April 7th, 2018

A mini haul. 


If you are familiar with Stylenanda – the South Korean clothing brand – you will know that not only they provide some super cool fashion, but also some stunning makeup, that goes by the name of ‘3 Concept Eyes’.

Now that I’m in Japan, I knew I was going to do lots of shopping, but didn’t expect to stumble upon a Stylenanda pink hotel, so when I did, I rushed in and grabbed a few products!


The shop is in the incredibly busy Takeshita street of Harajuku.


The Japanese hotel doesn’t quite compare to the main South Korean one (I’ve seen videos and photos and it looks incredible) but didn’t disappoint.


The only thing I wish they had more of was clothing: I have always wanted to order from them, and other than having some pieces available on Asos, I never dared ordering online, so I was really hoping to check out some clothes in person, but the selection was quite small.


What I did end up buying are these products instead, from 3CE.


South Korean skincare has been on the rising for a few years know, and you can see many brands worldwide are inspired by their products and mimic their formulas; I used to be really into it as well, and when I saw these two up here I simply couldn’t resist…

the only problem is that I have no clue how to use them, but I can always figure that out with some research!


This ‘pack to foam’ has a very hard consistency (you really need to squeeze that tube), almost clay-like, and apparently you need to use a thick layer all over the skin, wait 5 minutes till it dries, and then wash it off – which causes it to foam up.

Do I know what the end result should be? No.
The benefits? No.
But I’m curious to give it a go.


The other product is a toner, which makes it easier to know what to expect from it and how to apply it. I’ve noticed that it has a slightly denser consistency than a water toner, but melts completely into the skin.

This milk line is supposed to be made with the idea of providing extra moisture, so if you have dry skin, this may be perfect for you.


The makeup product that I was the most excited about – and the reason why I started picking stuff up in the shop – is this pigment tube.

Remember that a few months ago I talked about a Tarte eyeshadow that looked very similar to this? I featured it in a favourites video as well, saying how I would want them to make a pot or tube of it, so I could buy it individually, and not the whole palette.

Well, this is exactly it. This is all I wanted, and more: in fact, this pigment comes in many different shades – I selected the clear one cause I wanted an exact match for the Tarte one, but I’m extremely tempted to get more. It’s just so beautiful!


One thing that I was not so happy about is this foundation – but it is completely my fault: it’s the last thing I’ve picked up, whilst rushing, and didn’t even swatch it, thinking it was a BB cream (Korean BB creams are usually quite sheer and moisturising).


Turns out this foundation actually has some real good coverage, and a powdery finish too – all things that sound good, but were simply not what I was looking for. My bad!

I also have to say it smells like baby powder, which I love, but on the other hand, even the colour match isn’t ideal, as it’s a bit darker than my skin tone. Maybe I will be able to use this when I’m more tan, during summer time. Will see!


Since we are on the topic, this is what I was looking to replace: I’ve been using this Korean BB cream for a while now, and I absolutely love it. It has become my go-to, as it’s so natural. It’s hard to explain, it’s just the best.

I’ve ordered a new tube, but it’s in Brighton, and I’m running out of the one I brought with me; any idea if I could find this brand in Tokyo?


Anyway, back to 3CE: I got a shimmery eyeshadow duo, and a peachy/orang-y blush. The packaging is too cute!


Here are the swatches. The blush appears more pink than expected, but I really like all 3 colours.


Oh, and the final item is this mirror: I’ve been wanting to get a handheld mirror since coming here, because I do my makeup in front of a window with no mirrors nearby, so this will be handy and useful to have around.

But that’s it! This makeup brand isn’t the cheapest, but it surely has some really beautiful stuff and some equally great products.

Have you ever used anything from it? 


PS. I’m having an amazing time in Japan, so there may be a lack of blog entries compared to normal. If you miss me, you can always check out my IG for photos! 😉

85 thoughts on “3CE.

  1. Lauren

    Dear Marzia,

    My name is Lauren, and I am doing a project for AP Seminar, a College Board class for the AP Capstone, and I formally request your opinion as part of my research for the effects of social media on children under 18. You are a wonderful creator, and a creator is a perspective that I have included in my project because you influence the world so much through advanced media. If you wouldn’t mind, I politely ask for you to respond to the following questions:

    What age did you get your first social media account, and on which platform was it?
    What was the reason behind acquiring it?
    How has it impacted your life since?
    Was there ever a period of time where you intentionally quit using social media, and why?

    If you do not wish to reveal this information to me, a complete stranger, I understand and do not take offence. Thank you for your time and patience.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. julia

    heyy i love that you’re in Japan for a month, its literally my dream, but i live in the furthest country from there and my coin is very low compared to dollars so its really hard for me to go lol. so i hope you have an amazing time!

    idk if you’ll be able to do this but i really like how you have your studio/room so tidied up and wanted to know if you have any routine to do so, cause i have to tidy up almost every day and its never fully tidy, if you could do a video or a blog post with tips on like, where to store important papers or boxes you cant put in drawers and stuff, or like stuff you have to fix (e.g sew clothing or so), or basically how you do it! how you organice stuff. Everybody has a lot of things going around, specially if you’ve been living in the same house for several years, if i’d have to move i would probably get rid of a lot of things.
    well if you ever read this, thank you and have lots of fun there ♥

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Beren

    Hi Marzia 😀

    Great post ! All this product look sooo lovely !
    I have the same klairs foudation and love it too !
    You can order it on amazon or ebay (or wishtrend if you want to check other product) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. soyvirgo

    I didn’t really like 3ce after buying a mascara from them. It ran down my bottom lashes and that never happened with mascara before. Luckily I found a way to use it (i put one mascara before then another on top lol, my lashes are so hard to work with)
    But now I see they have really cute stuff I have to try, like the mirror and the blush!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Kelly

    i know you made a video dedicated to your camera equipment, but I was curious to know which kind of lense did you use to take above pictures 🙂



  6. Luna Aeternam

    I would love to try those produces, but my skin is vert picky XD and afte all those years , it looks like i have to use only handmade or natural produces , all what you are showing to us , im dying to try it , unfortunately i live in Morocco, i ordered the sweet box and the Sub box , but i put the adresse of my boyfriend in Germany , so i have to wait until summer* sob sob*.
    Please , continu to be this wonderful and creative young women , until your next article , stay healthy and happy ❤ chuuu


  7. Angy

    Hi Marzia!

    It’s so nice read that you’re having a great time in Japan, I’m glad for you! I loved your video about expensive fruit, but, you know? There are some places where you can buy cheaper fruit without neglecting the quality. I leave you the video where they talk about…they’re talk in spanish but I think there are subtitles. I hope this works for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4T1MsZAOGX0

    Have a nice day! 😀


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