In my hometown. 


Felix and I spent the weekend in Sovizzo, which is where my parents live.

It was a lovely autumn day, with leaves falling, a chilly temperature, and some fun activities planned. 


On Friday evening, right after my plane landed, I rushed to a jewellery: in fact, one of the projects I had been working on was a small, limited edition line, that is all made in Italy with 14t gold. There is a story behind this, and different pieces to be shown, so I will be filming a video later today to announce it.

I got to pick it up, and even thought I had seen photos throughout the process, I was so impressed by how well they matched my vision and drawings. I’m so happy with it!


Although on Friday there had been a storm, on Saturday – my full day there – the weather was perfect, luckily.


That allowed us (my dad, Felix and me) to go on a bike ride on the country fields around our house.


I spotted some apple trees.


It’s always so peaceful there.


By noon we made our way home, as my brother’s girlfriend – Jennifer- treated us to a delicious homemade lunch.


When we arrived I could hear a strange, heavy breathing. I look up and see Nito, my pug x shitsu cross (many ask about his breed) family dog looking at us through the fence.


In the afternoon we headed to the archery field. I always try to go whenever I come back home, as I really enjoy it. Plus, the weather was so nice that we had no reason to stay inside.


I used to be quite good, but this time I’ve lost against Felix, Davide and Jennifer. I blame it on the bow and arrows. Also consider that when I say ‘good’, I mean with a practise bow and close targets.


Here we are after our little tournament.

In the evening we went bowling, where I had invited about 15 people to join, as I wanted to make the best of my short stay and meet as many of my friends as possible. I’m really glad I got to see them all again, and for once – may I say – I did decent at bowling!

We left on Sunday. It was a very nice and refreshing trip, even if it was so quick.

Hope you liked the photos.


83 thoughts on “AN AUTUM DAY.

  1. fannyelsa

    Im so glad you both got to enjoy some family time lately ! You have very busy lives and love away so it’s really nice to be able to regroup every now and then ❤ my in laws all came in town for a visit this week, they are Italian but some have lived to Ireland and even japan, so to have them all here (in Montreal, Canada).m and to see then every day and do something with them has been such fun.

    Im excited to see your lines !! It's awesome that you get to do different kinds of projets ! I admire that :3

    Enjoy your time back home now with the doggies !!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. icaweng

    Such a lovely town you had grown up in. I can hardly wait for your new line to be released, such a dainty design that the star necklace is, really eager to see the rest : )


  3. Brittney

    Your posts always have such beautiful pictures and I hope I will be able to add that personal touch to my own blog too.
    I was hoping you could check out my blog? I know you are a busy person, but I think you might enjoy reading my post ‘Orange’ or my 2 anime posts. I only have about 6 or 7 posts in total as I am new to the blogging thing and I want each thing I blog to truly mean something, you know?
    I think you would enjoy watching ‘Orange’ as well, if you haven’t already. Yuri!!! on ICE is really good as well, but am sure you have seen that!
    Please check my blog out if you or any of your marzipans have the time. Any comments, opinions, recommendations or ideas would be much appreciated!
    I hope I too can grow such a wonderful community like yours with my online safe place 🙂
    Take care ! ❤
    -Brittney ❤


  4. Gülşah

    I’m planning on going quick trips like you when I start to earn money properly. 🙂
    Also can you or anyone here recommend me blogs like Marzia’s? It’s a great way to relax so


  5. Aletze Estrada de la Rosa

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing with us your mini trip, Marzia ❤

    I want to practice archery too!! I've always liked it but it's too expensive in my country.

    Anyway, glad you had a nice time back home.

    Say hi to Pewds and the pugs.


  6. violetnikol

    Looks like you had wonderful weekend! Here, in Czech republic is similar weather, leaves are falling and it’s sunny.
    Also, I really like your new jewellery line, it’s minimal and so pretty, I think it would go with almost every outfit!

    Have a nice day, Marzia 🙂


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