December 21st, 2017

It’s officially winter!


The holidays are approaching, so I wanted to show the PR packages I’ve been receiving, and share some of the products with you!


Last weekend I rented a cottage in Camber Sands, so that Felix could help me take photos of my Amore line.


We were extremely lucky with the weather: the morning was very bright and sunny, so that allowed us to get great photos, and then in the afternoon, we got to go on a walk at the beach, since the pugs love it so much!


The day after, it was -3*C, and you could see white fields covered in ice.


It was so gorgeous! For a moment I thought we were going to get a cold, snowy winter, and I was so happy – but now the weather has warmed up again, with yesterday night hitting 10*C. Still hoping it will snow on Christmas day!


When I arrived home, there were a few new packages waiting to be opened, as well as some others I had put aside for this blog post.


I’ve never heard of the brand Lipland, but I have to say this lip set is incredible.


The shades are all so pretty, definitely colours I like to wear (even the darker one, on my bravest days). They are matte liquid lipsticks, so they dry up within a few seconds and stay perfectly put. I tried washing off these swathes and let me tell you – they did not want to fully come off until I took a shower a few hours later.

I love the look of liquid lipsticks, and how rich and pigmented they are; yet I find myself collecting them rather than using them on. I tend to use chubby lipsticks that feel moisturising; the Tarte ones, for example, are my all time favourites because they are so easy to put on, fade nicely, feel soft on the lips, and I like to “smear” the lip colour with my finger around the edges to create a fuller, poutier look, and not so defined.

Then I see people like my friend Emma Pickles, or Taylor R on youtube, who really make liquid lipsticks look incredible, creating fuller looking lips, and want to try them myself, but it never turns out that good.

I guess that a moisturising lipstick is a lot more forgiving on application, which is why I enjoy them, but would love to master my liquid lipstick skills for occasional wear. Any tips for me?


Talking abut moisturising, forgiving lippies, these little tubes by Kopari have been my go-tos during natural makeup days. They have a tint to them (which at first seemed too intense for me), but the moment you spread them across the lips, they became more faint, giving you a healthy colour and shine.


They look like glosses, but they are not at all sticky, they are more like lip butters – which you wouldn’t think by the look of them. They are a very nice product, definitely recommend them!


A brand that sent me quite a few products is Moonshot, which again, I had never heard of, and actually sent stuff to Felix and simply included this for me in the package.


It’s a Korean beauty brand, and the packagings seem quite futuristic to me (maybe because of the silver and squared combo).


I was instantly intrigued by the eyeshadow jelly pots, as I don’t think I’ve ever came across a product like this before. The texture is very unique, and at first I thought they would be tricky to apply, but to my surprise, it was incredibly easy and looked gorgeous layered on top of my usual eyeshadows.


One brand I did know was sending me a package is oVertone. When I first dyed my hair pink, I expressed how I was having trouble keeping my hair bright and colourful. You guys recommend this brand, and I was lucky enough that they noticed my hair was in need, and send over their conditioner and treatment.


The colours seem really bright, but they actually work great for my pink hair. I’m looking for a pastel pink rather than super bright pink – as you know, I dyed my hair too intense by mistake – what I want is to keep a pretty baby pink without having to re-dye it so often.

With the treatment they sent I can do a mask to bring back the colour; whilst with the conditioner, I can take a hot shower without worrying to wash off all the colour.

You have no idea how happy I am about having these products, as they will make my life much easier!


The final package is from Bellami; they sent me two of these extensions kits, so I used one for myself, which I’ve dyed and cut already; and then I kept this one for you – although, of course, not everybody has this shade, I think it will work for most anyway as you can simply dye it, just like I did.

The amount of hair in these is really great, I actually only use half the set and gives me plenty of volume.



Winner of BOX 1: Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 18.23.46.png


Winner of BOX2: Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 18.19.10.png

Thank you so much everybody for joining, new giveaway will come soon, as always!
Happy Holidays!



  1. Georgia Tsoulfa

    Ah I wish I saw this earlier!! Everything is amazing~ Korean products is my soft spot, they really know how to care for the makeup and skincare! Hope you’re having a great new year!! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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