October 26th, 2017

New accessories.


It’s pretty clear that – when it comes to jewellery – I like gold, and astronomy/space inspired designs are right up my alley.

My fine jewellery line closed the orders just a few days ago, and as I was browsing IG photos, an ad for this company called Wanderlust + Co popped up. I was very interested, so I clicked on it, and actually ended up purchasing a few things! 


I’m not sponsored by this brand, I simply found it and was curious to order a few pieces from there. I believe this is an American company, but somehow the parcel got to me just a few days later (which is very quick) with no custom charges. I’m wondering if they have a UK warehouse, but I didn’t check the address this came from.


When I opened it up, yesterday, I was pleased by how well everything was packaged.


These earrings are so pretty; a bit big – but pretty.

I like the hoop – even tho I generally go with a small/medium size – and the moon with the star charms. I think these would look great on a night out.

When I picked these up, they felt a bit plastic-y, but they have that wow effect regardless.


I also bought 3 necklaces, two of which I’m wearing in this photo, layered.

I bought the moon phases chocker, and this longer moon necklace; this second piece is stunning, whilst the chocker almost has a bohemian vibe to it.


And so the final two pieces are another necklace, this one with star details and a bar – very gorgeous as well – and the one item that was originally advertised to me: the libra ring.

In fact, they have rings with every zodiac sign. Such a cool idea! They are adjustable as well, which makes it convenient.

If you take a closer look at the two rings I’m wearing, you can easily tell how much more yellow fake gold is, compared to actual gold, but I think all of these designs are incredible, and all reasonably priced.


I also like the fact that you can use the box they come in to store your accessories.

Have you ever heard of this brand? I wanted to share it with you cause I really liked their aesthetic and thought some of you may enjoy it as well.



50 thoughts on “WANDERLUST + CO.

  1. unculemas21

    Nice pics and nice jewellery!!! I haven’t heard about this brand, but I’ll checkout to buy a present to my girlfriend, thank you very much!!

    Thanks for inspiring us and all the love you give to us!! I know I’m very annoying about that, but if you and Félix come to Barcelona one time, I would love to meet you pleeeeaseeeee ^^

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  2. supernovamaria

    This jewellery is gorgeous!! I love stars and moons on jewellery but tend to buy silver, not sure why really, but I think I need to buy more gold stuff after seeing your line and these items!! They’re so dainty and elegant!

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  3. Lise

    The necklaces look so beautiful layered on top of each other! All of these are just my style too so I will have to check them out. Thank you so much for sharing these, Marzia! 🙂

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    1. marziabisognin

      My line went great! Much better than even expected, which made me very happy. That makes me understand that it’s worth investing time and money into making more jewellery lines in 2018, and I should be able to add silver as an option. 🙂

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  4. musicmichelle

    I really like it, I’m personally not into gold jewelry, but I think that I might consider buying one of those zodiac rings. And I have heard of the brand before, it’s my friends favorite brand.

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  5. Lisa

    It really looks like some nice Jewellery. I just wanted to say that the word Wanderlust is German and means you like to go hiking around.
    The English loanword “wanderlust” was already extant in the German language dating as far back as Middle High German. The first documented use of the term in English occurred in 1902[1] as a reflection of what was then seen as a characteristically German predilection for wandering that may be traced back to German Romanticism and the German system of apprenticeship (the journeyman), as well as the adolescent custom of the ‘Wanderbird’ seeking unity with Nature.[2]

    The term originates from the German words wandern (to hike) and Lust (desire). The term wandern, frequently misused as a false friend, does in fact not mean “to wander”, but “to hike.” Placing the two words together, translated: “enjoyment of hiking”, although it is commonly described as an enjoyment of strolling, roaming about or wandering.[citation needed]

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  6. kittyp0p

    The brand name sounds familiar, but not sure if I’ve seen any of their products before. I love the ring (being a libra myself) and those necklaces are gorgeous too! Your line is very much my style, and I’m looking forward to your new line coming next year (: good luck to you with all that you’re working on xoxo


  7. Aletze Estrada de la Rosa

    The necklaces are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing Marzia 🙂 you have a pretty good eye!

    Greetings to Pewds, the pugs and Dogy ❤ Have a nice day!


  8. fannyelsa

    Hou thats really nice. I’ve been absolutely obsessed with things moon-related without having any idea why XD it’s like i woke up one day and suddenly my world revolved around the Moon suddenly ahah. I kinda of really like the vibe of these, I’m gonna check them out !


  9. Brenda Mondragon, DC

    Wow! Beautiful pieces. I would love to see Gold make a come-back! I think it looks better with my skin tone. I love the idea of simple zodiac pieces. It personalizes it and these pieces aren’t over-the-top.


  10. Hui Nn

    Hi marzia, i bought your lunastella bracelet and cant wait to see it real life. About this brand i believe it is a malaysia brand. My sister previously bought a pair of earrings from this brand which are quite nice, however the colour faded after a few months. Want to ask you if the luna stella jewellery will fade in colour if come in contact with perfumes etc?

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  11. Michelle

    Hi marzia
    I’d just like to say thank you so much for allowing free international post on your website. It makes me super happy I can save $30USD in shipping, which when converted to AUD is about $45!
    I have purchased your forest creatures tote and the set of pop sockets!!

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  12. Lisa

    Non ne avevo mai sentito parlare ma sembrano carini! Mi piace l’idea dell’anello con il segno zodiacale:) hai ragione, gli orecchini a cerchio sarebbero stati più belli piccoli! Quel genere ti sta mooooolto bene ⭐️


  13. Meagan Seith

    I like that you showcased this brand! It is a great cheaper alternative to the Lunaestella pieces you made–though I have to admit I much prefer your items, I hope you create more along the lines of this aesthetic in the future! Though I was wondering/hoping, are you going to have extra pieces from your line made for purchasing at all? :O I purchased the necklace for myself but now I am realizing that I would love to gift some of your pieces for the holidays! Any hope for me? 🙂

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  14. Leianjel

    These look so pretty!! I love jewelry 💍💅🙈🌸👩🏼 I don’t know this brandbut it’s looks like a “free-spirit” brand & one of those neat finds that Urban Outfitters sometimes sells. This is SO cute :))))

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  15. Kristine Marie

    Hey Mariza!

    I was just wondering if you had plans to re-relase the pieces in your jewellery line, I was so bummed when they went out of stock as I fell in love with those earrings! I thought they looked so unique and something you’d be able to pass on down sort of like a heirloom.

    Greetings from Dubai!!

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  16. gozestyourself

    Hey Marzia! I have an order question about your site. I placed an order for some of the sale Lemon line on October 4th and there’s no update on the shipping information 😦 I couldn’t reply back to the email confirmation and the only email on the site is the company for the subscription box. I really am excited about the products I bought and I’m a bit worried since they aren’t even on the site anymore. Is there a different email I can follow up with? Thank you so much!!


  17. MEW

    Ah I really love moon and star motifs in jewellery too ❤️✨ I love how this brand shipped to you so quickly. I feel like I’m always so impatient waiting for packages to arrive 😂 The longer moon necklace is too pretty :’)

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  18. Fourever Jenie

    I love those earrings!! I definietly have a thing for earrings with charms on them!
    On another note, would you consider making an updated version of your shoe collection? I remember watching it 3 years ago?? Or just a fall/winter haul. I would like to get inspiration and some ideas from you beacuse I’m a bit lost. 😕

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  19. Teatime

    I also love this brand a lot. Such cute jewellery. And you picked so nice things, love it 😀
    I also wanted to say, that I am still enjoying your youtube videos, so so much!! I don’t like to comment on youtube because I think you will not see it, so I thought I just write you here. Keep the work up! You are original and simply lovely ^^

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  20. Taylor

    Hey Marzia,
    I’ve been looking at getting some Wander Lust pieces, they’re so nice! but I’m wondering if they last or do they tarnish?? Thank you! Taylor


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