March 21st, 2018

A weekend trip.


The past weekend my friend Giorgia and I met up in Geneva, Switzerland, and visited a city we both had never been to before.

So of course, I brought my compact camera, filmed a few clips, and took some photos. 


When we were thinking of destinations for our quick trip, we felt that finding a place that is almost equally as far for both would have been idea, especially cause we both would have had to travel on our own.


Geneva is just about 1 hour and 15 minutes away from both London and Venice, so that made it the perfect location: we got on the early Friday flights, arriving to the hotel in the morning, which gave us plenty of time to look around.


The weather was holding up – even though we knew it was going to rain for most of the trip – so we opted for a river walk right away,  to see the conjunction between the two rivers, the Rhône and the Arve.


The water from the Rhône appears much bluer and clearer, compared to the Arve, creating a beautiful contrast of colours as they meet.

I saw some stunning photos of this online, but because of the weather – not being as sunny as it could be – and our viewing point – I wasn’t able to get such a crisp image of it.


Right after we ventured towards the Old Town, full of cute and historic buildings.



I believe one of the main things in this area is the Cathedral of Saint Pierre.



It was free to visit and looked quite grand yet very minimal and muted at the same time.


Which was interesting as the chapel on the side was so rich in colours and patterns.


We kept on walking, admiring the buildings, checking out some shops, and reaching the lake.



We even managed to see the jet d’eau from afar.


On the second day we checked out the Botanical Gardens.

I don’t think I had ever been to one before, and when I saw Geneva had a few greenhouses, I knew I had to go see them.


It was a rainy day and nobody was around, so we weren’t sure it was even open.


We were very surprised when we tried opening a door, to realise all the greenhouses were accessible.


They were temperate, which gave us a chance to warm up and stay out of the rain.


The smaller one, out of the 3 greenhouses available, was my personal favourite: not just because of this cactus garden, but because you could go up and admire the beautiful plants from up high.


This place was magical.


The gardens didn’t just have greenhouses, but also animals, a villa, and a library. It was overall a lovely area to walk around.


We then wanted to briefly check out the Broken Chair, right in front of the United Nations building.


It was a Saturday, and it seems as if that’s the closing day for restaurants over there, so we struggled finding a place to eat. We eventually did, even if it was incredibly packed and stressful.


Luckily towards the evening there were less people around, and the rain stopped.

I really wanted to see Place Du Molard after sundown as I knew some of the cobblestones would lit up and show a message, written in different languages.


This was such a cute spot!


On Sunday we had some time to kill, as our flights were in the evening.

Again, the weather wasn’t the best so we decided to visit a couple museums – the one I was looking forward to the most of the MAMCO.


I find modern art museums very interesting, so I was curious to see what Geneva had to offer.


Some areas had a slightly creepy vibe – which I quite enjoyed (I actually kept sounds from the museum on my video so that you could get a sense of what it was like walking through it). I was having a great time till I decided to take this photo and truly angered a guard of the museum. She was not happy with me being that close to the installation and got told off – oops.


After lunch, we grabbed a bus in Place De Neuve, which had this stunning parc called Parc des Bastions.


We went to see the Museum of Natural History, which was free to enter, as our final stop.


And then it was time to go back to the airport.

Even though the city appeared grey and quiet during winter time, I can see it being stunning when it warms up and flowers bloom. The highlight of my trip was being able to catch up with Giorgia, and feel like our friendship is just as strong as it was when we were kids.


Watch the video here!


83 thoughts on “HELLO, GENEVA.

  1. Giorgia

    Ciao Marzia, buone notizie! Ho ritrovato il mio soleee. Stavo pulendo l’aspiratore ed era là dentrooo, un miracolo praticamente!! Ancora nn ci credo, sono troppo contenta 🙂 Grazie x l’ interessamento, notte!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ermira

    Beautiful pictures Marzia, seems like you had a lovely time💕
    It must’ve been good to catch up with your friend.
    I also had the chance to visit Geneva and I enjoyed my stay there. I went to the Museum of Natural History it was really cool.


  3. littlechocosquid

    Nice to see you in Geneva! I’m french and until very recently my grandmother used to live in Evian, on the french cost of the lake 🙂 it’s strange to see your pictures of things I saw when I was little! (oh and “place du molard” can mean in french “square of the sputum”, sorry if ot breaks the romantic aspect of it XP)
    Nice blog as always! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Anna

    I love your videos about the places you visited! 😊 After watching your video about Lisbon I travelled there with my boyfriend and I had such a great time! I started watching your videos about two or three years ago and your „notes“ really inspired me to do more with my life but also to enjoy the little things! So thank you for bringing so much joy and inspiration to my life!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Joca

    Hey Marzia, I hope you had a great trip.
    I’m concerned about you. I know you have created this site to communicate with your closest fans but lately I have seen that it’s a lot more popular than before. There are more negative people than it used to and I think that that doesn’t do you no good. I’m not saying this in a mean way it’s just that I want the best for you. Marzipans will support you no matter what. Lots of love.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. GIA

    You have wonderful aesthetic when it comes to taking certain pictures…it looks so gloomy but in a cool way there.
    I hope that you and Felix and your pugs are doing awesome.
    Peace and Love to you 😊
    P.S..You are strong and beautiful always.


  7. Katie

    Hi Marzia! Wew u r in Switzerland now, makes me wanna visit too! I love all your blog posts about travelling, they are so picturesque and awesome 🙂 im also a big fan of your fashion, i recently bought the green embroidered beret from your amore collection but it’s been close to a month and I still have not received it! >~< as my order is to be shipped to a country outside the US, and while i understand that the order cannot be tracked once it's outside the US, I still need some form of certainty that my order will be shipping to me 😡
    i know it's rather inappropriate to ask about my order on your blog post, but i wasn't sure what other means I could use to inquire about my order. please help! T^T

    a fan of yours ❤
    PS: keep up the travel blog posts!! :)))


  8. Katie

    I’m not sure why some of my words are being cut out from the message. But I would like to add that I’ve already emailed reelstyle and have had no reply 😦 its been close to a month and I still have not received my order 😦


  9. Jackie

    Your travel posts always encourage me to see the world! I’m happy to see that you were able to enjoy a nice holiday with your friend 🙂 Geneva looks beautiful as well, I definitely want to visit now. Dan Flavin’s light installation at the MAMCO also look stunning! We have a couple of his installations here in Houston at the Menil Collection. I also wanted to say that we really appreciate everything you share with us. I know it really only takes one person, or one comment by someone to make you feel like you are doing the wrong thing, but honestly you are incredibly special. I am so very happy to be able to read about your trips or about a new recipe you’ve tried out or even about a relaxing day with the little pug family you and Felix have made for yourselves. Such simple things you share make such a difference in the way we see our lives. I feel excited about the most seemingly small things. It’s made me thoughtful and perceptive of the world around me. So sincerely, thank you.


  10. Dominique Gargantos

    Wow, you’re one of the people that I look up to Marzia, and I want to be someone like you, someone creative and kind and beautiful inside and out. Thanks for always being a awesome person, lots of love to you and to Felix!!! love ya both 😀


  11. Laly

    Hi Marzia ! Love the pictures you took, especially the one with oranges flowers, it looks so pretty ! I always like to see your videos/pictures about your trips there are so inspiring.
    I saw that you received some things from tarte, could you please write something about it ? I’m really interested in the new collection, the palette looks gorgeous, and I would like to have your opinion about it.
    Thanks for everything, I love what you do, best wishes ! :*


  12. Lamia

    Oh I really enjoy your vlog and what your wrote here ! I’m exited about your next video , I hope that it will include and F&Q , bisous from Morocco


  13. Angy

    It’s always nice to travel with a friend ❤
    For a moment I confuse Geneva with Genova, but then, when I watch the video I realized I was wrong :9
    Anyway, I hope you had a great time there. Have a nice day!

    PD. I love your photos!


  14. misschauhan

    Omg!! You are an amazing photographer and seeing the pictures felt like I am in Geneva . I especially loved the picture from below the windows .❤️ Pls check out my blog , it’s shootmewithacamera.wordpress.com


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