October 15th, 2017

5 extremely easy DIYs.


We are half way through the month of October, so of course I’m feeling the Halloween spirit.

Sundays are the days where I usually catch up with work, but today I couldn’t help but wanting to DIY some spooky stuff. These are all very simple and quick to make, so anyone can try and be creative with it! 



Let’s begin with a healthy snack.

I saw these while browsing on the internet, so I did not come up with it, but it’s so cute and clever that I wanted to give it a go.

You just need your clementines and some kind of leafy green. I opted for celery as I had it in the fridge.


Peel the fruit and put the leaves in the middle. Can it get any easier than this?!

If you are preparing a buffet and wanted to display some fruit, this would be a lovely way to do it.

I gave it a little spin and used the top of the clementine as a ‘hat’ for it – it’s always interesting to have some variation.



For these you are going to need your Oreos (but you can use any cookies you prefer), white icing (the one your roll), and red icing in pen form.

I originally bought multiple colours cause I wanted to create different designs, but I soon realised that they could look Christmas-y – and not creepy at all – so I opted for just the red.

If you have orange icing, instead of white, that could also look great. I’ve seen some on the internet with eyes on them!


The first thing I did was rolling the icing and then cutting out the shapes I wanted.

I put them on one side of each cookie and smoothed them out. You see what I mean when I say that they look Christmas-y? I guess this DIY could work both ways.


The step that turns these into creepy cookies is the dripping blood, which is incredibly easy to do.



In the previous DIY you may have spotted some cute ghost napkins. I bought those yesterday in a party shop, but I soon realised how you could recreate them with some plain white paper napkins and a black marker.


Cut out your preferred ghost shape, just pay attention to leave a connecting edge so the layers will stick together: you can either leave an edge on top, or on the side.


Then draw their faces, and you are done!

Not sure if the marker would come off on your mouth if you are trying to wipe it, but I think if you turned them the other way you should have no issues at all, and if anything, you could also just use them to display your different foods.

Of course, if you use regular paper, you could create a garland and hang them somewhere as well!



If you are not into the look of paper garlands, don’t worry, here is more unique (yet equally easy) way to create a garland.


Use toilet paper to make a ball; and with your black marker, give it a face.


Now grab some white sheer fabric, and wrap it around the head.

Use clear hair ties around the ‘neck’ to keep the fabric in place.


When you are done creating the ghosts, use a thread to connect them all. You can also hang them up individually – if you wish.


Look at them! I love how they look.

I had ordered too much of that sheer fabric for my clown costume, so I’m glad I got to use it for something else.



Now, for the most visually impactful DIY, here is how you can make some bloody candles in seconds.


Lit up a red candle and drip the wax on your white candles while they are standing up.

Cover the area with paper or plastic to avoid ruining the floor/table you are working on.


This will make the room feel 10 times creepier.


The fog probably was the reason why I felt inspired to make these.

I hope you liked them, and will give them a try!


110 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN DIYS.

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  2. Erin

    I know this is off the topic of this post but I was wondering something. Would you ever consider posting something about your gym routine? I like your build. I mean to say, you look strong and healthy but also feminine. I am looking to get into shape and don’t want to look too masculine. Just curious.


  3. Lisa

    Hey Marzia!
    These DIYs are so cute, I especially love the candles. Makes me want to craft something myself😄
    Also I wanted to wish you a happy birthday! You are an amazing Person and I admire you a lot. Your Videos and blogposts have helped me through some rough times and I discovered a big part of myself inspired by you. You have helped me with my own anxiety a lot as well. Everytime I watch your videos or read your posts on here, it feels like coming back to a friend. So I wanted to use this occasion to say thank you for everything❤ Have an amazing day😘
    Much love, Lisa

    Liked by 1 person

  4. PikaPikaChan

    Happy birthday Marzia! 🎉
    I wish u a super great day, enjoy it, you only deserve the best. On this occasion, I would like to thank you for everything you’ve done for us. Thank you so so much for all your effort you put into your work, just for entertaining us! Showing us some little beautiful moments of your life makes me excited every time again and I am proud to be a marzipan and will surely support you as long as I’ll exist 😀
    Thank you again and a happy birthday (:
    Greetings from Germany
    -Leila 🌙

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Sara Fike

    happy birthday marzia! even though i dont know you personally, you seem like a best friend/role model to me. you have showed me so many new things and ideas and changed my lifestyle completely! wishing you the best birthday!
    sara 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Grace Chan

    I live for this blogs,your blogs Marzia.You are amazing and lovely.I love you so much Marzia.you are like a little light that make my heart shine 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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