November 11th, 2017


My story.




3 Years ago I had a septoplasty to help with my breathing. At the time I couldn’t keep going with spending miserable nights getting barely any sleep, so I did my first surgery.

Quickly after, 6 months later, both my surgeon and I knew it was not very successful, and was told we could do another one right away, but the fear of reliving the surgery was too much… until yesterday.

Here is my journey; from explaining the first surgery, to comparing it to my revision surgery, and everything in between.

Alright, let’s rewind a few years back. In the late spring of 2014 I reached out to a surgeon. The way I selected her, was simply from the fact that she was a female. At the time my fear of doctors was too high, so having a woman made me feel a bit more at ease. She didn’t specialise in my type of surgery – which looking back, really should have been a red flag – but she was nice enough, and told me she could help me.

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 10.35.25.png

How my ‘original’ nose looked like. Fairly slim, but you can see the bended septum.

Before the surgery, these were the problems with my nose:

  • Right nostril fully blocked. I simply did not breathe from this at all;
  • Left nostril would close when sleeping. This would happen because, since one of them wasn’t working, I could only sleep in one specific position that allowed the other one to get air through, but eventually, during the night, I would move around causing the nostril to close up near the septum, blocking off any air.

My mom believes that my nose was deviated after an accident I had when I was 8 years old. I used to roller skate, and I fell on my face, causing my teeth to be pushed out, a scar under my chin, and possibly, my nose to develop crooked.

These were my issues. For that surgery I requested for my nose to look the same; I knew that she may have needed to make adjustments in order to allow air to pass through my nostrils correctly, but I definitely wanted as much of a natural result as possible.

So in mid September I went in at 11am, and by 12 I was under anaesthesia.

I woke up at 5pm that evening, meaning that my surgery went on much longer than it’s supposed to: a septoplasty usually takes 1h 30 minutes. I woke up, didn’t feel sick, just dizzy, and was kept in over the night.

I did not manage to sleep at all, as my nose had been packed with two giant tampons, so I would feel the blood at the back moving around. I also remember that any time I was close to sleeping, my breathing would stop, and the machine I was attached to would beep to let the nurses know I was not okay. So I gave up, and waited till the morning after, which is when I saw my surgeon. She didn’t say much, as she came mainly to remove my packings.

Now, this was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. Seriously.

But after that, I was allowed to change and go home.

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 10.35.43.png

Two weeks after surgery. 

Cut to around 10 days later, I got the cast removed and my nose cleaned. I was actually very happy at first, cause my nostrils looked very open and I could breathe trough them well, even considering all the swelling. My nose was a lot larger as my nose bridge was made wider during the surgery, which I honestly didn’t mind. My nose still pointed to the left, but I could breathe – that’s what mattered.

Every few months, as the nose is healing (it takes about 1 year in total) I would do my check ups, and as the months went by, the breathing diminished. I kept hoping that eventually it would settle, but after 6 months I was told the left nostril was too close to my septum, and would need a revision surgery. The hospital informed me they would do it for free, but I could only wait a year maximum to do it.

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 10.36.53.png

After 6 months.

I remember discussing this with family and friends, and logically it made sense to do it, but I had just gone through one, and really wasn’t ready to face another.

I was also doing my invisalign treatment, which was not the most pleasant as your teeth are in constant discomfort, and would have needed to stop for a few months, if I decided to go ahead with another surgery.

It did not feel like the right time.

I thought to myself that at least now I had the right nostril functioning correctly, so that was something. And I could wait it out. If I ever was ready, I could do it in a second moment. I did not want to rush.


Now let’s jump to this year, 2017.

The idea of the surgery was on my mind, but I never felt like I could actually do another one. Some of the reasons where:

  • My stomach issues;
  • Intense fear of vomiting (after surgery it’s common to be sick and did not want to take that chance);
  • Acne, as I stopped taking the pill, causing my acne to come back (if it’s too bad, the surgeon can refuse to do the surgery);
  • Did not want to have to go trough the pain of the gauze packing removal;
  • Wasn’t excited overall about having a huge nose for many months after surgery.


A few months ago, I was recommended this one surgeon, that focuses on breathing problems, and reached out. At this point I was very unsure about wanting to do it or not, but a few people suggested that I should at least meet with him and hear what could be done. So I booked an appointment, and let me tell you, he was so kind and confident that I felt very at ease, and for the first time in many years I felt like I could actually go through with it, one more time.

I’ve met up with him a few more times after, talked about the nose and did a small visit to check on the state of it (since it had been worked on before there is scar tissue and less cartilage available) and felt so great about him being my surgeon that I decided to book this surgery. He is seriously the nicest, and you can tell he knows what he is doing. If I was ever going to do this, I knew I wanted him to be the one.


I’ve tried recreating a sketch he made me to visualise the inside of my nose. I don’t have enough energy to get my tablet out, so excuse the awful mouse drawing; it should still give you an idea of how my septum is bent, which parts of it, and how my nostril is closed.

He did say that it will be a bigger surgery, and would take me longer to recover, and he – not being the original surgeon – will have to see, once the nose is opened up, what he is working with. He said he will probably remove the previous grafts that were placed, and he said “in order to fix a crooked wall, you would take it apart and rebuild a straight one, so that’s what I’m going to do with your septum”. This sounds pretty scary, but he said it wouldn’t make a difference for me, as I would be asleep and the tricky part is up to him.

The bone in my nose is straight, so luckily that didn’t need to be touched, but the bottom 2/3 of my nose have an important bend, which causes my left nostril to attach to the septum (as I was aware of) resulting in poor air flow – when I say attach, by the way, I mean that I physically have to detach it by sticking a finger into my nostril and push it outwards.

Because the first time I was so caught up on the fact that it had to look as similar as possible to my nose, and was let down, ending up with a fairly different nose – somehow – this time I told him to do whatever he felt like was needed and would fit my face well, making this surgery a septorhinoplasty, so I’m expecting my nose to look different, but I don’t really know how it will look like. The last time I saw him, I told him I fully trust him with everything, so as long as I get a decent looking nose that works well, I will be happy.

I think in America they give you photoshopped images to show you what the result will be like, but in the UK, both times I did this, I was not shown options, so you just have to believe in your surgeon’s skills.

Anyway, going back to my concerns: by now, my stomach is stable enough (I can eat properly and rarely feel sick), and my acne is reduced to 10% of what it used to be. I’ve been following this skin regimen since summer time, and stuck with it as I had noticed it was clearing my skin up. None of the products I use are targeted to acne prone skin, they are all quite gentle, so later on I’m pretty sure I will share it with you guys as it’s working so well for me.

My other fears were still present, but I could finally put them aside, thinking that it would be worth suffering a bit to finally get a decent result.


Today is first day after surgery.

Yesterday, the 10th of November, I woke up at 5.45 am, showered, made my way to the hospital, and by 7am I was checked in. I expected to go in soon after, but unfortunately I was told I wasn’t the first patient of the day, so I had to wait.

In the meantime, I’ve met with my surgeon one last time, the anesthesiologist (to whom I told to please give me all the medicines he could, as i’d terribly afraid of throwing up), and all the nurses.

At 9.30 I went under.

At 1.10pm I woke up, my body in shock, shaking uncontrollably, exactly like it did after my first surgery, but managed to calm down within 10 minutes. I was kept in observation till 2pm and then moved to my room, where I saw Felix.

I didn’t feel any nausea, thankfully, just dizziness.

I had no inside packings, and when the surgeon came in he said he was happy. He did say it was quite a lot of work, but he did everything he could, and if this doesn’t give me a straight nose, no other surgery can.

I did take a look under my nose to try and see if it still points toward the left, and it does a bit, but it’s so hard to tell so soon so I’m staying positive.

At 5pm I was able to eat a full sandwich, crackers and cookies. I was walking around and feeling overall really well. I was told that I could leave the hospital, so I changed, but when they removed the IV from my wrist, my vein got like – 5 times bigger – so the nurse pressed it and it really hurt. Stupidly, I was standing up while she did it, and caused me to go grey and almost faint.

My blood pressure was very low, everything was blurred and the sound was muffled, so they kept me in two extra hours. I felt bad cause I knew Felix just wanted to go home, but I also knew it was for the best.

At 8.30pm I arrived home with a bag of medicines to take.

I was given ibuprofen for the pain, although I can only take half the dose of a regular person because of my stomach; in fact, I have chronic gastritis, not sure I’ve ever mentioned it, but that causes me to feel sick easily and not being able to digest much, so I don’t wanna upset it by taking too many medications.

I was also given antibiotics so that I don’t catch a bug, and stronger pain killers only to be taken if the pain is very strong.

I was then given 3 more products: a nose cream, to put directly into the nostrils, as well as a nose spray, and a gauze for night time, so it can catch any bleeding while I sleep.

I woke up today with no bruising just yet, which is great! I have been taking arnica pills to help, and I’m going to start using ice packs to contain the swelling.

So, overall, everything went/is going really well, I’m happy. Sure, I feel miserable, but the worst bit has passed. Now I have to rest and care for my nose for 10 days before I get my cast and stitches removed.

At first I thought I would do a blog post about it after I was healed, going through all the recovery process, but I had so many details to share already that I didn’t wanna risk forgetting any. Before doing my surgery I spent hours reading similar blog posts, and finding them very helpful, so I’m hoping if anyone has to go through this, may find some comfort to know that the surgery itself wasn’t so terrible this time, but you have to be aware that it may not be successful as well.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous to share this much information with the internet – people are quick to judge, and even though you marzipans were super supportive of my first surgery, I’m afraid I will get attacked by some over having to do a second one. In all fairness, another main reason why I waited so long is because I felt like I would have needed to explain myself to the internet, if I ever did do another surgery, but when I came to terms with it, living with a blocked nose that I’m not happy with for my entire life, just because I could come across some rude people, didn’t seem worth it.

My family and closest friends know about it, and they are all being so lovely, so hopefully I can get the same understanding from you on here.

That is all I wanted to touch on today, I will be sure to give you more updates as the days pass, but not to worry – it won’t be all you read on my blog, I’ve planned out different blog posts, so there will be a good variety of things coming up!


If you made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read. 


321 thoughts on “REVISION SURGERY.

  1. RiaWinx

    Hey Marzia! Sending lots of warm wishes your way! I hope this surgery is a success and you feel better soon! I’m glad you were able to share this with us, this was obviously a source of anxiety for you and still is probably but sharing helps ….post surgery can be a problematic time for your mental health and its important to address it to your self and your loved ones! Lots of love ^.^


  2. Zombie Girl

    Awwww get well soon Marzia!
    I hope everything goes very well with you and I’m also happy that you have been brave enough to do it for yourself. You’re such an inspiration and I’m very happy for you 🙂
    Much love, Caroline ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. alanahcjoy

    Having surgery to remedy a problem interfering with your quality of life (ie. breathing!) should definitely be supported, if not encouraged. I hate to think that sharing this would have caused you such anguish, but I’m glad that you feel comfortable enough to do so. Much love ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Lauren

    hi Marzia! I’m in medical school and it makes me so happy to hear the doctor put you so much at ease, I hope I can make people feel as calm and reassured in the future. I hope the result is what you wanted, can’t wait to hear more.


  5. Ilona

    Hey Marzia.

    I had a similar problem since puberty. I broke my nose when I was a kid and in puberty it grew crooked. The septum was also off and when sporting, I almost couldn’t breathe. People called my a witch because it was so crooked. I did a lot of research how I could go for surgery for a correction. By then it turned out that for medicinal reasons I still had to do surgery, with or without the correction because of the breathing problems. So I had a huge surgery where they corrected everything at once. I woke up from the narcosis and immediately after I had an internal bleeding. So I was kept under Observation for 2 days/nights. I couldn’t sleep for 4 nights in total because of the huge tampons. Because of the bleeding, I had an infection an had to use antibiotics on top of the painkillers. (Morphine while in the hospital, ibuprofen at home). When the tampons were removed, although it hurt like hell, I could finally breath and eventually sleep! Slept for 18 hours non-stop. Well this was my story, good luck with your recovery and hopefully it was the last time (I do not understand Michael Jackson btw). Kisses!!


  6. Bosaina

    Get well soon marzia!
    I love you so much i am sorry you had to go through all this hope this one actually makes you better and i hope you don’t have to go through this again


  7. Darbriella

    I’ve been busy and couldn’t read your blog lately, so now I’m catching up. I hope you’re doing better! I know surgery is stressful and crazy, I’m actually watching a shoulder surgery in class right now ironically enough. I hope this helps you breath properly again and that you heal quickly and well<3

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Farina Lina

    i’m so happy for you that you have that fine now! and don’t be ashamed or anything, if you couldn’t breathe properly, that’s a good reason to fix your nose! love you xx


  9. Cayden

    Feel better Marzia!
    It was really brave of you to go through with the surgery, and I am so happy for you. I hope you heal well and feel better soon. Breathe happy!
    Sending much love! ❤
    Hugs from America


  10. niklittle

    I’m so glad you went through and got the second surgery, it takes a lot to put yourself through that pain again. I had the same surgery myself as a teenager but I can say it’s so much better and easier once you’ve healed. Breathing normally has never been so enjoyable! Haha.
    I hope you heal well and can’t wait to hear about it xo


  11. Suri Chemat

    I just read this today as i had a busy week but, i’m glad youre okay now. it sounds so scary and youre so brave marzia!

    i hope you recover well and soon. cannot wait to hear your updates about the recovery process!


  12. Kat

    Feel better Marzia! I am blind in one eye and I’d do surgery in a heartbeat to fix it if Drs had one for my problem so I’m very glad you did a second surgery to help with your nose!


  13. bridgyspace

    I am happy you shared ! I had a slightly similar problem with my nose when I was younger. They went in and burned away part of the nasal passages so that breathing and mucus flow would be easier. ( I have a lung disorder also and I am an actual mucus factory lol)
    And girl, I know the pain of the giant tampons being extracted!! Heck ! My doctor straight up said “this won’t hurt a bit “ counted to two and then ripped them out of my nose. It was the WORST. ugh. Hoping you have a swift recovery. Much love , Bridgy


  14. julia

    I’m scary of doctors as well so I can easily understand you. I hope you will recover quickly and your nose problems will never come back. Love you and your channel 😉


  15. spotofbother

    Thank you for sharing this – it must have been pretty intimidating! You always amaze me with how strong you are – dealing with such a lot that you would never have been able to tell through just watching your videos. I’m so sorry you’ve had to live with this for so long, and honestly those who don’t agree with the second surgery haven’t got a CLUE what they are talking about. Also, I really hope your Chronic Gastritis gets better – I know it can be treated but takes a while, so hopefully it is going well (it must be a relief to actually have an explanation for your stomach pain!).

    Stay strong, we all love and care about you ❤


  16. Tess

    It’s so brave that you’ve put this story up Marzia! I hope you feel well and that it heals nicely! I also have breathing problems but I always thought it was because of a cold, so I would use nose spray way longer and now it’s even worse, but I don’t have the time to see a doctor and I’m so wrong if it would only get worse.


  17. Alexa A.

    I hope you feel better! It takes a lot of courage to do something like that and share it with the internet but I am glad you did. Lots of love! 🙂


  18. Marte Ruud

    You are so brave ❤ we will always support you, but I think that because you made this post it will help others to understand what you are going through and why you do this… I admire you, Marzia


  19. Marina

    Hello, Marzia!
    I’m Marina (I’m sorry, it’s going to be a looong reply). I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been struggling with breathe issues since I was born and when I saw that something similar happened to you, I felt so relieved. I used to feel self-conscious because I wasn’t able to breathe and my nasal voice (Is that how you say it? I’m sorry, I’m Spanish hahah. Basically, my voice is similar to when you just caught a cold). I was born with my right nostril almost closed and, until I was 9 years old, I didn’t get any surgery or treatment because none of my doctors noticed anything weird. I’m from a small city in Andalucía. A random doctor sent me to Madrid and there is where they saw that something was wrong. So, I made an appointment, everything went fine but right before they’d finish the surgery I woke up and – Oh my gosh, It was like a nightmare. I had a panic attack, I couldn’t stop shaking so all the doctors had to grip me to the litter. Even after that, I still can’t breathe properly when I’m sleeping on my right side, ugh.

    Anyways, during the day I feel pretty fine so as long as I don’t catch a cold I’ll be fine.

    I’m kind of scared to share this with you and all the marzipans that I’m shaking while typing this…

    Well, and that’s the reason why you are one of the persons that inspires me so much. I feel like we are friends when you don’t even know who I am.

    I hope you’ll be able to breathe soon.

    Lots of love from Spain ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  20. itsokayrori

    Oh I need the same surgery… but I can’t afford it. I haven’t been able to breath well since I was a kid. I want it but I just can’t afford it. It would be my first surgery going under also 😦 I had 3 cysts removed from my head while awake… that was an experience – going to sleep scares me a little! 😦 I’m glad you did the surgery though, I hope for a great recovery ❤

    Rori. x


  21. prettypeachreviews

    I am glad you got the surgery! and hey its an added bonus you got your nose to look different to! This was somewhat like me in the fact that I had a ‘cosmetic type’ procedure for solely a medical purpose. My jaw was out of place and it was either fracture my jaw and screw it into place or try braces.. needless to say, I chose the braces but many people even now continue to say I am vane since I got braces when I didn’t really need them. It’s funny how sometimes people judge before knowing the whole story.


  22. Kathleen Jo

    sometimes i can’t believe that you’ve been through so much. your internet personality makes you seem so carefree and go-lucky, but when you read your blog, you see what a deep and interesting person you are. you really inspire me to become my healthiest, happiest self. ❤


  23. synnieburger

    Thank you, Marzia, for this article ❤ I have had breathing problems too, for like as long as I can remember, and I’m actually really hesitant about doing surgery, although the surgeon said it was possible. So I think I’ll do it! Thank you again ❤ I hope I’m as lucky as you are 🙂 Keep doing your videos, you have an amazing mind, you’re such an artist in every possible way, your filming and editing = perfection. Thank you for existing!

    With love,

    Jo from Brittany.


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