March 28th, 2018

My new eyeshadow palette.


I’m very excited to announce that my newest palette, in collaboration with Winky Lux, is now available!

Let me show it to you!

all swatches.JPG

Last year I had my Natura palette, which you all seemed to like, and so this year I selected a new theme – fruit – and created La Frutta.

It has the same type of packaging, but 5 all-new eyeshadows – of course!

holding palette.JPG

Since it’s now Spring time, I wanted to select some fun, yet wearable colours, that would all go well paired with each other.


You can either pick just two colours and create many different looks, or use all of them together for something like this:


You can get that sunset effect, by creating a gradient, but as I said, even just selecting two colours you can achieve some really striking combinations.


The 5 eyeshadows are:
Pesca (peach), a pale pink colour with a golden shimmer;
Anguria (watermelon), a matte and warm pink;
Limone (lemon), a bright yellow with a bit of a sheen;
Mango (mango), a stunning metallic ochre shade;
Uva (grape), a matte, rich wine colour.


But as you may have noticed, there are some other goodies on these photos: lipsticks!

If you bought my subscription box, you will be receiving one of two lipsticks I made as a special edition for the box only.

lipstick swatches.JPG

These two colours follow the naming of my fruit palette, being called ‘Fragola‘ (strawberry) and ‘Dattero‘ (date).


They are both very wearable, and when creating them I knew I wanted them to be the colours I reach for on an everyday basis.


Dattero is a bit more on the nude, with a touch of brown;


Whilst Fragola is a nude-ish pink.


So this is all for my latest Winky Lux collab – I really hope you like it! I would love to see the different makeup looks you come up with, if you do grab a palette.

❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )


115 thoughts on “LA FRUTTA.

  1. Rune De LaVince

    This looks gorgeous. I have recently been extremely into watching you again Marzia. And I honestly don’t know why I stopped or even stopped reading your blog. Keep it up. You’re amazing. And super sweet.


  2. Angy

    Hi Marzia!

    You are a talented designer, I really love your creations! I don’t use so much shades, but lipsticks are ok for me so, I hope I could buy one soon 🙂

    Have a nice day! 🙂


    1. Anna Newgaard

      Hi I didn’t want to follow on your blog just wanted to comment to see where u can find the stylenanda brand and your makeup palletes


  3. Bianca

    Hi Marzia! I was wondering if there is any site in europe that sells it? If i buy it from winky lux from america the postam tax is quite high.


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