September 18th, 2017

A vegan option.


If you have followed my channel for a while, you will know that one of my favourite dishes is bruschetta.

In the North of Italy, we make them slightly different from the South (which are the more common ones to find in restaurants around the world) and today I’m going to share the way I make them, but with a twist: I’m trying out vegan cheese for the first time. 


If you don’t know what bruschetta are, they are basically pizza but in a thicker piece of bread, which is normally oval, with a crust.

The brad I’m using isn’t the right size (in the North we make them quite bit) but it’s the closest thing I could find here in the UK. These are from Crosta & Mollica.

My favourite passata (plain tomato sauce) is by Cirio, which I’ll be using for the base; and then normally I would go for the mozzarella from Galbani, but today I’m replacing it with this Violife vegan cheese, which is supposed to melt and be designed for pizza.

Now, I’m not vegan, but I do try my best to remove all the dairy I can, so I’m always trying out different products to replace my loved ones. When you go with substitutes, it really is a hit or miss.

When I fist went vegetarian, a year and a half ago, I remember trying so many different fake meats before finding things that I liked… but the positive thing is, when you do end up finding something good, you are most likely going to love it, even more than what you are substituting.

For example, when it comes to milk, I can’t even think about the last time I’ve drunk some, as the Oatly milk is actually SO. MUCH. MORE. DELICIOUS. And it doesn’t make me feel sick. So there is no reason at all for me to ever want cow milk.


Anyway, back to the recipe: normally I put the bread by itself in the oven for just a few minutes at 200*C. I do this so that once the mozzarella goes on top and looses it’s milky water, it doesn’t cause the bread to get all soggy.

I wasn’t sure how this vegan cheese was going to react with the heat, so I kept this step, but I can now tell you that once it’s melting, it does not release any water so you don’t need to do this part.


If you do decide to do it, it still helps as what I do next is rub some fresh garlic all over the bread for flavour, and if it’s a bit crispy, it’s easier to spread.


Then I go on and add my passata, leaving just a bit of space from the crust.


Then I chopped the cheese and added it on top. I used the whole thing, which looked like the amount I would use with regular mozzarella, but I actually think you can use much less.

I kept it in the oven at the same temperature for about 15 minutes – which is longer than I would cook mozzarella for – as it didn’t want to fully melt. I believe putting down the heat would help, so it can evenly melt. I also think cutting it into smaller pieces would help, as instead of creating a crust as mozzarella would, it just kind of got clear and crunchy.


As you can see, it didn’t melt like cheese would, but rather kept it’s shape. Once you bite on it, tho, it’s very soft and melted on the inside.

I’ve added chopped tomatoes on top, plus some salt, oregano and olive oil for flavour.

So, for the results: it looks pretty good, and similar to the real thing, but the cheese taste is extremely cheesy for me – like actual cheese – which I didn’t love. I prefer a softer flavour, as mozzarella – to me – is very different from cheese, taste wise.

So, if you are looking for an actual cheese replacement, this is pretty spot on; but if you like me, prefer mozzarella, this may not be for you.

Felix also ate the bruschettas, and he said he LOVED them, as well as the cheese. He kept asking me to make them again. So I guess it really depends on your taste.

I will most likely make them again, since he liked them so much, but I would definitely make the cubes smaller, so they can melt more evenly, and put way less of it on mine so that the cheese taste doesn’t overpower the rest.

Have you guys ever tasted bruschetta? They are so easy to make, and you can add anything you like on top!

If you have any mozzarella (not cheese) replacements for me, please let me know, it would really help.




77 thoughts on “BRUSCHETTA.

  1. Kali Arellano

    Hello Marzia 🙂
    I understand the pick and choose of the different substitutions as I am in a similar situation as you. I have been a vegetarian for two years now, and am slowly becoming dairy-free. As of right now my favorite vegan cheese would have to by the Daiya Mozzerella Cheese Shreds. I think that they melt fairly well too. I tried this recipe myself with the Daiya cheese and it turned out wonderfully! I love all your posts!!!


  2. Bea Contreras

    Hi Marzia!

    I know this is kind of not related to the post, but I’m curious about you and Felix’s diet. Now I know that you aren’t vegan, but u like to try replacement, but what about Felix? Is he vegetarian? or does he eat meat too? as I said, I’m just curious.

    I was very intrigued about the Oatly way, I hope they send international (I live in Chile :c).

    the bruschettas looks amazing and I’m definetly going to make them as soon as I get the ingredients (:

    thanks for sharing (.



  3. Suzon

    What about buffalo mozzarella? Is it no good for you? Someone from my family is allergic to dairy, so we use it when we make his pizza. It seems to be a pretty good alternative.

    I made something similar to your bruschetta, but I put vegetables and other things on top. It’s like some kind of small pizza, yum :d


  4. Katy

    I think what I like most about your blog is the way you explain every detail, it’s so simple and cute and I feel like I’m listening to your voice, that makes me feel calm. I’ve been following you for 4-5 years, I watch every video of you and I really enjoy it. The first time I heard about you was in a video of Felix and I remember that I thought, well it will become a youtuber, your boyfriend is so popular so why did not he take the opportunity, so I’m sorry to say this but when I saw you For the first time, I thought you were brainless. Needless to say, I was so wrong.
    It’s been a tough month here in Mexico. We have gone through a lot. Two earthquakes in less than two weeks! We are all scared, we do not sleep too much because we fear that another earthquake will happen while we sleep. But seeing your blogs and hearing about you makes me feel like I’m somewhere in the world where I could feel safe.

    I’m a big fan of you, I’ve dreamed of meeting you (not in a creepy way) I know your life may not be perfect but I’d like to live in your shoes maybe for a day (or weeks).

    Thank you for being you.


    Katy Chan
    PS: Sorry for the bad English. I did my best

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Elle Smith

    Daiya mozzarella “cheese” shreds are the closest thing I’ve found to real mozzarella taste, and they melt pretty evenly! However, some people have trouble with the “Daiya taste”, as it’s pretty distinct. I like it though! You should try it!


  6. Alessandra Melone

    Hi Marzia! Bruschetta is one of my favourite summer appetizers, at home we use to make bruschette on the grill to make the bread super crunchy! As you said, here in the south we make them differently, we just put chopped tomatoes on top with a little bit of garlic, olive oil and herbs; I’ve eaten something like your bruschetta but it was called “pane pizza”. By the way, tomatoes and mozzarella is always a super combo!


  7. Kristin Baione

    My mom and I are making bruschetta for lunch, today. We, like you, aren’t the biggest fans of vegan cheese. It is okay in certain recipes, but we prefer our bruschetta without the cheese. I have to admit… yours looks INCREDIBLE! We will have to try it and dice the vegan cheese even smaller as you suggested. Thanks for the recipe 🙂


  8. Makayla's World

    Yum! This looks so good I will have to make it sometime. I typically have to make it gluten free and dairy free since I am both lactose intolerant and gluten intolerant. I typically use Daiya which is my replacement for dairy.
    I hope this helps!


  9. Kate

    Hey Marzia,
    I have never tried Bruschetta before, but this post makes me want to so much! Although I’m not vegan or vegetarian, I hope that I can make my own as well as travel to Italy someday and try it there. What other Italian meals have you been re-creating in vegetarian ways recently?
    Much love, Kate


  10. Eliany B. L.

    Daiya mozzarella cheese comes already shredded, melts pretty similar and tastes good. I am vegan and this is my favorite cheese for pizza but I do not have much experience with different types of dairy cheeses so I would no know how to compare it. If you are looking for options, though, VeganEssentials is an online store in which you could order vegan mozzarella from different brands (and vegan products of any kind from different brands). I do agree that once you find something vegan to substitute what you like, you don’t even like the original flavor anymore. It happened the same to me with milk. I hope the store helps, it has introduced a lot of yummy healthy brands to my diet. Thanks for the posts as usual 🙂


  11. thepathtovegan

    This looks amazing! Need to try it. I’ve just become vegan and I have the same problem with fake cheese (I’ve done a post about different ones I’ve tried) and hands down the best vegan mozzarella I’ve tasted is on the vegan pizzas at Zizzi (an Italian food chain- pretty sure there’s one in Brighton!). I’ve actually found where to buy the fake cheese they use! please do give it a try and tell me what you think! Emma x


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