March 8th, 2018

We got some snow!


It took more than 4 years, but finally we experienced actual snow in Brighton.

In this post I go through my week, in photos. 

1st of March


I started off the month by launching Tsuki – Felix and my unisex brand.

The support has been great, and we are so appreciative of it – the clothes sold out within 24h I believe (which is crazy) – but of course there were lots of comments asking for lower prices and more size inclusion; we expected it, and we are working hard on it. Felix and I already started to put down ideas for new products, and we are excited to make more stuff.

I snapped this photo up here when we left the studio we booked for our photoshoot. We took care of it by ourselves, no crew or help from others, so we drove to the centre, whilst snow was falling, and walked to the studio whilst carrying all the products and our prop-plant.

I was carrying stuff as well, following Felix, when I noticed how bizarre we must have looked, so I tried my best to take a photo while walking – busy holding stuff at the same time.

2nd of March


This day brought more snow.

Maya was not too happy about it, but I sure was.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 12.34.45.png

On that day I had a meeting, which started off some projects I will be working on for this year.

I’m not sure I can say much – and I can imagine how annoying that must be, as I don’t mean to tease you – but some really cool things will happen. As usual, many of my projects take months to make, but if I’m allowed to talk about them, maybe when I’m further along, I will for sure fill you in.

Anyway, when I left the meeting, snow covered the streets, which made me very happy. It’s so cosy to stroll around, under the snow, and then go back inside to warm up with a cup of tea.

3rd of March

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 12.34.56.png

Saturday Felix and I spent the day together, nothing new there!

Because it is a new month, a new set of ‘notes’ has started as well: I’ve set myself some goals, and even though I’m not really supposed to film or work on Saturdays, I did film a little bit, which will make it into the final ‘march vlog’.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 12.35.07.png

We went shopping by the Lanes, which resulted in me making a new friend! (this cute plant)

4th of March


Did I mention that the workers are officially done with the flat? I will be sure to take photos as soon as things are how I want them to be, right now it’s still quite messy in certain rooms.

For the first time, on Sunday, I was able to fully ‘chill out’ in the flat, wearing sweatpants, cleaning up, and putting things away (yes, I’m still unboxing stuff).

It felt good to have some alone time in the flat, as it’s now starting to come together.

5th of March 

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 13.08.17.png

On Monday I got back into filming: the previous night I realised how I hadn’t shown Dogy on my channel for a bit, and you guys seem to like seeing him play, so I filmed a DIY that I’m currently editing and looking to post today.

Poor Dogy has had a small eye problem as well after we got back from Japan – nothing serious luckily – but we have been treating him by giving him 2 eyedrops a day (which is not a big deal, but it is tricky when it comes to spiky hedgehogs!).

6th of March


On Tuesday I had a pretty uneventful day: paying bills, buying groceries, selling stuff on eBay, replying to emails. Nothing too exciting.

But that was also the day that our Tsuki orders started shipping out to people. I cannot wait to see photos of you guys wearing the pieces!

7th of March


It marked the first week of March. As I often say, time flies by so fast.

Yesterday I snapped some photos for my friend Hila, who has a cool clothing line called Teddy Fresh.


In the evening I watched this movie called ‘It’s Kind of A Funny Story’, on Netflix. Is not new, I believe it’s from 2010, but I hadn’t heard about it before and decided to put it up.

I knew most of the actors in it, and I really liked it – a lot. If you haven’t seen it, I would definitely recommend it. It’s about mental illnesses, depression and having suicidal thoughts, but it’s really not as dark or sad as it sounds; in fact, I found it quite funny and uplifting.


I’m aware that now I’m going off-track, but another movie worth watching is ‘Lady Bird’ – I’m sure you have all heard about it, but if you haven’t had the chance to watch it yet… do it!

I went to the cinema with my friend Emma and I knew I was going to like it just by watching the trailer, but when I did actually sit in the cinema, I loved it way more than expected.

It’s interesting because I’m quite different, personality wise, to the main character, but I could relate to so much from this film. I get that it’s supposed to be relatable, but some things were so spot on, and made me see my life from a different perspective, in a way.

The very last scene, in particular (no worries, I won’t spoil it) struck a chord with me: it reminded me of when I, just turned 19 years old, moved away from home. How I felt when driving around in my car, feeling independent and like I knew where I wanted to go in life, all to be shaken once I actually moved away.



Moving onto today, I simply wanted to say Happy International Women’s Day.

It is a tradition, in Italy, to gift women with a bouquet of this tiny yellow flowers: they are fluffy and smell so good (called ‘mimose’).

I haven’t seen anyone doing it in the UK, but since I’ve left, my dad makes sure to get me a bouquet every year, that my mom then puts in my room. I asked her to send me a photo, so here is this year’s bouquet from my dad, which I want to virtually share with all of you!

Do you have any tradition associated with this day?


76 thoughts on “THE FIRST WEEK OF MARCH.

  1. que_si

    Love this entry! Can’t wait to check out those recommended movies, you never disappoint! Also, excited for your future plans, never know exactly what it will be from Marzia, but I know i’ll be into it!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. La Dame Who Fell To Earth

    Ah I’m dying to see Lady Bird! ❤️ I love Saoirse Ronan so much and it’s rare that I’m disappointed by the films she’s in. 💕 I’m sad I didn’t get anything from Tsuki because it would have been fun to style but maybe when the collection is relaunched… or I might even wait until your summer clothing line! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Carolina Vitória

    Marzia, what a beautiful post!!

    Its so sweet of your father to always make sure he gets you a bouquet! Do you ever think of your parents maybe one day moving to Brighton as well? I know you see them often, but would be nice to have them closer, no? Im from Portugal and I think our culture is a bit similar to Italy, here we get flowers and chocolate, at least in my family 🙂

    Also! Do you have any suggestions of italian films or sons? Ive been learning a bit of italian on duolingo, but i feel like its too formal maybe? I watched ” La vita è bella ” and absolutely loved it, cried like a baby…

    Thanks in advance!


  4. Aleksandra Shuvaeva

    Hi, Marzia!

    I absolutely understand your joy about the snow, because I moved to the UK from Russia where we usually get a lot of snow, but here I miss it so much and every time I’m so happy when I see it in Britain. In the end of February there was a lot of snow and kind of blizzard for few days (I live on the North of England).
    It was so interesting to learn about Italian tradition to gift women with bouquet of mimosa! in Russia we also related International Women’s Day with exactly the same kind of flowers – mimosa! In Russia we also have traditional salad called “mimosa” because of grated yellow yolks on the top =)
    And your and Felix’s new clothing line is so awesome!
    Sorry for my English, I don’t speak and write very well =_=


  5. Riselly

    Hey Marzia, I tweeted you this on twitter but I was just wondering if you can tell me about Italy styles of music if you know any besides opera (Ex: Mexico has salsa, mariachi). I have been assigned this music culture assignment and I am really stuck, the internet is not telling me what I want to know, and your my only hope. Thx and I always love you blogs, videos, and yyour work in fashion. ❤


  6. Kent Vincent Cervas

    Hey Marzia, since it’s March and summer is around the corner, what would be your in-flight travel essentials?

    Can you make a video for that,if necessary

    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Khamomille

    The mimosa bouquet looks adorable, where I live there are ao many during spring however many people dislike them as there are big trees filled with them and the polen gives them allergies… 🙁

    Liked by 1 person

  8. 0thenat0

    I would go to the forest to get first flowers for my mum. It is kinda a tradition. BUT the weather this year is sooo bad i mean it is still a lot of snow in the place where I live. So no flowers for mam 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Sara LM

    OMG! I was actually in Italy on March 8th and I did see people with those flowers walking around Rome. I wish I knew it when I was there!



    I like Lady Bird,too!Not only I love the personality of the main character,but also saoirse ronan is a really great actress!I love what she wore(pretty much every piece) in that movie,everything was so perfect!
    In the meantime,I want to recommand “Call Me By Your Name”. In my opinion, the plots and the clothing are really casual but also fashion in there. You should definitely see it!


  11. agustinazamboni

    I know is a late reply, but I was busy with university so I couldn’t read the entries in the blog. In my country is a “tradition” (in the last years it’s become one) make a march for women rights. It’s beautiful and yes, even if its late, I would like to share it. 🙂


  12. pj

    Hello Maria! lovely post, it was so nice to read ^^ Just wondering, where are your black jeans from? the one with red words on the knees x


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