February 25th, 2018

A simple day.


Saturday just went by – the first one, after coming back from Japan – that Felix and I spent together.

We came back on Valentine’s Day, when I passed out for 12h straight after a 12h flight. And then the madness begun: Maya’s eye; Felix’s got sick; we were moving… there was no time to relax, until yesterday – exactly 10 days after.  


We had boxes to unpack in each room, and layers of dust to remove. Everything had been sitting there for so long, but yesterday it felt so good to move things around, clean up, and bring the flat back to a ‘liveable level’ (sure, the bedroom may look nice, but the rest was a mess).


With all the cleaning and unpacking, and the sun shining, we felt like going out and treating ourselves to a nice lunch.


We don’t want to leave Maya alone, so we picked a place that allows dogs.

She was so good, as she walked fine and then slept while we were eating.

Lots of you were asking about her, so thank you for caring! She is doing better and better, but as I said in the previous post, she needs lots of attention at all times, and the risk of her losing her eye is still there, unfortunately. But don’t worry, I will do everything I can to avoid that, of course.


This is the place we chose: Libation. We usually come here during the summer time because they offer more vegetarian options compared to their winter menu, and they have a little outdoor space where you can eat; but yesterday the inside was quiet enough so that Maya wouldn’t feel stressed, and the interior is stunning.


The best thing they do – in my opinion – is fries. I opted for sweet potato fries and a side of skinny fries yesterday. And none was left. They are just so good.


And then finished my lunch with a popcorn panna cotta dessert, with salted caramel. Delicious. 


Here is my outfit for the day (from Olive clothing), by the way: I really like it, as it’s so relaxed, but I honestly cannot tell if it’s oversized, or simply too big on me. Either way, it’s very comfortable, and I like the red. I may end up taking in a few cm around the waist once I unpack my sewing machine.

Anyway, now that things are being put in place, the house is a little bit less of a mess and everything is cleaner, I feel like my mind is more organised too. Today the workers aren’t here, since it’s a Sunday, so I’m going to snap a bunch of photos for my Depop shop, and finish up a project coming out in a few days –  can’t wait to show you!

What are you up to this weekend?
Anything fun happening?


91 thoughts on “BACK TO NORMAL.

  1. fannyelsa

    Im glad things are slowly going back to normal ! it’s so hard to focus when you’re moving, or traveling, or when somenone you love is sick… and you had all of it happening a once ahah
    The bedroom looks super amazing, I’m sure the rest will come along nicely 😀 take it one day at a time and before you know it the weather will be good and everything settled.
    Hope you and Maya are keeping each other healthy ❤

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  2. Axel

    It’s so cool, personaly, when I read your blog Marzia, I’m so happy and I just forget all of my personal problems, I don’t know how, and why, yes it’s weird :’) but it’s true. I’m so happy to know you and Felix, and I’m so happy for you ❤ All of my forces go to Maya, and thank you Marzia for this blog!

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  3. Tamrah Sales

    this weekend I got to be apart of building the set for my friends play. I’m also training to be the next lights director as the current one is graduating this year. It involves a LOT of cords and plugging things in but hey, I get to help shine a light on my awesome theatre friends.

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  4. Kerri

    i’m glad that maya is getting better, and i know that you are doing absolutely everything you can for her.
    i loved watching all of your japan vlogs as well, each one is so aesthetic and pleasing to watch. hopeful for a new house tour soon hahah 🙂
    this weekend i got my first pet of my own, a crested gecko. he is three years old and very cute, but i can’t decide on a name! i’m thinking something like avo, or avokado or something
    anyway, hope maya does good, as well as edgar and dogy! ❤

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  5. OneMan

    non vedo l’ora che finisca questo mese e che finisca questa settimana. Da marzo coltiverò patate visto che ti piacciono così tanto. 😉 😉
    Un’ultima cosa: bella la tua pagina Instagram, c’è semplicità e mostri il vero valore delle donne.

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  6. Amelia Nguyen

    It is always so nice to wake up to a post from you Marzia. My Lunar New Year Holiday has just ended and I had the most amazing time with my family. Sadly everything has to go back to normal as I went back to the North and continued my job. This is the first real job that I have and it has changed my perspective of everything tremendously. I really appreciate how I can spend my relaxing time with my parents and my sister. I used to take them for granted and now more than ever I realized how important family is. I hope you would have a great time ahead and happy lunar new year.

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  7. barelysara

    Oooohh panna cotta is one of my favorite desserts. My mom makes the vanilla ones sometimes and they are really good! I can imagine a popcorn flavor would be awesome! It would be cool if you can come up with a recipie for it once you’ve settled in the apartment 😬

    I’m glad you all are feeling better, including Maya. That place where you ate looks amazing.

    Also that shade of red has been around for a while and I love it! It also looks really good on you! I also saw Ed Sheeran wearing a jacket same color on the Brits. I feel it’s a very Stranger Things color or something.

    I am excited to see the rest of the apartment all done in your amazing decoration style!

    Happy to finally gotten some time to check on the blog. Have a nice begging of the week!

    Love, Sara 💜

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  8. Rachel

    So happy to see you posting on the blog again marzia! I’m so sorry about maya :/ dogs are so sweet and pure, its especially hard to watch them suffer in any way. But she is lucky to have you! I can’t wait to see what you do with the flat!! hope you all feel better soon ❤

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  9. Deanita Moina

    Hi! Marzia
    I hope Maya will get better soon. How’s Edgar by the way?
    I’m just starting my 4th semester in university and nothing much happen. I’m starting to prepare myself for a bunch of assignments, quiz and final exam in the future. By the way I watched your Japan haul video and I really really want that gudetama backpack. Do you know any website where I can buy it ? Because I already search everywhere and still haven’t found it

    And have a nice day!!

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  10. nurselifebykarin

    Love it that you’re back to regular blogging. Always find it so soothing to read haha. I can imagine you have been a bit overwhelmed by all the things that happened the past few weeks. I am busy packing up for moving next week. Bought myself a house in a city not far from where I live now but still working full-time besides it so everything has to happen in the night hours and weekends. I can’t wait to unpack, paint the rooms and clean up. Your bedroom idea is so much inspiration! I loved that idea you did with the lamps. Might actually steal that idea mwuhaha. I hope everything will turn out fine with Maya’s eye!! Pugs eyes are always so sensitive. 😦 have a nice week! Oh BTW the Edgar and Maya calender came in the mail. Will definitely have a special place in my new house. 😀

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  11. katemetal

    Nice to hear that you guys are feeling better)
    Hope i can going out and treating myself too.
    i was wrote my final work 5 days straight. Today i’m going to protect this work.
    Wish me luck

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  12. flight0knight

    Hi Marzia,

    I am so looking forward to seeing your flat! The bedroom itself looks amazing, so, I bet the wholle flat is at least as beautiful as that one room.
    I hope Maya will be better and that you won’t have to worry about her that much.

    Have a nice day 🙂

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  13. Radflyy Njh

    Hey girl, i am glad everything is falling into place slowly and that Maya is feeling better 🙂
    Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

    As for me, I am having a Spanish oral tomorrow (27/2) and then the written test on Thursday. Followed by my electromagnetics test on friday bleuuuurgh i can’t wait for this week to be over because then I’ll have my recess week! Oh i actually have two tests on Friday but well, that test occurs every friday so its not that special haha. Wish me luck!

    Anyway, you look great in that overall and converse shoes ❤ I will forever love your style.

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  14. irunchuk

    Hi Marzia!
    Oh those fries look soooo good!!! If I had to choose one food to eat for the rest of my life it would be fries I guess haha.
    I went for a nice walk to the mountain near my house and in the evening had delicious home made pancakes with blueberry jam :D!

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  15. La Dame Who Fell To Earth

    Ah I love the aesthetic of this post! And I’m happy you shared your outfit because its adorable.
    Again I’m still hoping Maya is doing alright ❤ The place where you lunched looks gorgeous!
    This week is fashion week in Paris so I'm just working on my blog. I've been thinking a lot about starting vlogging again but who knows ^_^"

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  16. Kazzie

    Studying and work had been my weekend for months now, but I’m slowly getting through it all! I’m getting my first tattoo soon, any advice on on how it will be? Love your stuff xx

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  17. fallingforsnow

    Naw Maya! Really hope that she’s okay soon.

    Currently I’m busy with my Internship for my Discovery Year Program, also to attend bootcamp at night, additional work for future collaboration. Hoping everything will be okay, lack of sleep and time with my cats.

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  18. Lara Harrisson

    Hey Marzia!
    I’m very glad that Maya is getting better and you as well.
    Love what you’re doing as usual 😜
    Lots of love from Canada (on a trip in the North Territories)


  19. Christina

    Hi Marzia. I wanted to suggest the band Bombay Bicycle Club to you! Not sure if you have heard of them, but they are one of my favorite bands and thought you might enjoy them. Very glad to hear Maya is okay and hope you all do well. Xo


  20. Marte Ruud

    I always love reading your blog. I find it so relaxing and inspiring to read. Also, you are a magnificent photographer. I hope you, Felix and the pugs are doing well (or at least better 🙂 ) and that things will get back to normal ❤


  21. Alice R.

    Hello Marzia,
    I’m really happy to see that you are taking some time for you with all the craziness that is happening between the moving, the illeness (i’m glad that Maya fell better !)
    I really like you’re jumpsuit and I wanted to tell you that you inspire me a lot to try to wear a lot more colour this pass few month. I normally wear just black in winter but when I see you crashing red and pink etc I start doing the same and my mood is so much brighter, so thanks a lot !
    Have nice evening !
    love from France


  22. Angy

    Poor Maya 😦 I hope she get well soon
    It’s always nice to have a relax time to rest of the busy days, once in a while. Enjoy! 😀
    Have a nice day, Marzia!


  23. Emma

    Hi Marzia,

    and thank your for the blog post. I’m glad to know that things are going better with Maya.
    I also wanted to say that the outfit looks adorable on you because of its size.
    Have a nice day everyone!


  24. Victoria

    Hello Marzia!
    I’m glad to hear things are going well and little Maya is getting better 🙂 It looked like a nice place to have lunch – sweet potato fries are so yummy. Here in New Zealand we have a native sweet potato called the kumara which is actually purple too!
    I love the red overalls, they are really cute and the colour is very nice.
    My mum and dad might be getting a french bulldog soon so I am very excited! I am not able to have pets in my apartment so I really hope one day I will have some little dogs 🙂
    Have a great week ahead and also wanted to say Tsuki is super cool, well done!


  25. Brooke C

    I cant wait to see pictures of the flat when it’s all set up! You interior designs are so pleasing to look at!! It always inspires me to rearrange my own room, but I just end up making a mess 🙂


  26. momdaily

    I love your hair ! So gutsy yet trend setting….you must get alot of compliments ? love your blog just started following now


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