January 29th, 2018

Products I use to keep my acne at bay!


Interestingly enough, not a single one of the things I use is targeted towards acne-prone skin, but this is what works for me.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I had been following a routine that helped a lot with my acne, lowering it to about 10% of what I used to have; although that’s true, unfortunately after the surgery – a few months ago – my skin has gone through some weird stages, from super oily, to very dry, to the combination of both, making it much more difficult to stay acne free.

That’s one of the two main reasons why I have been waiting to write about my skincare routine, as I wanted to make sure it was effective enough to share; the other reason is that I wanted to include some extra products, that are currently packed away in the other flat. I was hoping by now I would have moved back, so that I could reach for those things, but I guess for now I can focus on just the stuff I’ve been using for the past 5 months or so.

As I mentioned, my skin is trying to adjust to the shock that was caused by my surgery – and although my acne is not as controlled as it used to be, it’s still around 30%-40% better than the past, so I’m sure the products I’m using are still helping, as it could be much worse.

Alright – I wanted to get this disclaimer out of the way. Now we can go through everything!


The skin around my eyes is very sensitive. I’ve tried eye drops and washes to try and help my itchy, dry eyes; I of course used many different eye creams, but most seemed to only worsen my discomfort. That all went away when I tried this Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream.

In the past, there have been other creams that I liked, but I find this one to be the best one so far, and I’ve recently repurchased it from Boots.

I haven’t had any issues with my eyes since using it, which is kind of a miracle, and I like its consistency: it’s a pale pink cream that absorbs nicely into the skin, but you really do feel the moisture. When you apply, it leaves the area a bit dewy.

I find that, often with eye creams, you either get:

  • a moisturising one, that tends to be greasy or heavy, making the under eye makeup crease faster;
  • too light, making it feel a bit dry.

With this particular eye cream, the skin around my eyes feels moisturised, but doesn’t cause my makeup to crease.

So I highly recommend it, as it really is the best one I’ve tried so far.

Note that if you are looking for something that has SPF protection or anti-age properties, this may not be ideal for you.


Now I’m gonna move onto moisturisers.

My absolute favourite is the Origins Original Skin, a matte moisturiser, which is something I’ve never seen anywhere else.

I remember when I received this, and tried it for the first time – I wrote about it on my blog, and liked it right away.

This thing is what I had been looking for, as a girl with oily skin, for many years. It turns my skin from greasy to matte, feeling smooth and soft, within seconds. It’s incredible!

I’m running out of it soon, but for a while I felt like this was one of the key products that was clearing out my skin: because my skin was less oily, I didn’t feel the need to powder my face often, resulting is less clogged pores.

I love this stuff, but as I mentioned recently, in the past month my skin has gotten really dry, and this would over-dry it; so instead I’ve switched to the Derma E Vitamin C Concentrated Serum.

I say switch when really, I have been using this for even longer and always liked it; I believe vitamin C is supposed to help with acne scars. This product is technically not a moisturiser, but a serum; I still apply it in the morning, on its own, as it has a gel-like consistency and absorbs well into the skin.

This tube up here is a new one, as I have already gone through one.


Now let’s focus on cleansers: I have 3 to talk about, which all have different purposes.

The Fresh Soy Face Cleanser is my most used one, as I can use it for both morning and evening; it’s a clear, light cleanser that leaves the skin feeling clean but soft. It’s very gentle, but cleans really well. Again, I’m about to run out of this, so I will soon get another one.

The Ceramic Slip Cleanser by Sunday Riley is what I prefer to use in the morning, as it gets rid of any oil I’ve built up during the night, and visibly reduces the size of my pores.

I’ve discovered this quite recently, but was impressed with it right away! I better get myself the full size.

And finally, to remove my eye makeup, I found this one last week, called Well Off by Origins.

I was at Boots to grab the eye cream, and came across it: 3 weeks ago I got eyelash extensions done, and was told to opt for an oil free makeup remover to avoid losing too many of the eyelashes (as the oil would melt the glue). I was recommended to try Simple, which I did and truly hated – as I stated, my eyes are very sensitive and Simple stung, and didn’t fully clean my eyes properly without me needing to rub them – which is not good.

I knew I had to try something else, so I gave this a try, and now I think I won’t change to anything else for a while: it simply removed my eye makeup so quickly, and doesn’t bother my eyes at all. I use such a small amount, and within second the makeup is all gone. I love it!


So now it’s time for some night skincare: my go to product is the Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Serum. Anything from Fresh is great, but this one specifically is something I really use a lot.

In general, I find that rose infused products work well for my skin, as they avoid for my acne to get angry and red. Any time I use this (which is almost every night), the morning after I can see a significant different with the redness.

But of course, now that I’m in my mid-twenties, thinking a bit about wrinkle prevention seems like a good idea, so I like to mix in, every now and then, this Plantscription serum by Origin.

To be completely honest, I have not used this enough just yet to give an in depth review, but so far, I’m liking it, so I wanted to mention it briefly. Plus is Origins, which I’m noticing just now – writing this – my skin seem to get along well with many of their stuff!


Whenever I need some extra help, these two products by Derma E has proven very helpful.

The Overnight Peel is something I’ve talked about a lot in the past, but in case you missed it, I like to use it the night before events or when my skin is acting up, especially when cystic acne is forming; any time I’ve used it, I could tell it made a big improvement on my skin, but I do not use it every night.

The Anti-wrinkle scrub leaves the skin feeling extra soft and smooth. If I’m dealing with peeling, dry skin, I use this in the morning and it gets rid of all the bad stuff, allowing my makeup to go on much smoother.

I realise it sounds like almost every scrub – that’s just what they do – but again, it doesn’t upset my skin, as it’s gentle, and the fact that it has Glycolic Acid is a bonus for younger looking skin.


Alright, now – if it really has to come down to it – I will sometimes use spot treatments.

In the past I used to apply them every single night, but in the past few months I felt like it would be better to not be too harsh to my skin, so I use these when I really need it.

The Evanhealy Blemish Purifying Serum is a spot treatment I used for years; it’s the most gentle one, yet super effective, and would definitely recommend it. It’s one of very few that doesn’t even sting when you apply it, and feels oily and moisturising, rather than drying.

The other one, called the Super Spot Remove by Origin, is another new find of mine (I got it a couple of months ago, but only used it in a few occasions) and it’s the strangest and most interesting spot treatment I’ve ever tried: it’s a clear liquid, and when you dot it onto your skin, it dries instantly into a thin film, to fully cover the spot, making the top layer of skin feel smooth. I can see this being extremely helpful when you have an open, angry spot, and you don’t want to get it infected, and keep it clean from bacteria.


Oh, and lastly, I should probably share some lip balms I like. These 3 are probably my top 3 (well, the Fresh sugar treatment would be, instead of the Jouer one, but I already run out of it!).

The Glossier Coconut balm dotcom is the one I like the most, at the moment, as it’s thicker, incredibly moisturising, tasted and smells great.

The Kopari lip love is also really good, the scent is lovely, and makes my lips look very pretty even with just that (it kind of has a gloss finish, but it’s not sticky at all).

Very much like the one above, the Jouer one has a clear finish, and does basically the same thing as well, but it does not have a nice taste or smell, so I use this mostly when I travel (since it’s so tiny).

So these are all the products I use, as of now.

You may have noticed that my skincare routine is based around 3 brands, mainly: Origins, Derma E, and Fresh. Although I am lucky enough to receive free products from these brands, every once in a while, I am not writing this or including products as a promotion – none of the things I talked about are paid for.

I take skincare seriously, as I understand how much of a struggle it is to find things that actually work and help with skin conditions. Of course, what works for one, may not for another, but I do hope you can try out some of these things for yourself.

If there is anything I’ve learnt, for my skin type, is that there is no point in hurting my skin with harsh chemicals, as it will simply upset it; so I prefer to stick to something more gentle, and avoid switching out too many things too frequently.

Also, keep in mind I’m nowhere near being acne-free, but I’m certain that the things I’ve mention do help me, so I hope they can help some of you too.

If you have any recommendations for me, feel free to share them! 



103 thoughts on “UPDATED SKINCARE.

  1. Kelly

    Hey Marzia,

    I want to cancel my subscription on your box but I can’t call the number.

    I am from the Netherlands and when I call the number it says I’m not allowed. There must be another way. Please help me as I’m not able to pay for the next ones.

    Love ya


  2. OneMan

    ultimamente sto sperimentando una popolarità che veramente, non so come tu faccia a vivere e ad essere un essere umano con tutta quella popolarità. Tante persone mi hanno detto cerca la libertà nella vita, cerca l’indipendenza, cerca tutto ciò che ti permette di vivere nel mondo normalmente ed amare la vita semplice e le persone semplici, mai nella mia vita vorrei tornare indietro ad essere quella persona che nessuno conosceva, che non scendeva a Miami inseguito dai “paparazzi”, che poteva semplicemente essere un essere umano tra molti. Sono solo un ragazzo di 24 anni, non sono speciale, amo la vita semplice, amo restare con le altre persone, amo condividere il loro terreno, amo la mia privacy, amo condividere il silenzio della natura, il silenzio della mia mente, non voglio la popolarità, non si adatta alla mia natura. Mi porta ad essere ciò che non voglio mai essere, mi porta a pensare che io merito di più degli altri e ciò mi allontana da ciò invece che mi rende felice, stare il più possibile vicino a qualsiasi persona incontro sulla strada della mia vita. Sono per la dolcezza, per l’intimità, per il condividere tra poche persone la nostra vera natura, il nostro vero noi. Sono sulle mie ginocchia, vi prego, voglio essere solo un essere umano, che fa il lavoro che ama, anche esponendomi al pubblico ma alla fine della giornata voglio condividere la vita che amo con le persone che amo, potendo sapere che alcuni momenti ed alcune parole resteranno solo tra me e le persone che amo.


  3. GIA

    Awesome products Marzia..I live in the U.S..so would I be able to find any of these products here or would I just need to order them online? Keep being the amazing person that you are..☺


  4. Amapola

    Hi! =)

    Happy friday everyone 😀

    I was reading your blog, and got so curious to see your skincare routine. I was checking to see if I could get a new finding for myself.

    Most of it, Im surprised that you didnt include a product from Shiseido.

    Since I heared you and others praising it I decided to do a quick research and tried it and now I love it.

    Is it not working for you anymore? Or are you just trying new stuff?

    Just wondering.


    Pd: I hope everything is ok with your surgery, and the problems have gone.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. alexia99blog

    I’m kinda new to skin care (only really got into it right after Christmas), but I bought myself a kit by Fresh which included the Soy Cleanser you already have, a Black Tea Eye Concentrate, a Lotus Moisturizer (which I was madly in love with, but sadly didn’t even last a month, since, being part of a kit, it was smaller than its standard version, and it was to be used twice a day, so for now I’m replacing it with an Huile Prodigeuse I have, but I do intend to restock), a Brightening Mask, and a Sugar Lip Treatment, along with two colored pencils, one orange and the other one green, to color the orange tree-themed packaging (a concept I found very quirky and cute). I really love the kit since it got everything you need bundled up together, and it is really effective! My face now has a lit-from-within glow, and my skin is way smoother and clearer. It was a pleasant surprise to see you use some products by Fresh too :p

    Liked by 1 person

  6. littlechocosquid

    Hey Marzia! ^0^ hope you’re doing good!
    That was an interesting little post but I don’t have time to read all of it, so I just wanted to say hi and that I like the first part of it!
    Btw hope you’re better after your surgery! ❤
    Bye ❤


  7. Candy

    hi! just came across your gudetama recipe on yt last month and was hooked on all of your vids from then on, and done watching all of them. Every vid is relaxing and inspiring. Now trying my very best to follow your cause about Ethical Fashion. Anticipating for your future vids and blogs!


  8. heatherlousie

    I generally have quite good skin but it’s always useful to see what other people are using just in case of a breakout. Have you ever looked into thw “My Trusty Sunflower” range of moisturisers and creams? I use them on my face and hands as I’ve never managed to find any other brand of moisturiser that doesn’t leave my face feeling oily, and they also keep your hands super soft and I think they smell like Cherry Bakewell which is always a plus!



  9. thatsokayrori

    I use the Derma-e face serum with vit C and it’s made my face so smooth and flawless. It’s really evened my complextion. I also use “Yes To” Grapefruit night leave on mask, it’s made my pores so small, it’s great. I am definitely getting more derma-e and origins products when I get extra cash 🙂 Thanks for the Derma-e (vit c) face serum, I got it because of a video a few months ago (your daily routine).

    ❤ Rori


  10. Ruxandra

    Dude, you’re fkn scary. Wtf. So that’s why trusting people online is wrong. Omg! Really, just stop. It’s uncomfortable and weird.
    Talk to your family or someone in your life. Everyone has someone that cares for them, you just can’t see it


  11. Daisy

    You need to chill and relax, there is no reason for a stranger like you to harass someone just because she is famous. She doesn’t deserve it and you have no right to be invasive like this.


  12. Rose

    Overnight Peel di Derma E é in wishlist! Siccome ho notato che con gli AHA ti trovi bene ti consiglio una maschera viso, si chiama: Peel di Madara! Ti consiglio anche: La maschera 2 in 1 multivitaminica di Mossa e infine la maschera anti-pollution di Puravida. Tutte queste aziende sono cruelty-free, vegan, certificate per l’uso di prodotti biologici! Ultimo consiglio che però riguarda l’hair care è di provare la crema Phyto per capelli ed esiste in due varianti: 7 e 9! Anche l’impacco alla passiflora di Maternatura é ottimo per i capelli trattati, te li consiglio! Passa una bellissima giornata🌙


  13. Carolina Vitória

    Tom, you seriously need to go see a psychologist. You are insane yes, but there’s solutions available and you can get better. Marzia has no obligation to reply to you, she has her own life and you have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with it. You dont belong in her life, she has a different path that yours, she has different things to do, different places to be and you are not in the plans. You dont love her, you are obsessed. She will not see you or hear you or read what you write and if you attempt something against her, you will most definitely end up in jail or dead. I’m sorry your life is bad but it’s not up to Marzia to fix you. It’s up to you, your family and your doctors and psychologists.

    You are not well, please get help and leave Marzia alone. What makes you think you love her? What makes you think you deserve her more than Felix? Felix is the love of her life, he knows her, they are together, they are perfect for each other, deal with it. You have nothing to do with them, Understand that. It’s like trying to talk to the Pope, they are out of reach. Out – Of – Reach. Their lives belongs to them and not to you. I’m sure you’re smart enough to understand this.


  14. Riy

    tbh, i don’t think she puts alot of work into these things, she just needs to take pretty photos and then type a bit, its not that hard. She has an easy life, but she doesnt deserve hate for this. Also, I don’t think she ever had a huge issue with acne, her skin is almost always perfect. That being said, i love her blog and im almost always checking it haha.


  15. Riy

    yea pewdiepie and marzia really should get married now, its cringey that theyve been together for so long, and not official yet. I really never want them to break up.


  16. magnolianeraweb

    Hi marzia!
    This blog is so helpful.. Because i don’t actually have a beauty routine (I’m 20 and my skin is actually not that bad, I’m kinda lucky)
    But i know i need to find products to keep my skin pretty , but i actually didn’t even know what kind of products.
    Have a good day xx


  17. Ellie

    Hii Marzia, I have oily skin too, it’s a struggle. I use most of my stuff from the body shop, the tea tree range is soo good. The exfoliater is super gentle on my skin and it turns into foam, it’s great. I use the mattifying cream throughout the day and at night use a more moisturizing product. Constantly love your positive vibes! It’s great to have such a refreshing attitude, you’re great! Ignore the horrible comments!


  18. Nina

    Hey Marzia,

    My skin is very sensitive and I find it very difficult to find something my skin can handle. My aunt recommended a brand for skincare and it helps me so much! It’s the brand La Roche-Posay. Maybe you like it too 🙂



  19. Lily

    Mornin’ Marzia!
    Hope you’re having a soul soothing trip in Japan.
    Appreciated this post. As I’ve said many times…i feel kindred and parallel with you in mind & physical traits. Your selections are right up my alley and I’m able to implement them irl. I’ve learned the same thing as far as skin care…. Keep it simple and gentle. With sensitive skin, 9 times out of 10 skin products cause more trouble for me than they benefit! I found a favorite band, Rodial, which really agrees with my skin.
    My regimen includes:
    * Cleansers *
    Rodial stem cell superfood cleanser/mask (extremely hydrating and calming, even treats redness and breakouts..my #1 wonder product!)
    Rodial Glamtox cleansing balm (oily balm removes harder eye makeup completely, but is emollient and rinses away clean)
    * Skin prep *
    A homemade mist made of rose water, argan oil, and whatever toner I have at the time. I do this to prevent the pulling and tugging and extra steps of applying toner and oils.
    Derma E Vit C serum…. Thx 😘
    * Moisturizers*
    Rodial Stem cell Superfood day cream (medium weight, very glowy looking with mica)
    Argan brand Argan oil supercharged day cream (A cheap lil pot I picked up on a whim and adore got its smell, continual moisture, and not breaking me out surprisinfly!)
    * Lips *
    Palmer’s cocoa butter swivel stick (amazing moisture & smell)
    Neutrogena tinted lip balm (mostly smell-less, good sheer color, decent moisture)
    Rodial glamstick in “thrill” 👌👌👌
    Smith’s Rosebud Salve tube (basically vaseline with an old fashioned powdery scent… yeah the smell is just ok)
    * Overnight Treatment*
    The Creme shop rose oil overnight gel mask (really really reduces redness in my skin and leaves it nicely hydrated and balanced)
    * Breakout Treatments *
    Lotrizone lotion (if having breakouts or irritated skin…magical medicated lotion which is thin and watery and absorbs completely, is anti inflammatory and anti fungal, my Dr. husband keeps the house stocked with it at all times and we use for all kinds of itches or skin irritation.)
    Off-brand Neosporin (on any open skin to kill bacteria and provide barrier, works fast and effectively to disinfect & heal. Don’t know why more people don’t talk about this basic treatment!)

    So yeah! I try to keep it simple and use only a few products a day. Rodial brand is up there in price so I usually catch it on Hautelook on sale! 😜
    If ever I run out of these, I’m planning to try out a few things from Origins and Pixi brands.

    Thanks for all your sharing and bringing out the best in yourself and others.
    With much 💌


  20. Annie

    I hope Marzia takes this lunatic seriously, though I believe they have made preparations for home invasion (as they should) and are as safe as one can be. Just heard about Gavin Free and Meg Turney. That shit is real.


  21. Lily

    Please don’t acknowledge this selfish troll… Seems he thinks he’s really hilarious, just trying for a pathetic moment of attention & completely selfish laughs.


  22. annatares

    It’s so funny that I also don’t use products that are marketed towards acne prone skin. I have been using them for like 3 years and the did not make any difference besides that they are super drying, very harsh and mostly as u mentioned upset the skin even more. I guess what helped me the most with my acne was moisturizing the hell out of my skin and also washing my face less (Obvsiously if u wear make up u have to wash it, but use gentle moisturizing oils or creams to take off make up). But it really made a difference. 💖


  23. StellaMSamm

    Hi, Marzia

    I had also troubled with my skin a lot. Actually, the war has been continuously going on for like few years. Your products that I get from your suggestions and the subscription box have helped to maintain my skin looking better. After I started getting your subscription boxes I have been switching my skincare too — using more of natural and organic products. A lot from Fresh and Origins as well. Thank you so much for the amazing suggestions I have written them down in my journal and I will definitely try to find them. I also feel like rose products work for my skin very well — I would suggest for you to try some rosehip oil. I use it almost every day twice and it had helped my acne-situation a lot. The brand that I use is called Trilogy. It also makes an amazing cleansing balm. So if you are interested then I highly


  24. StellaMSamm

    Hi, Marzia

    I had also troubled with my skin a lot. Actually, the war has been continuously going on for like few years. Your products that I get from your suggestions and the subscription box have helped to maintain my skin looking better. After I started getting your subscription boxes I have been switching my skincare too — using more of natural and organic products. A lot from Fresh and Origins as well. Thank you so much for the amazing suggestions I have written them down in my journal and I will definitely try to find them. I also feel like rose products work for my skin very well — I would suggest for you to try some rosehip oil. I use it almost every day twice and it had helped my acne-situation a lot. The brand that I use is called Trilogy. It also makes an amazing cleansing balm. So if you are interested then I highly suggest checking out these products.

    Stella xox


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