January 24th, 2018

Where does it all go?


Whenever I write a blog post I generally come up with a title quite quickly, as in my mind I already have an idea of how – more or less – it’s going to play out.

That’s not the case today, so as I’m typing this, I’m not too sure where this entry is going to go, but I will just allow myself to write whatever comes to mind. 


January – so far – has been a great month.

I set myself goals which I’ve managed to accomplish; I kept myself busy with work, yet told myself it was okay to take time to relax. I read books, I caught up with TV shows, but I also had some very busy days, which I don’t really know how it always happens as I try my best to stay as organised as possible but there is always something new adding up, which takes more of my time, resulting in me finishing work late in the evening.

I don’t mind it at all, it’s just a bit strange, because if you ask me what I’m up to, I can’t even really say it.

I just know that my time goes and by the time I look away from whatever I’m doing, the sun has gone out, and it’s time for dinner.

My parents always tell me not to overwork myself, yet most of the things I do are not a burden to me, but things I’m excited about and look forward to. That’s why time passes by so fast, without me noticing.


I guess one of the things I’ve been focusing on is my summer clothing line: for the first time, I really struggled to pin down what my idea for it is, but I finally did it!

This is a doodle that will appear in some pieces, and carries the meaning of the line, but there is of course more to it than just this image. The colour palette will be nude/blush + white and black, with stripes and asymmetric edges, cuts, and colour blocks.



I’m extremely excited about it, I’ve been putting lots of thought into this specific line and won’t settle for anything that isn’t the best I can offer.

Now that I’ve decided the theme and designed each piece on paper, it’s time to source fabrics, which is always fun, but thought as well as most of the times, the fabric that would fit my vision the best, ends up being too expensive. We shall see!

Since I’m already sharing this much, here is a technical sketch about one of the pieces: the idea is to create lines and sections to contrast different colours or fabrics. One side of the dress will be white, whilst the other will be nude, and the ribbons will be black. Or at least this is where I am at – but who knows, things always change after fabric selection.

I hope you are liking my ideas this far!


Another thing that took up my time is taxes. When you are running a company, lots of days feel wasted in front of the computer, writing down invoices, dissecting bank statements, sending out payments, and when it’s VAT time – oh boy, those are the best days! *sarcasm*


This evening I have a work meeting, which I’m looking forward to as I primarily work with a handful of people I’ve gotten close to, but live in Canada. It’s always nice to meet in person and go over our projects, it helps to track everything we do and stay on schedule.

So this afternoon I wanted to make cake, so that I could offer it to my guest.


I made lemon cake, using this recipe and turned out incredible.


I wish I had some self-control (I usually do!) cause I ended up eating 3/4 of it and now my belly is yelling at me for it. But it was so good. And now the two slices left look so sad that I won’t even bother putting it on the table, but will keep it for my breakfast tomorrow.

Anyway, I’ve completed my 3 monthly goals, which I filmed for my ‘notes’ and will start to edit everything tomorrow; as the month passed by, I filmed short clips using my Super 8 to insert in the vlog, and I sent the footage off to develop. It’s the first time I do it, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I did it correctly. I haven’t heard from the company that develops it just yet, but hopefully soon I will.

Well – as I expected – this blog post is all over the place. But I find that sometimes coming on here and just write, is really calming.

I hope January is going well for you too!
(ᵒ̴̶̷̤́◞౪◟ ᵒ̴̶̷̤̀ )


106 thoughts on “TIME.

  1. Giorgia

    Aggiornamento su orecchini…usati 2 volte e il sole é già andato… vabbè É stato bello finchè è durato.. 😦 Marzia x caso nn hai un sole in avanzo?? Grazie e Bacioni

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Giorgia

        Stavo indossando gli orecchini qndo all’ improvviso mi accorgo che manca il sole, siccome ho capelli molto lunghi e disordinti ho paura che mi si sia incastrato e tirandomeli si sia staccato.. ci sono rimasta un po’ malino, lo abbiamo cercato con i miei amici ma niente…cmq grazie x la risposta forse avevi qualche scorta in piú, la pross volta faró piú attenzione :-0 Buona serata Marzia


  2. Atbubbles

    I was expecting to see more monthly note’s videos and you finally did it! Those videos inspired me to be more productive and chase my dreams because i want to do so many things and then i notice that the month already passed.
    Btw the concept of your clothing line looks awesome can’t wait to see it! ❤

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Evelina

    Hi, Marzia!
    I’m glad to hear that you reached your goals☺️ And I’m also super excited for your new notes videos coming up! These are one of my favorites👌🏼 It allows to get more in touch with you!
    Love you💖
    Keep doing your thing!🤙🏼

    Liked by 4 people

  4. amalie speitzer

    Hey Marzia!

    Lovely chill post! Nice to hear more details about the clothing line 😉 A little teaser! I’m already considering getting some by the time it comes out! How much is the shipment in Europe?

    I’m so curious about what is on your notes this month :D!

    I actually started making my own list, and I wrote down:
    1. Ice skating
    2. Eat dinner at this fancy but not so expensive place in Copenhagen called “Madklubben”
    3. Decorate a wall in my apartment.

    Looking forward to your next post ! ❤

    Lots of love from Denmark!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Samantha Bailey

    Marzia read 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management! It’s by Kevin Kruse and it’s an easy, quick read. It seriously helped me control my calendar and ensures I have time to rest and rejuvenate. Let us know if you end up reading it!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. allthethingsliz

    I enjoyed this post very much, it was very genuine and real! I’ve a new blogger and I’ve been so worried about being all over the place as I write, you do it so flawlessly. I think there is more beauty to be find when it is raw and true.

    Liked by 4 people

  7. MEG

    Hey Marzia!

    I look forward for your next clothing line, this sketch looks sooo pretty I can already imagine it for a chic dinner or something on this way!
    I like when I’m so drown in my work that I forget what time it is and end up being surprised by the evening. Somehow, it means that it gone easily and it motivates me for the next day.

    January is going well for me, my birthday was on the 18th and I had a birthday party (a first for me) and I was soo spoiled by my friends. I received 13 gifts which is completely insane it’s never happened to me before and it made me realized that I’m loved and that Ihave found my right place, it feels nice.

    xoxo ♥

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  8. Dusk Polaris Lupin

    This blog is inspiring to me alongside with your YouTube channel and how much effort and time you put into everything you do. I haven’t been the best academic wise but in spite of the new year, I have become more responsible in what I can and can not manage, this mainly having to due with my extra-circulars. I used to watch your videos a lot in the past and stopped for some odd moment but I have recently started watching them again and catching up on everything I’ve missed over the years as odd as that sounds. Oh, and if you have the chance you should watch Stardust (on Netflix) for I really think you’d enjoy it.
    ~ Dusk ~

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  9. Maira Rodriguez

    By reading this I realize we share a lot of the same interests.Time has been on my mind a lot lately. I recently graduated from university and I’m always asking “what’s next?” You’re a wonderful photographer and I’m inspired to try making photography a new hobby of mine! I love your blog posts! Thanks 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  10. Linda Lunilum

    I get so inspired and encouraged to hear about that you accomplished what you’d planned.
    I also got done with some things on my list; finally taking a Korean language ability test and making a little cute and encouraging doodle book for a friend who got very sick in December and some other creative things.
    I started this year to make monthly goals that otherwise just won’t get done because time seem to fly away from me if I don’t make a good plan. However, I don’t think I can get all of them done by the end of this month but I often set up too many goals at once 😂 ><
    Anyway as always I loved to read your post 😄

    Liked by 3 people

  11. Geneviève

    Hi Marzia,

    Reading your blogs always give me some guidance. You really make me want to push myself to do more and to achieve my goals. Unfortunately, I have the habit to put goals that are extremely hard to achieve, but I keep persevering. I’m always scared that I will not be able to accomplish my ultimate goal which is to do my PhD in psychology in Japan. I remember your blog where you say you feel you are not especially good at one thing like your other friends ( which by the way, I would like to rectify, because you have a unique sense of imagination which make everything you made so aesthetic and amazing <3) and I do feel the same. I like to try new things and do new activities, so I'm not specialized in one domain haha. Also, there is always this little voice in my head that tells me: You're not good enough. There are people who are better than you on this subject. I find it hard to have this confidence in me and to continue. It's been 5 years that I follow you and Felix on Youtube. Both of you always were such an inspiration to me and always put a smile when there were tears. Sorry if my post is kind of a mess. I want to say thank you for everything you do and for being such a good role model. And if you have any advice to give about my situation, I would appreciate a lot 🙂 !

    Thank you again and take care !!

    Liked by 2 people

  12. Lisa

    Ciao Marzia!
    Maaaaa questa nuova collezione 😍 l’idea mi piace un sacco! Già il vestito lo voglio, le maniche le vedo bene nere velate*_*
    La torta la voglio, già dalla foto si vede che è buonissima!😍😭 questo mese di gennaio per me non sta andando una meraviglia, ho un esame a breve quindi lo sto passando sui libri e in più sono ingrassata (e la mia autostima è scesa ancora di più) perciò ora come ora sono a dieta in un mix di ansia e depressione.. odio il mio metabolismo 😢
    Comunque a parte questo ti volevo dire che alla fine ho finito da un po’ Good morning call ed è diventata una delle mie serie preferite! L’ho amata e non vedo l’ora che esca la nuova stagione. Ora non so che guardare 🤔 anche io sto guardando Hello my twenties ma non so ancora se mi piace, è strano! E poi ho sbirciato Terrace House ma non capisco dalla descrizione se è un reality show come il grande fratello o se è una serie tv 😱
    Spero tu ti sia ripresa del tutto e sono contenta che questo mese ti abbia portato soddisfazioni.
    Un abbraccio, Lisa

    Liked by 2 people

  13. ruhilrosly

    My January has been a roller coaster ride for me. I had my first rock concert. I had my 27th birthday but that’s all end so quickly as my grandmother passed away. She took care of me since I was a baby and until now I try to cope her absence. But I know I have to let her go and let rest and peace. Idk how my February will be but life do surprise a lot doesn’t it?

    Liked by 2 people

  14. Niklittle

    So glad to see that even with a lack of direction you’re so comfortable writing about all of the little things. And it’s so clear that you are so purely content and happy.
    I love that you’re letting more of yourself and your mind show lately.

    Hope you’re happy & well!

    Liked by 3 people

  15. KamilaG

    As always I really like your doodles! It looks like it’s crying, but a hand (someone else) is patting the head, so everything is fine ^o^/ I can’t wait to see how you’ll incorporate it into your line~!

    Liked by 2 people

  16. Sierra King

    Hi Marzia!
    How are you? I am really loving this blog because it’s just an extension of your videos and I get to see your photography and doodles as well. I’m so excited for your summer line, it sounds lovely, such great ideas. I’m looking forward to so much this year. This has been a great month, I decided to start making youtube videos and I also started school and now I’m in college. I’m just discovering new hobbies and how I like to spend my free time and it’s so much fun. Overall, a great start to the new year. Thank you btw for always being an inspiration. You and Felix, amongst others, inspired me to make videos for youtube.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. flight0knight

    Hi Marzia,

    I Like just reading about what you are doing 🙂 it is quite inspirational actually. I am looking forward to seeng your new clothing line as it seems to be filled with very original ideas!
    THAT cake, though…I will have to bake it

    Liked by 2 people

  18. Dominika

    Hi Marzia !
    I’m so impressed , that you realised so much goals , because I don’t realise any of my.
    My January was so strange and stressful , as every month. I have very busy and stresfull period in my life – very hard exams . But I don’t give up , I fighting for the best future for me .
    You’re new line ,as always sounds perfect.
    Btw sorry for my english.
    I hope your all year will be fantastic and very organised.

    Thanks for reading ! Have a nice day 😀


    Liked by 3 people

  19. sugarfreebby

    I also feel like time is passing me by tbh, i want to find a way to make it stop for a minute, try new things and discover places. So excited about your clothing line ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  20. Jennifer

    Hi Marzia,

    Sorry this is totally unrelated to your post. I saw your Q&A video few days ago and realised I have missed the chance to ask you how did you feel at the time when you told your parents you are not going to university? I am going to start my university in february but genuinely I did it because my father wants me to, not because I wanted to. I am completely lost now.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. icaweng

    Aww, love the puff sleeves in your new summer line, I am excited to see them all when they are completed : D
    January has been a busy month for me as well. I have finished a couple commissions while have another one to keep working on, which is nice, at least I am earning something, though not much at this point.
    Portland has been raining for the past couple weeks, everything looks calming and relaxing as I facing the window, working on my project. I wonder if Brighton was still rainy?
    Wish you a pleasant one and look forward to your video about your completion of January goals!

    Liked by 2 people

  22. Juliana Motta

    My January has been interesting! I came back from a 6 month studying trip to England at the start of the month and all of my normal classes here in my country started today, so I got to see my friends again. I’m glad to hear everything is going well. Have you ever considered not producing your line independently so that the fabric price wouldn’t be such a struggle? In theory you would be able to buy the more ‘expensive’ fabrics while the price to the customer isn’t so expensive. Best of luck.

    Liked by 2 people

  23. Hana

    Hello Marzia,
    I really liked the tone of this blog post, it was very chill and a quick update which was enjoyable to read. It reminds me of your “Movie Night” video which was also cool. Your schedule sounds similar to what I have been doing too so far this month, especially in reading more and watching movies. I am also excited for more about your summer line, which I will be sure to check out! Wishing you all the best!

    Liked by 3 people

  24. Liv

    You seem like you are doing well and that’s always great to here! These blog posts are great for me and I’m sure everyone else too. I don’t even think they are considered all over the place anymore, you have a good flow when it comes to writing. I just have to ask.. how do you do all of this and then school? School just started for me a couple of days ago and all ready quizzes are due . Posts are due. Readings are due. And I’m just feel stressed and wish I could quit school to be able to read my books and watch tv shows and movies :/ I’m so close to being done too. I have a year and a half left, it seems far away, but I assume like with you and January, time will go by faster than it feels now.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Lara Harrisson

    Hey Marzia 😘,
    It’s always a pleasure to read what you wrote. Your note videos were one of my favorite videos to watch so I can’t wait to see it back! And as I’m writing this, I wanted to thank you for all the inspiration and happiness you gave me. I started to learn italian as I wanted to learn it for a long time but never started to learn it and you gave me the what I needed to start.
    Your video (you) means a lot to me. When everything goes wrong I watch some of your videos and it makes me happy again.
    Thank you, a lot

    Liked by 3 people

  26. Jamie

    Hi Marzia! Glad to hear that things have been going well 😊 I’ve had a rocky start but I’m learning quickly and staying optimistic (I think it’s working already!) can’t say I’m jealous of those VAT fees, ouch :/

    Liked by 1 person

  27. theresajoule

    I am really excited about your new line, can’t wait to see it and I am also really looking forward to your notes video! Yesterday I watched the one about the 90s game… and oh my, was I feeling nostalgic! I used to LOVE that game, especially the cooking part.
    Also, I am happy to read you are doing fine! Stay well Marzia 🙂 bye

    Liked by 4 people

  28. sooophiaow

    Hey Marzia,

    My January is all over the place. I have some upcoming exams and my bachelor thesis needs to be written PLUS soon I’ll also move to another city. Paperwork and phone calls and deadlines…. Some days I feel down and overwhelmed but I try to stay calm und focus on me finishing the struggles!
    I’m glad your new year turns out quite nice.
    Best, Sophia

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Lucy

    You and Pewds are so humble for being thrust into the lime light in your early adult years, I love following your blogs and adding new sweet treats to my recipe book😊 Thank you for sharing your life with us Marzia , you inspire so much and your outfits are always so cute!! Keep it up girl !
    -Lots of love from all your Marzipans!💕

    Liked by 2 people

  30. Aletze Estrada

    I’m broke but my January is good so far lol. I got a dr. appointment for my top surgery and I may be able to schedule it around March or April and I never thought I could get it done this year 😀

    I loved this post. Also, I’m making that cake as soon as I get my oven working. Thanks for sharing! It’s fine to indulge sometimes even if your belly gets mad xD I hope it’s not raging, though.

    Looking forward to your new video. As always, send my regards to Pewds, Dogy and the pugs.

    Liked by 2 people

  31. Alessandra Rodriguez

    Hey marzia I am so glad to hear that you are now starting on your summer clothing line and I can’t wait for it. Soo this might seem more as a recommendation on what you can do for an idea on the NEXT summer clothing line(Yeah I know I seem crazy right now on giving an idea on the next line if there will be any)but I know you did a raincoat on your Limone clothing line and I really love rain jackets since I live in a rainy area but maybe you can make a yellow(or any other color) raincoat almost like a fisherman’s jacket but very stylish and it has warm fabric in the inside to stay warm on a rainy day.Since where I am and a lot of other places too it rains soo much with the worst thunderstorms in the summer I really think a nice rain jacket would be very cool. Maybe you won’t ever read this but if you do it will be a true wish if you even consider it. I hope you have a great day bye 👋.


  32. thaís

    hey Marzia!
    I’ve been following your content since the first year of your channel on youtube and you’ve been always my favourite one, not just as being so creative and artistic but also because of your love for languages too, which i find so very relatable!
    I am brazilian, but have been currently living in Italy and i just realized that you’ve deleted (or put it on private) that one video of you speaking in italian and it got me so sad/curious. i now feel like i can understand what you were saying in there and there’s no video to listen to you speaking in your native language, which is such a lovely, beautiful one.

    please, make another video in italian, it can be silly but it’s always nice to hear from our youtubers in their native languages too! 🙂

    much love,
    thaís. x

    Liked by 2 people

  33. OneMan

    finance lesson: most people in the world is doing what you’re doing, so work and work and work and it’s right to work hard and smart but you have to focus that the money you earn with work, stay there.
    The hardest part in life is not to make money, it’s to keep them while you enjoy your time. I don’t know if I manage to get to that point (I’m only trying, trying is the first part) but fredoom of your time (means you’re spending max 1/2 hours everyday because you have the skills-set that gives you and incredible edge) and management of your money are the only two things you need.
    And I want to be honest, you need to get those skills (more than a degree, more than everything else), you’re a woman and you don’t need to use your time of your life for others people because it happens so often that many women spend their life to grow children, manage and clean the house and then the relationship broke and you find yourself without skills (50/50 is always the balance).
    The best relationship you can have with you, is that where you spend time for building an edge in the world (and that edge works until the world crash down) and have the indipendence so you can leave whenever you want, you’re free. Being free from sponsors, being free from companies, being free from men and women, being free from assets like a houses (so you can move everywhere), being free from buying a car (you go to Maldive, you like that place, you stay there, there are wonderful long term rent for cars), being free from many clothes, being free is what really makes you stronger. And to go to the top of that mountain is hard but you can go slowly, faster, don’t go, you set your time and your life. But this is the most important mindset that I found in successful people..

    Liked by 1 person

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