March 1st, 2018

Our unisex brand.


After many months of working on this, today Felix and I release TSUKI, a unisex clothing and homeware brand. 


A little longer than a year ago Felix and I shot a lookbook video for my channel, in which we tried to match each other’s outfit the best we could. We didn’t have exact copies, but we noticed – at that point – how we definitely had the same style when it came to certain outfits.


Shortly after, the idea to create something together came into place.

We wanted a small selection of minimal and oversized pieces that both of us could wear, and followed our favourite colour palette: black, white and pink.


No matter what gender or size, everybody can find something they like on TSUKI, and depending on how you style each piece, you can create a certain look.


To us, it was important that the items would have a specific fit, that would work on different body types.


Because we are so passionate about Japan, we knew we wanted to incorporate that aspect into our brand.


So the word ‘tsuki’ came into place, meaning ‘moon’ in Japanese.


When I think about Japan, one of the things that come to mind are the clean, simple designs: often, if you look around the streets, or inside the buildings, you will notice how everything is clutter free, and each thing has a place and a purpose. It’s straight forward and organised.


We felt that a simplistic approach was the way to go, especially because of the unisex nature of what we were trying to create.


We selected various pieces out of our own closets, in order to make each of our clothes from scratch and make sure that the fit was exactly right.


We didn’t just want to get basics and slap a logo on it; we felt the need to create something that may appear quite simple, but that was completely our vision.


We made sure to also include more affordable pieces, for those that may like to support the brand but don’t want to necessarily splurge on a purchase.


We understand that the prices are high, we are aware of it, but it is important for us to bring to life something we would want to buy ourselves, and of course stay away from producing our clothing under bad working conditions.


But as I mentioned, there is more than just clothes. We have a few other products as well.


Things that we enjoy using: a planner, to stay organised, and a candle – that smells like baby powder – to bring comfort and warmth.


We also have these cute sake cups, that will come free with any purchase over $200.

Originally, these were supposed to be for sale, and after a long time of searching for someone that could make these for us, we came across a company that stated they would be manufactured in North America, but unfortunately only after putting our order through, we realised they were actually producing in China.

We could not bring ourselves to sell these, as that’s against what we believe, so we decided to have them as goodies instead, so they wouldn’t go to waste.


After a year in the making, Felix and I are extremely happy with what we came up with: sure, it’s a small brand for now, but we are very excited to work more on it, and add more and more products over time.


If you want to check out the products for yourself, head over to our shop.

And of course, if you would like to support us, following TSUKI on Twitter and Instagram would mean a lot!

Hope you like it.


173 thoughts on “TSUKI.

      1. Jacob

        Hi I was just wondering if you would ever get some young teen sizes because I’m 13 and I t wouldn’t fit me thanks


  1. Cordelia.

    Aww i remember last year in a video you were saying that you and felix were working on something to be released, and finally this is it! This is amazing, the pieces are simple and great for matching! Congratulations Mertz and Poods! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carol

    This has to be one of my favorite lines! They’re so simple and cute! I fell in love with the hoodie ><
    But they're so expensive :/ I understand that they are all good products but I'm so sad that I might not have money to buy it on time… I mean, I bet they're selling fast so….
    But I really loved it! Hope you and Felix can do more projects together as well!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. harmonywithstyle

    Im don’t make a lot of money at my job but luckily I’m a teenager without bills yet so I’m going to save up for this \(・`(ェ)・)/ I can’t wait to try it I’m excited and happy for you both!!💖


  4. vanti

    As someone who has degree from japanese studies…. the way you wrote “ki” in hiragana is not really correct, I know that probably it doesnt matter for other people but it really bothers me lol. Also girl give us finnaly the secret of your bigger lips!


  5. Sidney Cushman

    Marzia this is so exciting! It’s really inspiring to me how you find your own inspiration to create from what is going on in your life at the time. I love that you’ve taken your interest in Japanese culture and made a real physical creation out of it. And that it was done with Felix and the name of the brand: it’s all perfect. I hope this brings a new spark of excitement for you guys. Much love from Canada 🙂


  6. Britny Bobbitt

    Aw Marzia I love this so much!! It was great to hear how excited Felix was in your video about this too. My boyfriend and I are so excited for you two!!

    If you ever need assistance in North America, I would be honored to help! I work as an account executive for a world-wide (ethical) print and marketing company. I’m in my dream job and passionate about what I do (I actually get to use my college degree), and would love to use that to help you in any way if ever needed!


  7. janellealcala

    WOW! Honestly, I got really hyped about this! It’s sooo good!! The concept, the color scheme, and just basically all of it is so good! I’m really glad that you guys take so much time and effort to come up with these to be size and gender inclusive! Congrats to both of you! Hopefully there will be more items soon! Much Love!


  8. Emma Grace

    Hi Marzia,

    I love everything in the collection and would love a hoodie. Are you posting worldwide? I’m in Aus 🙂


  9. eloise smith

    I love the line you have created and I think you are an excellent role model. I respect that you eat mostly plant-based foods and that you are a compassionate animal lover! This is reflected by the importance you have placed upon the clothing being ethically made. I think that to keep this brand in line with your admirable qualities and values it would be fantastic if you removed wool as a material from the line as it’s production can involve practices equally as cruel as criticised elsewhere in the fur industry. I am sure you will take this into consideration in the future! ❤


  10. Claire

    Yeee Marzia!! Thank you!!! I just ordered the black beret, i am so excited. Youre the only person i will ever trust with berets because you are some sort of beret connoisseur haha. ❤ I have an old beret from my mom but it never seems to fit right 😦 and i know you love berets and would make it so it fits really well ❤ thanks a ton!!!


  11. ogo

    I really wish you both would consider including larger sizes on any future clothing lines. Even an XL would help us curvier girls out. I always love Marzia’s clothing lines and I love this one too. I would totally buy a lot of the items if I thought they would fit. I could chance it with a large, but that’s too expensive of a risk since you can’t return the items. Please, please, please offer larger sizes in the future. I love your work and want to own it. I know some factories only produce certain sizes, but I think it would be worth the time to find one that offers larger sizes too. I know I’m not the only curvier fan out there. That being said, great work both of you. I’m always impressed by the greatness you two accomplish separately and as a couple. Goals <3


  12. Kaia

    Hi Marzia. I loooooove all your designs 🙂 If only I can buy them all. I wish you all the best in your products and more to come 🙂

    PS. Please ship to the Philippines from your Amore shop hihi


  13. cafunékirsten

    you did a really great job on designing! once again you and felix have surprised us with this super cute line we will all enjoy a lot! love to see your creativity come to life!!xxx


  14. icaweng

    They are so cute! I really like the socks, they just got me attention when I scroll down the website. Will get them at some point : )

    The beret, the turtleneck, and the candle are really something I would want to get, and I know I will work on my best to collect them in the future.

    Congratulate to you and Felix, it is so awesome to work together for something you both passionate about : )


  15. Naxetten

    Hi Marzia!!

    First of all I needed to tell you that I love every piece of your collection! I think the design is simple yet beautiful, the colors allow you to match the pieces with so many different items that anyone could already have and all having a clean conscience!

    Also, this particular post got me thinking, because I’ve been considering the possibility of starting my own business, my own brand and clothing line, and of course there is a lot to think, to plan and to research in that regard and so I’ve been reading everything that I can related to what I should do to start. I tell you this because every time you want to explain something you are so clear that I was wondering if you have thought about making a video or a post about some sort of advice of what you think that are the basics for someone that wants to make their own company? I think it could be super useful, specially for all the people that are inspired by you and your style, since I’m sure there’s a lot of people who feel this way (obviously including me!!).

    Wish you all the success in the world!!!


    1. Claude


      If you’re thinking about starting your own clothing brand I highly suggest you watch the documentary The True Cost if you haven’t already. I think it’s important you’re aware of some if the issues in the fashion supplychain so you can do the right thing for this world. I wish you the best of luck with setting up your company! Hopefully I will see some of your stuff in the future? (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و


  16. Claude

    I first heard about your new brand through one of Felix his videos. I have been looking for an ethical clothing brand with a style that I actually really like! The fact that your brand is ethical and also super cute completely justifies the price, I hope the clothing will last me for a long time. I just (pre)ordered the turtleneck and I can’t wait to see how it fits. I really like the collection you guys have made so far and I’m exited to see more of tsuki in the future. Dare I say I’m hoping for a pair of shoes next (’へ’)Good luck with your brand and I hope your focus on ethical (and sustainable) clothing will remain!


  17. iinsctuvr

    Everything looks so aesthetically pleasing, I wish I could buy it all! I’m so glad you guys take every single aspect and ethic into view while selecting what to sell and what not to sell. We need more brands like these! Congratulations! 💕


  18. Rebecca M


    I’m incredibly sad to say this, but I ordered almost the entire Tsuki collection the day it was released. I was so excited. My two favourite creators started an ethically sourced clothing company, what more could I ask for? I knew I had to support. On March 2, I placed my order.

    39 days and several emails to your customer service team later, and I have not heard a single thing about the status of my order. I’m so disappointed. I was looking so forward to supporting you and Felix and wearing some of your incredibly cute products.

    I’m sorry to be *that* person to write a post like this on your blog, but I haven’t gotten any answers and I’m so incredibly upset. I hope you see this and can help to resolve the issue.


    1. Christian

      It is the same for me… Sadly I also haven’t received any response from the customer service. I wanted to buy me and my friend some good clothing, such as Tsuki, but now I am disappointed. I can even wait for 2 or 3 months, but if I don’t get any kind of response I am truly disappointed, also because it is the first launch of the brand… I hope I will get some help from anyone…


      1. Jakob Rydin-Malmqvist

        Having the same problem, really badly handled by tsuki brand, especially since they claim it will take 3 days to get a response. Honestly just want my merch but if this continues I don’t see any other option then cancelling the deal and demanding my money back.


    2. Caro

      Having the same problem too 😦 I also placed my order on March 2nd and received a SMS only. The money was taken out of my account as expected and here I am still waiting.


      1. elartumblrbackupblog

        could somebody link me the customer team service? I tried looking at the Tsuki site faq but I can’t seem to make the link work. I’ve pre-ordered the merch the day it came out, but now it’s may and I have no idea whether my purchase will arrive or not


      2. Caro

        Update: just got a new SMS from tsuki, my order has been shipped. Maybe you will get a message soon, too 🙂


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