April 13th, 2018

The coolest yet creepiest arcade.


A couple of days ago Felix and I had plans to meet with Emma (Tokidoki Traveller) and Joey (The Anime Man).

This incredibly unique arcade was suggested, and so we went on a 45 minute train ride and quickly made our way to Kawasaki after lunch. 


You can surely spot the building.

It was less than 10 minutes walk from the station.


There are two entrances: this one, from the road, which sprays loud air as you enter (this made Felix jump!).


And this one, from the parking lot, which is where everybody wants their picture taken.


Every aspect of the inside is made to recreate a now demolished city in Hong Kong.


Kowloon Walled City – the place this arcade chose as its backdrop – was originally a Chinese military fort where prostitution, gamblings and drugs took over.


So when you walk here, you really feel like you are wandering around an abandoned area, with it’s small streets and restaurants, looking into someone’s apartment.


The only thing to break from how realistic this place is, are the gaming stations and grabbing machines.


And I quite like that contrast, it’s basically what I love: creepy, abandoned places, combined with cutesy and fun things to do.


This place is actually quite big, with multiple floors (as you can guess from the outside of the building) and to my surprise, it was completely free to enter!

So if you want to just explore, you can totally do that. But of course, playing at the arcade adds to the fun.


I was able to win this little guy. His name is Ki (tree in Japanese), as Felix was throwing him around on the street and got stuck on a tree – thankfully Emma had a water bottle and we managed to save him!



If you are ever in Tokyo, and you are into this sort of stuff, I highly recommend stopping by, as you can just spend an afternoon in there and then easily make your way back to Tokyo on the same day.


That’s it from reporter Marzia on the Kawasaki Warehouse!
Have a spooky day, everyone.
( ⚆ _ ⚆ )


298 thoughts on “KAWASAKI WAREHOUSE.

    1. Chris

      Fam you’re just weird and stalker-ish. Chill out and go experience life instead of trying marzia. She and pewds are perf and the thought of them being apart is fictional. So word of advice, get a life and stop being creepy asking for sympathy.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tom

        You think you know what you are talking about, when really you don’t. I have had allot of life experience, I am nearly 22 and been alive since I was born so by my count that’s 22 years. I’ve also been bullied, manipulated, raped, suffer with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts and tendencies. I also don’t live with my parents which I guess you do because you sound 15 and man you haven’t got a clue.


      2. Tom

        You think you have experienced life? Do you know what real life is? Where does meat come from? A supermarket?


      3. Tom

        why don’t you go out, and experience real life. Go climb a tree or have a sword fight with some sticks or go hiking


      4. Tom

        You have been completely fooled into thinking real life consists of going to school, getting a job, being given some plastic “money” squares and going to the shop buying your food, sitting inside playing computer games, buying clothes, driving everywhere. If you had real life experience you could build your own “house” that you could happily live in, you could go out in the evening and forage some food and cook it on a fire you made with nothing but a few sticks and some string your mate weaved for you out of some leaves. go out and survive for 1week with no money and no food, you can take a lighter, a Swiss pen knife and your dad and don’t come back till you know what real life is 😉


  1. Tom

    Marzia, same challenge goes for you 1 week in the countryside, no money, I’ll let you take 1 kg of rice. That is all, your phone in case of emergencies (only switch it on if you need it so battery doesn’t die), a lighter, a knife (can only be three inches or less and not a locking knife due to stupid laws) and your dad, or felix. I recommend you take a foraging day course and a first aid course. I also recommend your outfit contains a waterproof jacket and boots, a fleece and a few pairs of warm socks, a map of the area and a compass, a first aid kit which you will want to do some research into try ray mears bushcraft survival guide.


  2. Tom

    His name is Allen so now he is musical Allen it’s like the game musical chairs where you have to sit down before everybody else


    1. Luna Aeternam

      please …. you are just ridiculous … and pathetic , you are pretending that you saw and exprienced a lot , but you are far to be a mature person ! are you aware that you are so childish and a bit scary ???? if she is not replying to you just wake up , give up and live your life and move on .


  3. Luna Aeternam

    dear Marzia , thank you for sharing this with us, it looks so spooky that i want to visit it xD ❤
    I can't wait for your next article ❤ bisous from Morocco


  4. Ingeborg

    Hey, I ordered items from your Tsuki website on the 1st of March and the tracking have not made any progress since the 22nd of March. I’ve sent two e-mails to the Tsuki e-mail and have not gotten any answer?? I spent over 100 dollars and was really exited to get my items, and I’m starting to worry that I’m not going to get them and that all my money is gone. I don’t know any other way to get in contact with either you, Felix or Tsuki, so this is my last chance. Please help me.


    1. katsfluffyworld

      I’m pretty sure she has a buisness e-mail. I think you should be able to find it, if you go to one of her blogposts with giveaways. Just find the winner comment and look for her answer down under. I’m almost certain she ask the winner to send information on an e-mail. So maybe you can reach her there! Hope it works out for you!!


  5. Charlotte

    You are not doing anyone any good with this stalker-ish behaviour… Marzia is probably not going to reply to you anyway, because you act like this. Buy a journal, write down your feelings and stop acting like a creep . You need help, go see a psychiatrist because you clearly have some issues. I understand that you think you know (and love) her, but that’s not reality. Wake up man.

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    1. LISBTS

      Hi Tom,
      dunno if you remember me, been seeing your comments since August 2017.
      I am not going to tell you what to do with your life. Obviously, it’s your choice, but from what I’m seeing you have experienced horrible things and still do. I hope you’ll have someone who’ll listen and understand you, maybe even help you – perhaps Lauran?
      Anyway, just wanted to tell you that you SHOULDN’T kill yourself because there are people who care. You just gotta look for em.

      Greetings from Israel.


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