November 20th, 2017

For November.


Here is a photo of migrating birds, because I didn’t have a collective image of all the products I’m going to open up.

This month has been a bit slow for me, as I’m recovering from surgery, but having new packages to unbox makes my days a bit more exciting.

Here is what I’ve received. 


The package I was most looking forward to receive was from Bunny, as she collaborated with Bellami to create this amazing hair kit: Grav3yard Curl.


Any time Bunny releases something, you can tell how much of herself went into the finished product.


There is a wand that comes with interchangeable barrels; this up here is completely new to me, so I was curious to try it out.


I’m staying home this week, as I gain my strength back, so I didn’t want to put too much heat on my hair, but the wand gave me very natural, pretty waves, in a matter of minutes. That curly barrel actually creates super tight curls as well – if that’s the look you are going for – but as I mentioned I did a very quick session and brushed through my hair for a softer look.


The alligator design throughout the collection is a nice touch, but the oil slick metal is so cool.


The kit not only includes the wand with 3 barrels, the straightener and a hairdryer, but it also comes with some tools to help you create your looks.

These products are all so nice!


I was sent this ‘enhancer drop set’ by Cover FX. I was curious about it, because I wasn’t too sure as to what the product would look like….


But BAM!

Look at that glow. You can wear just a tiny bit on its own, as a highlight, or mix it into your foundation for an all over subtle glow.

These shades are Moonlight, Rose Gold, Celestial and Halo.


When I rubbed them all together my forearm looked all sparkly!


I’ve received a box of socks from a company called Damn Socks.  In their letter, they mentioned the saw my new pink hair, and wanted to gift me some matching socks. Very sweet of them!


This one is my favourite pair, and honestly the quality is great – each pair is so comfy, slightly on the thick side and super soft on the inside.

They are offering 20% off – on every pair – for you, by using the code ‘marziaslife’.


A new magazine just launched, called One Aware; their very first issue is themed around impulses. It’s structured so that different people share personal stories that relate to a specific theme, in whatever form that could come as.


It’s a fairly minimalistic magazine, and I say it in a good way as I enjoy that approach.


This was an article about an artist, whose Instagram videos bring a sense of calm to the viewers. She says that she enjoys abstract art as ‘no two people see the exact same thing as they look at my pieces’. The images she creates are beautiful.

That’s just an example of one of the stories shared in the magazine, so if you are intrigued, you can find it here.

But now, we made it to a little giveaway section: 3 prizes, 3 winners!

edit: This giveaway is now closed.


The winner of the GOLD box is:

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 15.23.14.png


The winner of the PINK box is: Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 15.23.28.png



The winner of the YELLOW box is: Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 15.23.04
New giveaways will come soon, as always. 

Thank you all for joining!


929 thoughts on “PR PACKAGES.

  1. Barbara

    Hi marzia 😊 , how are you feeling after the surgery? I hope your recovery is going well. Can you breathe better now? 😊 Btw those socks are adorable.


  2. tom

    Hey Marzia B, You look happy and well. Your nose is really pretty. I wonder what you’ve been getting up to, I have been missing you and I really can’t wait for sunday. Have a lovely day and a wonderful life. Take care of yourself. Hugs.


  3. irunchuk

    Thanks again for introducing some new items :)! Socks are my weakness…I have got sooo many of them that soon I will be able to wear one pair per day for like 3-4 months without needing to wash them haha.

    I saw on your new post that 2 of 3 winners haven’t claimed the prize. Maybe I am too late now but still will give it a chance :o).
    I like the PINK box.

    Have a nice evening!


  4. Violet

    Hey Marzia, really cute stuff. Felix’s pictures were interesting from your new post, and it was nice to see the pugs. Saw your post that some of the winners didn’t claim their boxes from this so thought I would see if the PINK box was still around, even though it’s probably too late! Keep feeling better.


  5. Casey Sloan

    OH my gosh (i don’t know how i get so behind with you blog lol) I am loovvving those wand sets! been looking for something similar recently, i’ve never even seen those! Thanks for Sharing!


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