January 1st, 2018


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I hope you had fun celebrating last night!

Today I’m being very productive, as I woke up feeling very positive and creative: I’ve redone the graphics for the blog and youtube; I’ve set up my bullet journal for the new year; I’ve caught up with e-mails; and I’ve took down the tree and cleaned the house.

The last thing left to do is this post, in which I wanna announce a quick giveaway to send out some samples from my current line. If you wanna join, open up!


While working on my collections, very few pieces come out exactly right on the first try. This time, the felt beret and the pink sweater were great right away, but the other pieces took some tries – I don’t have a use for those samples, so I thought I would do a giveaway, like I did for the Limone line.


I have the following items available:
2X Burgundy dresses;
3X Pants;
1X Slip dress;
1X of each Turtleneck (camel and white);
1X of each Skirt (pink and olive).


These pieces – being just samples – are not complete, but totally wearable: some may have different zippers that the final pieces; others have the wrong heart placements (or missing); and so on…

For example, I have two burgundy dresses, one of which is the original sample, showing a velvet collar instead of a lace trim, and a tighter fit; the other one is exactly like the finished piece, but a bit larger on the shoulders. So basically, they are more than fine to wear, just not exactly like the finished products.

The pants, which I have 3 of, all have a different fit: on the first try, they were much tighter and looked more like skinny jeans; the second pair looks complete, but it is a bit too wide on my hips; the last pair is exactly the right fit, but doesn’t have the correct zipper and is missing the hearts.

I’m writing all of this to make you aware that it is a bit of a gamble, as what you are going to receive may not fit you 100% right, but there is also a chance that it will!

Also note that all are sizes XS or S, unfortunately (I’m sorry, I know this excludes people but these pieces are made so I can try them on myself and check the way they fit).


Here are the 3 winners: if you are one of them, please check your comment as I wrote you back on how to claim the prize.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 11.58.35.pngScreen Shot 2018-01-02 at 12.01.39

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 12.03.09


Thanks everybody for joining!
New giveaways will come soon.


PS. I haven’t heard from one of the winners from my ‘Something for the holidays’ giveaway. Anyone reading this – if you entered it, please go back to that post and check if you won. Thank you!


1,460 thoughts on “AMORE SAMPLES.

  1. SarahPetraskova :-)

    Hello Marzia! ❤
    It has always been my biggest dream to buy something from your line because I simply love you and your style, but I never could actually afford it. You are one of my biggest role models and I look up to you for almost four years now. I am sure that there is such a little chance of winning, but I just have to try it out!
    I also want to mention that I love your videos and blog and really enjoyed your book (I am also a complete horror freak, so it definitely suits my fav genre). Hope you had wonderful holidays spent with your family and friends and wish you Happy New Year! ❤
    My second biggest goal is to meet you in real life and I am planning to study university in Brigton, so maybe someday I could get lucky 🙂
    Love you and thank you for everything.

    Auguro una giornata meravigliosa and of course, AMORE. ❤


  2. Jasmine

    Amore….thank you for always being so positive and encouraging….you inspire productivity and joy in ones own uniqueness…. 🙂


  3. Louise Dupuis

    Amore ♥️ I commented again just for adding that I would love to have the Burgundy dress which has a velvet collar bone and a thigther fit ! (If I won of course 😂) Thank you for doing this, I love your line !


  4. Michelle

    Aww to bad the giveaway is closed. Oh well! I really love this blog!!!! Marzia your blog and channel are… I don’t know… So relaxing and when I have a bad day it makes me feel better. Probably everyone says that but what can I say? It’s true! You are really inspirational. Please keep doing your thing. Ok, I never leave comments so I just wanted to say all that. Haha, that got pretty deep. Also I LOVE THE AMORE LINE ESPECIALLY THE RED VELVET SLIP DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s exactly my style and stuff. I can imagine so many looks with it and places I would wear it and ahhhh! It’s perfect!!! I really want to buy it but I can’t cause I don’t have enough money…

    (Dont worry I’m not broke or in debt or anything I’m just 15 and I have a small allowance haha)


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