March 18th, 2018

That won’t go to waste. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 11.34.20.jpg

I’ve tried filming a makeup tutorial in which I used a few new products I’ve received.

I set up two cameras, one of which looked great and sharp, but the other one had a broken lens and I didn’t realise it – it wasn’t able to focus on what I was doing – resulting in unusable footage.

I’ve thought about saving the video, using the clips from my steady camera, even if a bit far away from my face, but after editing the whole thing, I figured just doing a blog post – since I wasn’t completely happy with it – would be a better option.

So here I am, talking about some makeup I’ve tested out!


About a month ago I was sent these palettes by a company called Bad Habit.

The first thing I noticed was the gorgeous packaging, but soon enough I started using the eyeshadow palettes, especially the Inferno one.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 11.38.33.jpg


The colours make complete sense with the name, as they are all deep reds and flaming shades. I love it! Look at the metallics, they are so intense.


I haven’t yet tested out the highlighting palettes, but wanted to show them as they look so pretty.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 11.36.52.jpg

The colours are very pigmented, and they are all shades I usually go for anyway, since I’ve dyed my hair pink – so I’m very happy to be owning these palettes!


Another product I’ve been loving is the Bisou Bisou Lip & Cheeck Stick – a collaboration between Make Beauty and my friend LaMadelynn.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 14.16.40.png

If you haven’t seen her short movie introducing it, definitely take a look! 


It’s a beautiful brown shade with a slight tint of red in it, so it’s the perfect colour to double up as blush and lipstick.

It’s very easy to blend, and you can build it up for more intense looks.

I personally love dotting this across my lips and using my finger to work it in.


The next product I’m showing up is another stick, this time from Hourglass.

You may recognise the packaging format, as I’ve talked about their foundation (which comes in identical packaging, just brown) and how much I love it.


They sent me all the shades, but my personal favourite is this golden one.

It looks blinding, but you will be surprised at how easily and beautifully it blends into your skin.


Final makeup product to cover is this EX1 Delete Fluide concealer.

This little thing doesn’t play around: the consistency is thicker than what I generally go for, but it has such a high coverage that you really need the smallest amount, so it makes up for the fact that comes in a small tube, and even the thicker consistency doesn’t feel too much on your skin, as long as you blend it properly.


I would not recommend this for an everyday use, but if you are looking to cover some intense redness, spots, or overall need a flawless look for a certain occasion, this may be what you wanna reach for.


Finally, I was sent a bunch of sunglasses by this brand called Topfoxx.





Here are the winners:

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 21.36.47
Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 21.34.20

Thanks to everybody that joined!
More giveaways coming soon.



  1. Is it future or is it past

    Dear Marzia,
    I love your positivity and sense of stye… I would like to get the GOLD set, it will go great with my personality.

    Lots of love


  2. Elena

    Hey, great post. Those warm eyeshadow palettes suit you well! I would like to get the PINK set, so I will enter this giveaway. Love xoxo


  3. Mrs. R

    Hello, Marzia!

    It’s so good to be able to comment on your blog again (as I was out of computer :/ ). Nice to see that you could show your makeup even without the tutorial. The eyeshadow palette is everything, I loved!!!

    Sorry about the lost time and footage, tho. Hope you are doing alright and (just saw on instagram) excited for the upcoming vlog *—-*

    For the giveaway, I’d say the GOLD one would be my choice 🙂


  4. Ira

    Hi! In the middle of January you mentioned an eyeshadow palette from Tarte and how much you loved Stargazer – that white, sparkly part. Just so you know, NYX has two glitters with similar effect: Lumi-lite from Metellic Glitter range and there was also Luna in #glittergoals kit no 3.

    I hope it helps if you’re looking for a dupe


  5. Marie-Alex

    Hi Marzia! I’m glad you decided to show us the makeup even though the video didn’t work. PINK would be my choice. 😊


  6. littlechocosquid

    hey there! I don’t know if I’m too late but I’d like to participate! (Gold)
    Just by the way I love the look of the brand from your friend! (bisou is in my language haha ^^)
    As always you’re so pretty! thanks for this little giveaway and blog post!
    (hope your camera will be “better” soon)


  7. Sara LM

    Hi Marzia! I love LaMadelynn’s stick and the idea of dotting it on the lips (and i love how you support your friend, woman power!).

    Also, I hope those sunnies bring some sunshine 🙂 I would love the PINK set.

    Lots of love!


  8. Klaudia

    I’m probably too late here, but why not try.

    Marzia, I’m going for the first time to Italy and have no shades whatsoever, so it would be awesome to get these, not even mentioning the cosmetics. GOLD version would be perfect. Thanks!


  9. Peta

    Is it weird that as I was reading this article I could almost hear your voice? It was like I was actually watching the video! Anyways the lips and cheeks stick looks absolutely fabulous, definitely something I would like to try 😀

    for the giveaway – PINK is my choice, the black glasses are so pretty!


  10. Megan Rose

    Marzia, I would love the GOLD set please! Those sunglasses and the shimmer of the gold makes me so excited for summer and warm weather!!!


  11. Lili


    Love your blog posts! And I hope to see some future makeup tutorials as well as more vlogs because I just really enjoy watching those by you! Hope you have a lovely day. ❤


  12. Michelle Tan

    Gold 🙂 I love how honest and wholesome you are, really glad to be your supporter 🙂 Love all of your blog post and you are a big inspiration to me ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Marta

    I love your sense of aesthetics as well as style. You’re a beautiful woman a lot of us should take as an example from. Hope you’re having a nice day!

    P.S. I would love to get the gold pack if you mind :>


  14. Oda Marie Kallevik

    hi i am 18 years old and from norway i love everything of your design. i love the pink one ❤
    I'm a student and do not have much money, but you can always dream about winning your products or afford to buy some of your clothes once haha <3. Your videos helps me keeping a positive mindset through the week. love your blogs and your vidioes :3

    – Oda Marie


  15. Ujellobear

    Hi Marzia!

    I’m a little late to read this since it was my birthday on the day you posted 🙂
    Just wanted to let you know that this was a very lovely read! Your blog posts are always so captivating!


  16. Leila Etcetera

    I love how you match your makeup and your hair! And the colors of the palette seem lovely. I waited for you to post for so long! I really like your blog and frenquently go on it to see what’s new. ❤


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