February 16th, 2018

My recent trip to Japan.


About 5 months ago Sanrio invited me to go to Tokyo to check out some of their latests products; they knew I am a big fan of Gudetama, and of course I couldn’t pass this opportunity. February approached, and so Felix, PJ, Sophie and I all got ready to go.

Here are some photos from my trip!



We landed early in the morning, got to rest a bit, and then went to check out the Sanrioworld store in Ginza. This store was massive, and we ended up spending a while in there.




The fact that we had stuff to do helped massively with fighting the jet lag. We all went out for dinner and then got to rest the entire night.


The view from our hotel was stunning: we picked the Cerulean Hotel, since we stayed there in the past (the very first time we went to Tokyo) and remember how central it is.


On the second day the Sanrio team brought us to Puroland, a theme park for their characters.


The highlight was definitely meeting Gudetama, but also the show (which you will see bits of in my video) was lovely.


I honestly had a great time, as there was so much to do and lots of chances to take fun photos.


In the evening we had a Sanrio dinner scheduled – Sanrio booked an entire restaurant with something like 8 courses so we stayed out till late, eating.



Then there was a big shopping day (although I only really bought a couple of things), starting off with Tokyo station.


We had a couple of free hours in the morning, so we went there to check out all the cute shops.


We also wandered the streets of Harajuku, checked out Kiddyland, and stopped by the hedgehog café.


All the hedgehogs were so cute!



Later that afternoon we went to the Sanrio Expo, where we saw some shows, the latest Sanrio products before they are available on the market, and got to meet Aggretsuko.


This was so awkwardly hilarious!


Unfortunately on my final day in Tokyo I lost 90% of my clips (which got corrupted whilst moving them to my laptop).


It’s really a shame, because it was a super fun day: we met the creator of Gudetama – got a private lesson from her – and then went to Joypolis, where we spent an afternoon playing a bunch of games.



The morning after we said goodbye to Hachiko, and took the shinkansen to Osaka.


On the way there we spotted Mt Fuji, looking majestic.


That evening we had tickets for The XX. They were amazing live, and made this trip even more special.


We were pretty lucky with the weather, till our first full day in Osaka.




It made walking around not so pleasant, so after going lost for a couple of lonely stations, we headed over to the aquarium in order to stay warm and dry.


That was definitely our best option, and honestly the rain turned out to be totally fine as we were planning on coming here anyway, so it gave us the perfect excuse to take our time and stay inside.


Here is a photo of me and a porcupine puffer. I will treasure it forever, wishing for the day that I can have one (which will probably never come).


Also, take a good look at this photo. I did not see it at first, but maybe it’s quite obvious now.


Once again, the rain actually made Osaka look very pretty at night, contrasting all the lights and creating a very interesting mood.

IMG_5670 copy.JPG


The streets were illuminated by all the signs, whilst people were busy walking under clear umbrellas.


The following day we decided to spend the morning in Osaka, since we didn’t get to see much yet due to the rain.


The castle on the outside is absolutely stunning, and you can actually go up 8 floors to look over the city.


While walking around, we came across a shiba inu!



In the afternoon, we caught a multitude of public transports and made our way to Hakone, arriving after sun set.


The hotel we were staying at had the cosiest vibe, sitting on a hill, surrounded by a snowy forest.



We made the most of our only day there, even though it was absolutely freezing, and very windy.



We first went to the Open Air museum; it was really great, not even the freezing weather could take away from the beauty of this place.




We warmed up in the museum’s restaurant, and then found our way to the shrine by the lake.




It took us a bit to figure out how to get there, but we did it, eventually. This place is so worth checking out!




The white against the red looked so striking.


The wind of course was against us, but we got our photo!


This pretty much concludes our trip to Japan. We had one more day that we spent back in Tokyo, before catching our plane. Felix wanted to do some final shopping, and I wanted to meet with a few youtubers, so we did both!

I of course managed to get ill – I bet that doesn’t surprise anyone. I started getting high fever on the plane, and I’m currently home with the flu. Eh.

But hey, I had an amazing time, and I can’t wait to post my videos soon!
( ິ•ᆺ⃘• )ິฅ✧


116 thoughts on “TOKYO + OSAKA + HAKONE.

  1. Ashley Carhee

    MARZIA!!!! every time you go to japan, you miss one of the best place ever… universal studios japan!!! it is my favorite place on earth and it’s a place i know you’ll enjoy.

    it’s not a common place for foreigners to visit because it’s not very traditional or iconic and there are other universal studios in other parts of the world… BUT universal studios japan is amazing in its own way.

    there are world at USJ that is only exclusive to the one in japan. there is a sanrio world which i know you’ll love as well as a cool japan world that you and felix will enjoy. in cool japan, it is basically a section of the park that is dedicated to anime. for 2 years they had gigantic sculptures of ATTACK ON TITAN titans every where as well as 4D shows. last time i went, which was in july 2017, it was dedicated to a famous anime in the 2000s. words will not describe how wonderful and magical USJ is. if you ever need a tour guide, contact me lol xx

    love from a 3 year subscriber and a japanease/american teen 🙂


  2. Linda Lunilum

    It all looks so amazing and made me miss Japan so so much! 😮😄😔 haha many mixed feelings XD but it seems that you had a great time! I also love Gudetama so if I ever go to Japan again I will surely visit that Puroland! 😄 I hope that flu will get better soon! 😮


  3. pretty dope

    So amazing, I want to go to Japan so badly and this makes me want to go even more! Thank you so much for sharing your experience Marzia ^_^


  4. Lena Kälve

    Hey Marzia!

    I hope you feel better soon.

    You mentioned corrupted files in this post, did you try to repair them? There are some tools that might be able to save them e.g. VLC media player or Stellar Phoenix Video Repair (later one ain’t free though). I can’t say for sure that they work in this case ofc. It just made me little sad that you lost some clips from your trip.

    Have a nice weekend!


  5. vidiaf

    Hi, Marzia! ^^ this is the first time i write a comment on your posts >< (i'm so sorry for my bad grammar, english is my second language.. :<

    i hope i can visit puroland and hakone one day:)


  6. Nymeri

    Dear Marzia,

    I really like your pictures from this trip, they are incredibly good which makes me want to go to Japan even more than before!
    Your vlog is beautifully edited, it’s very artsy and I loved every bit of it. My favorite part was of course puroland, hedgehog café was extremely cute and last but not least shrine by the lake.
    I’m sorry you got sick, but at least it happened while you were going back home and not during the trip. I wish you a fast recovery! 💗
    Looking forward to your next video!

    Love, Nymeri

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Lia

    Japan is the only place in the world I would definitely go back to. After being there, I fell in love with the people and aesthetics that incorporate everything, from buildings and shrines to food and clothes.
    Your photos show many of these qualities, I can tell you had a great time!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. 구 세연

    Can I just say you really lived my Sanrio dream? Your vlog really highlighted your trip, and was very beautifully edited! Meeting Gudetama and Aggretsuko plus the artist behind them really heightened my excitement , tbh! I have been to Osaka before, and I was shocked that you also visited the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan! Did you guys get to see the smiling sea lions there? They were pretty cute!! Anyway, this made me really want to go back to Japan sometime soon hihihi Looking forward to more of your posts! Thank you for sharing them!!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Rati Cristy

    Aaaaa so lovely tripp, i hope i can go to japan someday 😂😂😂 beautiful photosss 💕💕 and i kinda miss your lookbook video marzia after seeing your “style” in those photo. 😊😊


  10. Ellie

    Hey Marzia! If you have a sec could you PLEASE tell me where your jeans with the heart patches are from!!!
    Loving all your photos by the way it was wonderful to follow your journey! I dream of going my self one day.


  11. rilakkayla

    Wow your photos look amazing! Your photography skills are really improving I can tell. I would ask you which camera you use but it probably seems professional and I most likely can’t afford it. Instead can I ask you what camera you recommend for beginners?

    I hope you get lots of rest from the jet lag Marzia! Oh and I also saw you had a fever so feel better!



  12. Natalia

    Wow, your trip was amazing! And the photos are gorgeous! ❤
    You inspiring me to go to the Japan so much, Marzia 🙂 I love to watch your photos and vlogs from there, and I love that you are smiling on every picture you take 🙂 I missed your vlogs soooooo much! When I see you with Gudetama, I almost shrugged 🙂
    Btw. you look perfect and very cute with pink hair ❤


  13. Isaac21

    Hi Marzia!!!!

    I’m so happy you guys are finally back!! I’ve missed you a lot!! 😁😁😁

    Your trip looks super cool, I haven’t watched your vlogs yet but I’m super excited!!! 😄😄

    Get well soon from your flu Marzia, I hope it isn’t too hard! 😩

    Kisses from Bcn!!!!


  14. vanti

    Hey Marzia! Great Pics!
    I have a question… we all notice that your lips got much bigger since your begining of youtube career and I just wonder, do u get injections or what? Im just curious, no judging here 🙂 Please open up about it ! xo


    1. Lily

      I noticed this as well and assume it is similar to my own personal experience…. By nature I was a shy kid, and in school days I was picked on and also moved frequently which caused me to be withdrawn, preferring to be invisible and not noticed. I had a more hunched posture and kept my lips tightly drawn to avoid attention. I also dressed slightly tomboyish. I guess I knew I was cute bu was too shy to deal with the attention! I do have thinner lips, but since marriage I’m not guarding my sensuality so much and I carry myself differently. To my surprise some people have started to comment now and then that I have “full” lips. 😳😚😆

      Liked by 1 person

      1. vanti

        I dont think thats the case here, her lips were still smaller when she was smiling and acting normal. You eathier have small lips or big ones, your face expression cant change it that much for a long period of time 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Lily

        Also noticed that she used to conceal her lips with makeup… Very nude lipstick or concealer? Gave an invisible lip look.
        But yes, makeup style combined with a shy, withdrawn posture can give a completely different look which can change when someone presents themself differently. It does not seem at all that she got cosmetic procedures done. 😉😉


  15. Gudetama life

    When i lived in Japan i was drawn to Gudetama as i thought it was so cute and i love eggs. I later learned that it is Lazy Egg. My wonderful friend sends me Gudetama items every now and again and it makes me so happy. Gudetama life is my goals but i still must work hard. So i fight against my lazy self. I loved that in Japan, there were cute characters everywhere and it is acceptable to love any character. I spoke no Japanese but felt drawn to Gudetama from the strong images. Also the cute ones with its little butt showing make me laugh. Sometimes a cute character can give some inspiration on a dull day. This is a happy fact.


  16. Julia

    Wow,these pictures are so beautiful!I really love them.I’m glad that you (and of course the rest) had an amazing time in Japan.I hope I will go there one day as well!It’s one of my biggest dreams :D.Get well soon,Marzia!Lots of love from Poland :*


  17. Chloe Leister

    That looks absolutely amazing Marzia!! I hope one day I will get to go to Japan 💕. I also wish to meet you one day too in Brighton, I live just down the road and am always looking out for you! I’m currently in a ski resort for 5 months and I’m dying to come home!! I’m starting to learn Japanese and I just want to ask what workbooks have you been using? I saw them in a video once and I would love to know what ones they are ☺️ Thank you, and you’re so amazing, so creative and so beautiful 💕


  18. Laura Cardoso

    Oh God, the pictures look amazing! Specially the last ones with the snow.. really gorgeous Marzia!
    Sounds like you all had a great time and I’m really happy that you can share your experiences through videos, and also your pictures and personal insight in here 🙂 Makes me wanna write down all the places for when I go there someday in the future!
    Hope you are feeling better today! ❤


  19. Penguin Snacks

    YAY!! I am going to Japan in a month so it is very exciting to hear about other people’s trips so I can plan for my own 😀 By the way, you should check out Sanrio Boys! It’s a new anime about high school boys who love Sanrio…no kidding. It’s honestly not very deep or insightful, but it’s pretty cute. Glad you had a great time!


  20. paperdeers

    I always look forward to your posts! After seeing you were in Japan via Instagram, I couldn’t wait to see what you would write. I tried blogging numerous times over the years and once I started following yours, I decided to pursue it again… this time sticking to it! Thanks for being that simple inspiration for me.


  21. reyhaninwonderland

    Hi, Marzia! Your trip looked amazing, Your pictures are great! It was so cool that you met Gudetama, love him! I’m planning on going to Japan myself in May, to Tokyo and Kyoto. I’m very excited for our trip, everything in Japan looks wonderful. I was wondering if you could recommend me a place to stay in Kyoto? I’ve been speaking to a travel agency about wanting to stay in a ryokan, traditional Japanese hotel, I was wondering if you knew of any? Also, any recommendations on where to go? Love all your posts and videos! thank you xx


  22. cravingtrips

    I can’t wait to go there in June 🙂 We already watched Pewds video so I already knew what you guys did hehe but still loved your photos and how you explain it. Looking forward to see your videos too 🙂 if you feel like stopping by my blog would be great. Cheers lovely!


  23. James Taylor

    Hey there Marzia, not sure if you will read this but I figured I would post it in here anyways. I have only recently gone to your channel, curious as to the content and found myself feeling a sense of… I do not really have the word for it, jealousy/longing/emptiness? My wife is having her own response to your life, being a sort of reminder of who she was. Me personally, I can relate to a lot of feelings you have mentioned having about uncertainty in your content, I do not know who I am or what defines me. I know my characteristics to some degree based off what people tell me and what I strive to be as a person but have no real idea what I am doing in my life for my future or myself right now, no strong enough draw to anything in particular to find a career or even just a consistent hobby.
    If this is coming off a bit depressing that would be my depression showing but that is nothing to worry about, I have always been depressed and feel, at this point, I am very happy and when writing this I do not feel bad. However it may be, this is positive, not meant to bring anyone’s spirit down. Regardless of what I feel about myself it is not due to your content or your blog posts, you actually make me feel more uplifted. You and Felix (somewhat) remind me of my wife and I and where we could be, how happy we could be if I find my calling and she finds her heart or muse for what she loves.
    I do not know how or where to express who I am or how to find that person to express but I know that 8 hours of work, day in and day out, drains me of hope for the future and what I could be. You bring a sort of sad hopefulness, though I am unsure how that works, it feels good.
    I had no clue what I was going to be saying when I started this and now I feel it is just me letting out my sad-ish feelings like your blog is my own diary so maybe I’ll leave it on a nicer note. You have helped me see that I need to act, that simply believing things get better will not fix all my problems.


  24. Merilin Ulm

    Hello Marzia!

    Couple of weeks ago i read a blog post about your current favourites or something and you suggested there to watch “Good morning call”. I have always been interested in Japanese language and culture but I have never watched anything like that… and i did then.
    I saw it, both two seasons, and i absolutely loved it! So i came back here to thank you because from that one show i discovered a whole new world which i cant seem to get enough. And surprisingly I have learned a lot from Japanese series and films.
    I am so thankful, Marzia.
    Hugs from Estonia


  25. Kaitlyn

    I’m going to Japan with my dad this summer and we plan on staying for about a week or two. I was wondering if you or anyone in the chat who has been to Japan before, had any ideas on places we have to check out while we’re there. Any suggestions would be helpful, so fill free to comment!


  26. Yiska

    Beautiful photos of your trip to Japan!

    However, since the new year, you seem to be more distant. Your videos have less of you talking into the camera. When you are more conversational, it usually is spliced with a sponsor/product/item/service you are selling.

    It’s fine if you want to approach your travel videos with a more documentary style. However, the clips should have a higher-quality in order to keep the viewer interested in seeing longer footage of your travels. As beautiful as your Japan trip was, I unfortunately got bored mid-way after seeing so many shaky clips overlaid with the usual cheery instrumentals in the background. It would have been more interesting if you showed clips of your friends bit more of your friends who occupied you and Felix, and talk to the camera a bit more about how you felt during your trip, your favorite or least favorite part, along with the clips (just for example). If not, then post more interesting composed, better quality footage.

    I say this with no malice whatsoever. I’ve been following your blog and youtube channel for over a year now.I truly enjoy your videos due to its escapist qualities for me since you live a vastly different life than I do in New York. I almost wasn’t going to mention anything but I care enough about your work, and I hope to continue seeing you grow. I figure one way to help is to show a constructive, honest point of view (I actually have more feedback but I don’t know how receptive you would be to it – or this). Truly, I hope this helps, Marzia!

    Liked by 1 person

  27. With love, Caroline

    Bellissimo !! Vado in Giappone per la prima volta a giugno e non vedo l’ora ! *o* Haio assaggiato i Takoyaki ad Osaka ? mi piaciono tantissimo !! 😀
    Baci baci

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Igni

    Your trip looks absolutely amazing and it has totally inspired me to take some time to travel to Japan one day. Your and Felix’s vlogs have been my favourite thing to watch these days, they are so inspiring and refreshing and very welcome to my subscription box every time! Your new apartment also seems very beautiful and I bet it’s a relief to be back. I hope you are feeling a lot better already.

    Liked by 1 person

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