October 10th, 2017

full line.JPG

For the past few months I’ve been designing some jewellery pieces, and today I can show them to you.

When I was born my cousin Veronica gifted me a gold bracelet she had made for me, which I still have to this day.


You may have seen it in my videos, as I always got asked where I got it from. I never had an answer to where you could find something like this, so the idea of creating a line inspired by it came to me, early in the summer.

I sketched out 4 pieces and reached out to my cousin: she has been working with gold fine jewellery for as long as I can remember. Growing up I would see her wearing her own designs, thinking it was the coolest thing ever (I still think it is) and dreaming that – one day – I could do her same job.

Every year, either for my birthday or Christmas, she would gift me something she made for me, which was so special.

So after telling her my idea, letting her know that it would be inspired by the bracelet she had made me years ago, she was on board!

I sent her my sketches, and soon enough she was working on my samples.


I’ve recreated the bracelet, in a daintier, simpler version.


It has 3 moons and 3 stars that wrap around the wrist.


It’s also adjustable, and the tag has my signature on it, as well as the 14kt title.


I of course had to create a necklace version of it, even more simplistic, with just a star in the middle, and two moons on the sides, 5cm apart.


It is a choker-style necklace, meaning that it’s supposed to stay quite close to the neck, but it is adjustable, and also shows my signature on a gold tag as well as the title.


A very exciting piece is this pair of earrings, which are small size gold hoops.


Here is the star close-up.


And here is the moon.


The final, and most affordable piece, is this chain ring, with a gold circle in which we placed the moon (so the edges wouldn’t hurt while wearing it).


This is the only item that has the moon on just one side – as it won’t spin around – and you are able to select the actual size you need before buying.

These items are all made with 14kt gold (not just covered), made in Italy, and made to order. Faces on each charm are laser cut.


This line is going to be a limited edition, we are collecting orders from today, Tuesday 10th of October, to the 24th of this month (2 weeks).

After we close the collecting period, it will take 30 days to produce, and the pieces you purchased will then be on their way to you.  ⸌̷̻( ᷇ॢ〰ॢ ᷆◍)⸌̷̻♡⃛

I believe these would not only be great additions to your jewellery collection, but also make a perfect Christmas gift for others.

I’m extremely happy with how everything turned out, and I hope you will like it too!
Do you have a favourite?



114 thoughts on “MY FINE JEWELLERY LINE.

  1. Austen Curtis

    When will they ship ? I’ve made my order back on October 20th and I’ve sent multiple emails and I’ve called multiple times but the lines are always busy. I would just like to know when I’m going to be getting your product since it’s been well over 30 days.


    1. Kendall Ruchti

      Hi, Marzia! Can you please offer an update on the jewelry? Like many others I’ve also been trying to reach your contacts but I haven’t heard anything back and haven’t had any shipping confirmation or update emails over the past month. 😦 Really just want reassurance the products are still shipping and when that will be!


  2. Harley Quinclaire

    I just got my jewelry! omg! I love love love it! It’s beautiful. Thank you so much. eeee. ❤ Please make more jewelry. this is amazing!! Thank you thank you thank you! ^u^


  3. Alisha

    I’m so depressed. I got my ring in the mail and it was not the size I ordered. I compared it to all my rings and double checked to make sure I ordered the right size and I did. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit on any of my fingers. Waited forever and now I can’t wear it…I guess I’ll just look at it 😔


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