January 19th, 2018

Trying out some more makeup.


Yesterday morning I’ve received some PR boxes packed with products for me to test out.

I wasn’t able to use everything at once, but I did try lots of new stuff, so here I am, sharing my opinion on them.


Derma E is a brand I’ve used a lot in the past and still currently use. To be honest, I had no idea they offered non-skicare items, so when I received the two hair products on the right, I was surprised.

I’ve used the Vitamin C concentrated serum plenty of times, so instead I’ve applied some of the face oil, followed by the day cream.

I’ve been dealing with dry skin, that even peals in some spots, so I wasn’t afraid to get this much moisture onto my face. Even though the cream feels much thicker than what I would normally apply in the morning, I found that it absorbed quite nicely and just left me feel a bit softer, making the makeup go on smoother. So far, so good!

But, I did try the dry shampoo, and unfortunately I have to say I wasn’t impressed: it comes in a powder form, which I’m not a massive fan of (I prefer a spray, as it’s easier to control) and I wasn’t able to completely blend in into my roots, leaving some white dust here and there.

On the other side, I lovedΒ the 3-in-1 Hair Protection Serum, mostly because it smells just like amaretti (or at least I think that’s what it is)!


Revolution is a brand I’ve never tried, but always see at Superdrug.

It’s a much cheaper brand – compared to the brands I usually go for – but to be fair, lower end products sometimes hide some gems, so I was very excited to try it out!


As soon as I opened up the palettes, I fell in love with the colours.

I think if you are starting out, and are unsure about what tones suit you, or simply want to experiment with new looks, why not give this a try!

The palettes do feel a bit cheap, but you get tons of selection for what you are paying.


Tarte, of course, also sent me some nice new things.


I’m already familiar with the shape-tape concealer, but I was happy to see they brought out a similar looking foundation, and in both matte finish, and hydrating formula – I find this to be so smart, as you can change it up depending on what you need that day.

I tried the hydrating one, because – like I said – my skin is pretty dry at the moment (which is strange, I generally have oily skin). The application was nice, it felt smooth and blended very well. No dry skin got caught in the product, which is a huge plus (but may be due to the serum and moisturiser I applied earlier) and overall gave me a nice, very natural look, perfect for the daytime.

If I had to compare this to my favourite foundation at the moment – the one by Hourglass – I would still go for the Hourglass one, as it gives me a bit more coverage, and it’s buildable whilst looking natural; this one, though, would be perfect for those barely-there makeup days, instead. Maybe I simply applied too little of it, and that’s why I didn’t get that much coverage, but I will definitely be using it again!


I also think I found a new favourite thing. Do you see that white, sparkly shade up here? When I looked at it, I was intrigued, but when I actually applied it to my eyes – OH MY.

I instantly fell in love.


Here is the eye look I created: for the base I’ve used colours from the Revolution palette, applied with my new Tarte brushes (even the wing); and on top I dusted some of that sparkly eyeshadow all over the lid, that created this stunning effect.

I seriously used the smallest amount, just dotting it with my finger, and within seconds this eye look turned out gorgeous. I’m super impressed, and after I applied that product, I went to the Tarte website to look if they had it in a pot by itself, cause I know I will be using it a lot. Sadly, they don’t, but I’m very hyped about this find anyway!


The final brand of the day is Too Faced, which as always has the best packagings.

I apologise for the blurred photo, I did not realise it was this bad whilst taking it.

I’ve used up a full tube of their Hangover primer in the past, and found it to be light and moisturising, so I’m more than happy to have the matching setting spray – you know how I love my face mists!

The foundation is so pretty, but way too dark for me (I didn’t swatch it, but I can tell) so I’m giving it away.

I’ve wanted that blush for the longest time, it reminds me of when – as a kid – I would play Polly Pocket. It did not disappoint: it is pigmented, and overall adorable.

I’ve tried the eye primer – which, you may have noticed, is not something I usually apply when doing my makeup – and definitely noticed a difference (I’ve tested it on one eye only and compared them at the end of the day). So I will for sure start using it for those days that I know I will be wearing makeup for longer, or want my eyeshadow to really pop.


I forgot to mention the highlight from Revolution, which as I was applying it, looked underwhelming, but as soon as I stepped outside, it was actually very glowy. Plus, I liked the colour selection the palette had to offer.

Oh, and I’ve also applied their lip-kit: it went on fairly smoothly, but it did feel a bit tacky on the lips, and felt like it was making my dry areas more obvious. Having said that, the lipstick did not move, did not fade, did not peel, and stayed in place all day, even after eating; so, it may not be the best, but it was pretty good.



The giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all the people that joined, there were over 500 comments, so I will be sure to do another one fairly soon.

Here is the winner:

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 14.53.49.png


Have a great day everyone!


779 thoughts on “ROSY & GLOWY.

  1. Britney

    Hey Marzia,
    You have inspired me for a long time to use my creative side again. I had been in a treatment center for a year and I thought I would never get out. The depression had overcome my well being. Your videos would cheer me up on days where I felt utterly useless to the world. But I must say that I had missed your videos very much. I know a while back you had mentioned in your Gold Summer makeup tutorial video that you hadn’t really found any current music that really appealed to you. Well, if you are interested there are a artists that I highly recommend you check out. Firstly : Circa Survive. If you already know them that’s great. However, their album Juturna is a very euphoric album if you’re into surreal music. Their album artwork is incredible as well. Hopefully, you can check out their work. Btw, I absolutely love tarte! Thanks for introducing me to them. ^-^

    Thank you for everything,


    Liked by 1 person

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  3. pinksideup

    The pictures you take for your blog posts are so cool!!! I just started a blog (unpublished and under a different name lol) but the one thing I’m struggling with is taking good pictures that relate to what I’m writing about 😭 Love you Marzia!! πŸ’•πŸ’•


  4. Andreea

    Hi… I’m new here so I’m a bit confused. Where did you get your PR box? I know you have two: one for $30 and the other $80-90. Is that from where you got your products or it’s a different one?
    Thank you xx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. StellaMSamm

    Hi, Marzia!

    Thank you for this lovely review! I also have dry skin β€” well actually I have sensitive dry to normal skin. Some of the products seem quite interesting to me, however, right now I have plenty of makeup but I do appreciate good reviews on the new products. The eyeshadow looks amazing by the way. I think that red and velvety pink colors really suit you. I have found that only the dry shampoos that arrive with your subscription box work for me β€” so I’m really glad that you always include them. I hope that your skin gets better!

    Best wishes,
    Stella xox


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