September 30th, 2017

A weekly update.


Remember how I was saying that I’ve been sick? Well, this sore throat is not going away. But the weather has been quite nice, and I’ve gotten some stuff done. 


I’ve finished changing up the kitchen in the ‘old flat’ (aka Felix’s current office).


Before, it was a rather bland space. It’s a long, thin kitchen, washed with beige cupboards.


I had some fun with the walls, added a big clock to tell me the time (so I don’t have to guess from now on) and a chunky shelf with plants to breathe some life into this window-less room.


I’m quite happy with it! Simple and effective.


I’ve also been checking the flat we are redoing regularly, just to stay on top of all the changes we are making and make sure everything is going smoothly.

Well, we have encountered lots of small issues since the buildings in Brighton are so old, but I love popping in every few days and seeing the progress.

This photo up here is from the guest bathroom. I’ve not designed this space yet, but I got the workers to strip it down for me and when I saw the room, it looked like a horror set, so that meant I needed to take a photo of it.


When I got to that flat, there were a few packages waiting for me.

I didn’t have proper time to unbox and test everything out, but I tried my best to lay it out.


Soap&Glory sent me two bath bombs and a multi-purpose wax-like product. This smells great.


This company called Facetory sent me one of their boxes, filled with korean masks. They included a code you marzipans can use to get a discount (if you want to try them)!


Here I am, trying to scare Felix while wearing a golden face mask.


Tarte sent me what I believe may be their entire Holiday line: all the lippies, blushes, makeup brushes…


As well as their two makeup palettes, combined with travel sized products. These are so handy!


Look at these pretty blushes.


And this lip coat is gorgeous.




This giveaway is now closed! The winner is:

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 17.41.25.png

CONGRATS! Thanks for all the comments and people that entered. New giveaways will come soon.


Anyway, another pretty big chance is my hair! I’m actually trying to go pastel pink, but since my hair is so fine I don’t wanna risk destroying it in the process, so I’m taking it easy, step by step, and for now I’m settling with blonde hair. I’m actually really liking it! I’ve never seen myself with hair this light.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Today Felix and I went to The Lanes for lunch and some shopping. We tried out this Japanese place called Pompoko and we both really enjoyed the food: I got the sesame tofu with rice, and it was incredible. If you ever come to Brighton, add this restaurant to the list!


I bought some manga and CDs for my car, but the best purchase was this fuzzy sweater for Maya!

How was your week? ɾ⚈▿⚈ɹ


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  1. kleinesgruen

    I think your hair is already light enough to put pink in it. If you want to try something that makes your hair pink AND is really good for it you should try Oro Therapy‘s „Fucsia Color Mask“! It makes your hair really soft and healthy. I also have damaged hair from all the bleaching, it’s already pretty thin naturally, but sometimes it’s even frizzier if I don’t put the pink mask in it than when I wash it normally.
    „Brightening coloring mask for naturally fair, bleached and/or super-lighted hair. Enriched with Microactive Gold, Keratin and Argan Oil, it can be used to obtain extraordinary fashion color effects while nourishing and hydrating the hair“ ;))

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