January 15th, 2018

A quick visit.


On Thursday evening I landed in Venice to spend a long weekend with my family and some friends.

On Saturday, my dad had the idea of driving up to Recoaro Mille, a mountain site not too far from where my parents live, to get some fresh air and look at the snowy peaks. 


It was a spontaneous decision, so at 11am we drove up, reaching the top within an hour.

From up there, you could look down at the town. Recoaro itself is where our mineral spring waters are produced, and my dad told me that it used to be a very popular and rich area – many years ago – that unfortunately didn’t manage to keep upgrading and developing, resulting in a very quiet, almost forgotten, yet beautiful town.


To connect the village to the ski resorts and facilities, there used to be a cableway, which my dad worked on, back in the day (my dad is a carpenter). This is now barely ever used, and when we were there, the whole area seemed abandoned.


The almost complete absence of snow – which melted away the past week, due to high temperatures of 20*C and sunny days – made this place look even more lonely: not a single person was there, other than the woman running a local restaurant, where we stopped by for lunch.


With our bellies full, we went for a quick tour, in which my parents explained to me how – when they were growing up – Recoaro was considered one of the finest mountain places, with luxurious hotels, stunning buildings, and incredible views.


Now you see lots of pretty houses, with ‘for sale’ signs attached to them.

Apparently, the small amount of people still living there, have no interest in bringing the town back to life: often, in Italy, you will find conservative people, that won’t allow changes to happen.


Although I too can appreciate the beauty of place for what it is, and drift away from wanting a change, seeing this beautiful place – that has so much potential – left untouched through the years if not by time itself, does bring a bit of sadness.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 14.38.23.png

I may have gotten it all wrong, and maybe just visited in a low day; but in the past few years my dad brought me here 3 times, and with each trip, I could see it getting more and more deserted.

I do not live in this area, and growing up I never came here, so I don’t personally have anything to compare it to, but this is just the feeling I had.

Either way, I have been enjoying going up there – every once in a while – as it is really peaceful, and the cold mountain air is always refreshing.


I am now back in Brighton, sitting in the couch with a cold and painful sore throat. Unfortunately, it seems like there is a 50/50 chance every time I’m on an airport, that I will catch some illness.

This doesn’t feel too bad at the moment, so don’t worry about it, but I am a bit frustrated because I had planned and booked something really exciting for today and was forced to move it. Oh well – something to look forward to!

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 14.07.41.png

For now, I’m glad I got to spend a few days in Italy, as I didn’t get to see my family for Christmas.

I hope you are all well, and that your week had a nice start!


84 thoughts on “PEACEFUL MOUNTAINS.

  1. oakantony

    When I was living in Japan (for 2 years about 8 years ago), there were dozens of little towns just like this one up in the mountains. What you said about conservative people remaining there made me think of it… It was the same thing. The older population doesn’t want to revitalize the area; they like it being quiet and simple. They’re incredibly beautiful, for sure.

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  2. Polina Koretkovskaya

    Marzia! The photos are amazing as always, it was so interesting to read about this place and to know more through your pics.

    I’m ill too, it kinda sucks, because my birthday is on Wednesday and I’m not sure if I’ll feel any better till then.

    Anyway, I hope you’ll get better soon!

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  3. Isaac21

    As always, an amazing and cozy post!!! =)

    It’s sad how some places are being abandoned, but is nice to visit!!

    Marzia I have a question jajaja How do you feel when you back to Brighton after visiting your country and family? I mean, do you feel sad? Do you cry? I don’t know why I ask this jajaja I’m just curious because I’m in a similar situation (same country, but different city) and I have a bad days when I visit them and back to my “new home”. I hope it won’t bother you!!

    As always, stay as awesome as you are!!! 😊😊

    Kss from Bcn!!!! 💋💋

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    1. marziabisognin

      Hi! I don’t feel sad at all, actually, but rather happy and grateful that I got to see them. I guess in the beginning was harder, but I’ve been living far away for more many years now, and we speak all the time on the phone and get to see my family and friends every few months, so it’s all fine! I hope it gets easier for you too. 🙂

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      1. Isaac21

        Yesss of course!! You moved many years ago and it’s “past water” now (like we say in spanish). I guess I’m in the beginning and it’s hard, but don’t get me wrong, I’m super super happy living together with my girlfriend!! 😊😊 I was just curious about how you passed that time of your life jajaja.

        Thank you so much for your reply!!! 😀😀

        Kisses! ☺


  4. Lisa

    Hi Marzia,

    i got ill so often when i drove by train in the winter time and everyone is coughing. I dont know but trains or busses with a lot of people make me ill. So i totally get you. But as more i got sick and drove with it the less i became sick because my immunsystem was building up. So i know it sounds weird but doing it more often helps actually. Xd and i think the air conditioner on planes and trains are bad too becausehey spread the germs. So get well soon !
    Do you miss Italy and your family a lot ? Because i just live 600 km away from my family and in the same country but i miss the place and my parents a lot. Even after 12 years.

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  5. Maria Ines Mejias Linarez

    I love this place, your blog Marzia. I like came here read when i have a little time free and read your stories. Also, I get I notification from your Q&A but i was late, so my question is: How do you both manage leave home and start living together as a couple in a another country? i’m planning migrate soon with my boyfriend and star a new life together. Greetings from Venezuela! ❤ ❤
    Plus: What is the meaning of your name, Marzia? My name is Maria but the origin is hebreo.

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  6. sylliepie

    Hope you feel better soon! I have this terrible ulcer on my lip that has been here for almost a week 😦 I’ve rubbed a lot of salt on it but it hasn’t gone away. The swelling went down a little today and it seems like it’s going away. I hate ulcers ughhhhhh

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  7. KamilaG

    It looks really nice and peaceful. Well, it’s kind of shame that it looks partly destroyed and abandoned, but as long as people living there do not mind, then I guess it’s fine ^^;;

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  8. vanti

    Good point with concervative people… it happens all over the world, cities or even countries that could be amazing and prosper are stopped down and destroyed from the inside by people who won’t allow changes. Sad 😦

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  9. CaroD

    Che bel posto !! Purtroppo in Italia succede spesso che paesini vengano abbandonati in questo modo… Anche se possono avere un certo fascino, è una cosa che trovo molto triste anch’io ! Dove vado in vacanza in Puglia, ci sta una casa FANTASTICA con una vista sul mare che sta cadendo in rovina perché nessuno se ne vuole occupare… Quanto mi piacerebbe restaurare tutto !

    Spero che l’Italia non ti manca tanto et riposati bene :3
    Baci baci ❤


  10. oxria

    Gorgeous place, indeed. So sad it’s almost forgotten. Thanks for sharing your travelling experience with us, though! The photos you took are beautiful! 🙂


  11. Mary Mo

    Hello Marzia! Such beautiful pictures in this blog post, I wish I could visit Italy! Just wanted to say that for your sore throat, try gargling with warm salt water, it works wonder to kill the bacterias and stop the cold in its tracks!

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  12. Jessica Khoury

    The photos you took are absolutely gorgeous! Even though the mountains aren’t very populated anymore, the photos still gave me a cosy, small town feeling. I hope you feel better soon!

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  13. emrathsack

    Marzia! I’m half- Italian, half Anglo-Saxon as well. I loved this post, as it reminded me of the trips my grandpa and I used to take in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy! The loneliness you speak of to me is not a source of sadness, but rather an inspiration for personal peace.

    Just because people built things there does not mean the land is dead– rather, the earth has been given some time to breathe independent of the affairs of people. This is why I love being in nature despite living in Orange County, California. As you may know, it is one of the most suburban, wealthy, and crowded areas of the US West Coast. As an introvert, I love my time alone in peaceful desolation and Italy– my second country!– has always provided me with this.

    We can always look at things two ways– positively and negatively, and I adore how you always seem to keep a head up about things, including health. Best of luck with your family, boyfriend, and international life– you are a heroine to me and too awesome!


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  14. merrycat

    Sempre speciale, raffinato e toccante il modo in cui rappresenti il Veneto. Spero siano arrivati il plico e i suggerimenti per mail. Ogni augurio di perfetta salute e di molta energia !


  15. cloudlessbleu

    The thing about abandoned houses and deserted towns, hits home for me. I can’t tell you how much many towns have been left deserted with houses so beautiful but aching to receive the love of a family that used to live their, near the place I live in.

    It’s a sad truth. Migration.

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  16. Kate

    Ahah the fact that your dad is a carpenter might explain why you’re so fond of crafting :p These pictures were beautiful and I’m happy you spent time with your family ^_^

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  17. GIA

    Get well soon, Marzia.
    Drink lots of water and hot tea to sooth your throat.
    The pictures you took are very peaceful and relaxing to look at.
    It really is a shame how many places become abandoned just by the years that go by, however, their will always be memories attached to the area which will always give it its charm and beauty.
    As always, stay lovely..☺

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  18. icaweng

    Sorry that you got a cold and I hope it will go away soon >< It is always nice to be with family and friends once in awhile. The place in the mountain looks so surreal to me, and yet, sad as you mentioned. Thinking that it was full of people and tourists back in the days, with different activities to do and sitting in a restaurant discussing the next place to go to, now it is so quiet and kind of lonely.


  19. shar

    Hi Marzia! your posts always makes me want to make a blog of my own even though I’m not much a story teller like you. The way you describe every little details makes me to look forward for your next post! It is very intriguing to see your point of view. Get well soon Marzia and send lots of love to Maya! ^.^/

    Liked by 1 person

  20. darinosaur

    Thank you for sharing your trip and lovely family moments! That is totally fine to feel blue traveling along such places! Especially if your parents saw it being developing and shining. Wish you and your family to be healthy!

    P.S.stay strong Marzia! I also have a strange sore throat illness from NYC, it lasts for about 5 weeks now and all my family is sick because of me :c. So take care of yourself, seems like those viruses are changing!


  21. Aletze Estrada

    Hi, Marzia! Thanks for taking and showing us those beautiful sceneries ❤ truly sad that is becoming more and more abandoned but at least is still beautiful.

    Hope you recover fast from this cold DX

    Greetings to Pewds, Dogy, and the pugs.


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