said, this island has the theme of love, so in multiple spots you can do couple related things: one of which is ringing the love bell, in this stunning setting.

They even provide a stand where to put your camera to take your photo – they really think of everything!


As you could probably see from the previous photo, you will find tons of lockets and pink ema attached to the railing surrounding this area.


No matter where you are walking in the island, if you look up, you should be able to spot this tall building, called the Sea Candle.

We didn’t go up, but I figured I would at least show a photo of it.


We walked over 20’000 steps, but the brief stops to grab some local sweets provided us with just the right amount of energy back, and the wind blowing in such a hot day made the heat bare-able.


I honestly had an amazing time exploring this place, I would highly recommend it!
❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )


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  1. Young

    Hi Marzia, how are you? Foremost, congratulations on your engagement!!!
    I always love reading your blogs and watching your lovely videos. My friend and I have a plan to visit Japan but there are so many places and feel overwhelmed! We are interested in seeing the busy cities but we are more interested in visiting a peaceful place with landscapes, few activities, but not too rural! So with all this, I was wondering if you could make a post or video on how you planned your trip to Japan and any tips or sites you recommend to going around Japan to make the best out of the trip! ❤


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