September 12th, 2017

Catching you up.


Sorry about the lack of posts the past week, but I’ve been trying to juggle so many things that I didn’t get a chance to log in here.

This should get you up to speed!


One thing that really took a big part of my time wasn’t work this time, but DIYing.

In fact, we had to move out of our flat and moved back into what is known as ‘Felix’s office’ (the smaller, cute flat we used to live in).

Because we don’t live here at all times, but we often invite guests to stay over, and Felix still works from here, I like to keep it looking nicely – although it is a challenge to make sure it does when you don’t live in a place – so now that I’ve moved back in, I’m trying to freshen it up by doing some fun pain jobs, DIYing the bathroom floor, adding some shelves and so on. I believe I should be able to do a blog post once I’m done, but things are still looking messy at the moment, so it will need to wait a little longer.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 11.15.42.jpg

I had decided to do a haul and managed film one, after collecting things for about a month. Compared to what most youtubers have to offer, with plenty of items at cheaper prices, my hauls have been more focused on fewer things, that I carefully select, that are for sure less affordable but unique.

Since having a more ethical mindset when it comes to shopping – I’m not going to lie – it’s been a bit though to share things I wear or buy. The moment you try to bring awareness, anything you do is going to be looked at more critically.

I never claim to know everything, or shop exclusively 100% ethical items, but I try my best to spread the word and be mindful when it comes to choosing what I spend my money on.


In this latest haul I’d filmed, I’ve included a few pieces that I requested from two of my favourite brands: Lazy Oaf and Lazzari. I remember the day Lazzari reached out to me, a few months back, telling me that if I ever liked anything from their website, I could simply ask and they would send it to me; and when Lazy Oaf reposted this photo on their account, it honestly made my day.

But, on the video, people seemed confused and upset by why I wouldn’t pay for the clothes myself. The things is: 90% of the things I buy from Lazy Oaf (for example) I do pay for, but since I was planning to make a haul, I saw an opportunity to request a few pieces to share.

I ended up removing this video, as well as some other hauls I’ve done in the past, because no matter what my intentions are, it just seems like these kind of videos attract more negativity than others, and it saddened me a bit.

In the same video I was ‘called out’ for saying that the video wasn’t sponsored, but I asked for a few clothes for free: sponsorship happens when a brand pays for you to include products in a video; in my case, I was not paid by any of them, and I was the one reaching out, and so I disclosed it.

Anyway, I figured I would address this here, as I’m never fully able to get my point across on videos.

Bottom line: I think that, for a little while, I will probably share things I buy in here instead of collecting them all for a Youtube video. Sorry about the small rant!

Two nights ago Maya had more of her stomach issues. It is so hard for me to see her unwell, in pain. We brought her to the vet and are currently giving her medicines, but she is really spaced out, and doesn’t walk much. At least the pain seems to be under control, which is good, and she seems to be getting better.

My fear was that she was going to feel as bad as last time, when we had to leave her at the emergency for days. Luckily she is here with me, sleeping. (The photo up here was taken days before she felt sick).

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 14.12.41.jpg

I’ve also got around filming a video with Dogy, which was my most requested one at the moment. It sucks a bit that lots of hateful people are coming over because of the current situation, or even a lot of my own marzipans are asking me to speak up.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 12.51.19.png

If I have to discuss something with Felix, I do it privately. I’m not going to be public about something this sensitive, and it had nothing to do with the video I posted either. I filmed it before it all happened, but people took offence in me wearing this hoodie in the video. It ruined it for me as normally I would interact with people in the comments (that’s the best bit when I upload), but I was put off by it all.

AH. Trust me when I say that making a living out of sharing things on the internet is both the most freeing and amazing lifestyle you can have, but really delicate and somewhat mentally draining at the same time. Anything you do is constantly being observed and criticised, you get pulled into things you have no part in, and if you don’t address certain things, you get called names, and rumours spread. It is difficult, at times.

Even my Instagram photos are filled with comments that are totally unrelated, so here I am, hoping that I can have more personal conversations in this space as I distance myself from Youtube and Instagram till the mess is cleared.


To end this post in a different note (it turned too sour, sorry!) I’m gonna talk about things I have been enjoying. Number one on my list: Fargo.

Felix and I started watching it, finally, after months of PJ telling us how good it is. We loved season 1. So good! Have you seen it?

We have tried to watch season 2 as well, but we can’t seem to get into it as much. What did you think about it? Is it worth watching?

We have also started American Horror Story Cult, and after finishing the first episode, I’m hooked! Are you watching it too?


Oh, and the final thing: IT. I really liked it. Felix not so much. I didn’t read the book, and didn’t watch the original movies, but I was very impressed by this one. I thought the IT costume was incredible, most of the actors were so good, the locations and set were great, and the whole movie was both enjoyable and creepy. Are you planning to go see it? Or if you have already, what did you think of it?


Alright. That’s all for today.
I hope your week is going well!


261 thoughts on “A WEEK WENT BY.

  1. Kate

    Hey Marzia,
    Just want you to know that I fully support you and am so sorry that all those people are judging you in the clothing aspects, as well as with Felix. What you talk about with Felix in your personal life is none of our business! You share whatever you wish to with us, but you shouldn’t ever be pressured to share anything, especially personal items. Much love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kate

      Also, I’m glad you feel safer posting on here (with the clothing/other items). I will complete respect whatever you chose to show us, and I hope the rest of your followers on here will as well. ❤️


  2. laury

    I Marzia ^^
    I have the feeling that writing here on your blog is kinda soothing for you and there is certainly less hate here than in youtube. (Hate that I don’t understand in the first place). It a shame to say but I think that whatever you’ll do people will always judge you (bad or good) and I hope that all the negative though pass quickly, and wish you the best.

    PS: I wonder if you know the “man in the high castle” TV show? It’s soooooo good , I think you may like it

    I hoped I didn’t wrote anything wrong. (I’m french ^^ )

    Liked by 1 person

  3. allymac374

    Marzia ,
    I’m sorry you are having to deal with this harassment. I love your videos and they have gotten me through some rough times. I hope things will start to get better for you soon . Thank you for always being so cheerful and making such fun videos Sending many good vibes and well wishes your way .
    Much love <3,


  4. Bárbara Martins

    I don’t even know how hateful people watch or comment your videos, because i find you so nice and light that i can’t understand how those people come by your videos if they don’t identify then they can move on and not spoil it for the rest of us.
    Sending you the most positive mindset and a very big hug from Portugal :3


  5. Shelby El-rassi

    Just wanted to say I love watching your videos and lovveee reading your blog! It sucks that you have to deal with so much negativity and hate, because you are literally the furtherest thing from anything negative! You always bring me a lot of joy from all your work! I love and appreciate it all 🙂


  6. Megan

    Sorry to hear about all the negativity. I love watching your haul videos! You find unique stuff that is so cute! And I hope Maya feels better soon 😊


  7. Aletze Estrada

    I am a little late but I NEED to say this: I AM SO SORRY.

    I am so sorry people (even Marzipans) believe they have the right to get into your lives and the right to demand something FROM YOU -and you had nothing to do with it in the first place! – and I am glad you know where you stand in this situation and that you’re standing your ground as well.

    This place is for you to say whatever you want so don’t worry about the post turning “sour”, it wasn’t at all. I felt as if a friend was telling me a problem she just needed to get out of her chest and I am grateful that you did. Is good for your mental health as it is just getting away from negativity and hurtful comments.

    Regarding your hauls on Youtube, you can’t just please everyone :/

    I believe this has to do with the fact people love when they can relate to someone they look up to, even if it is in a material way, but when they can’t afford that ‘something’, they get envious. That’s human nature. It’s like you are supposed to abide by some kind of rule that says you have to get stuff that everyone else can get and theeeeen, when you get something cheaper everyone else CAN actually afford, those who consume in a are more ethical way get on you for “lying” and forget you are not perfect. And forget they are not perfect.

    Anyway… whatever you do to make you feel better, do it. We’ll support you. Always. I’m glad you are having time for yourselves, I will to to see IT next week or this weekend maybe, I got a lot of faith in it xD haven’t watched Fargo but once my ex gets her Netflix account reactivated I will LOLOL

    Greetings to Pewds and the pugs. Looking forward to the redecor pics.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. ronalynvictor

    I’m sorry people are being mean and insensitive to you on the internet. But I know you can power through!

    I love your sense of fashion and design. Everything really fits together comfortably.

    I haven’t watched IT, but I really want to! But I can never go to the movies by myself; I feel the need to share the movie experience with friends. It’s just more fun that way. So I’m having trouble organizing a viewing with friends who don’t mind horror and scheduling it around school. I’ve seen the commercials and ads on YouTube, and it really does seem like a different type of horror that DOESN”T RELY ON JUMPSCARES.

    I’ve seen the actor who plays Perriwinkle the CLown (I believe that’s his name) on Conan and he seriously has that creepy smile.

    Anyway, I hope this week gets better!


  9. Beth Fraser

    Marzia I can’t tell you how much it hurts me to read this, you are one of the most beautiful, well natured people on this unforgiving earth. To see and read some of the things that people have said to you and about you make me ill. Please don’t feel disheartened by them, they don’t understand and they don’t know. What’s important to remember is that we, your marzipans absolutely adore you and will always support you in any event, rumour or endeavour. You are loved. I will continue to support you and defend you, just like so many others. I hope that maya is feeling better and that you and Felix are both okay. Much love ❤️


  10. Cetrina

    Marzia, what you think about moving to Japan for a while (if that’s possible)? I feel like you and Felix would simply adore the experience. Plus is in good timing too.You need a break, fresh air, Give it a time you know? Experience new things, new culture, new people, new minds and you guys can improve your japanese (and the best of all, make videos about Japan +_+). I hope that if this can’t be done now, it can in the future. I truly believe it would be an amazing new chapter in both your guys’s life 🙂

    Much love. Always here cheering for you (and sorry for any english mistake >_<)!!


  11. Iris

    I didn’t even know about all the controversy until I read this post, but it’s horrible how rude and judgemental some people are! I hope you don’t let it get to you Marzia, but you don’t need to apologise at all for wanting to share your thoughts on this with us, and we will always support you! Those people should mind their own damn business, they have no right whatsoever to assume all these things about you. And so sad you had to delete your haul, I really liked it 😦 I hope you will still be comfortable sharing these things in your blog posts with us, I love reading them so much! Much love.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Kit

    I agree that it’s important to keep important discussions in your relationship private, but I genuinely think this is one of those situations where you can’t be silent. What Felix said recently and has said or done in the past is hurtful and ignorant and it affects a lot of your viewers, me in particular. I don’t care how this affects your relationship, we all have racist/intolerant family members or acquaintances, but I care that you are concerned for your viewers that might have been offended and I wish you’d offer some solidarity or support. SOMETHING. Just because it’s uncomfortable doesn’t mean we should sweep it under the rug and not deal with it properly. I still love your internet presence and creativity, but i’m genuinely disappointed by your reaction.


    1. K

      Yes, I have to agree – I’m disappointed as well. While I do agree that it is unfair for you to be getting harassed, not everyone who is commenting or asking you to speak out is harassing or bullying.

      You do benefit directly from Felix’s fame – not just because he makes a ton of money, but also because at least some of your career and your own financial success was helped along by his. Not that you wouldn’t be successful on your own, but your exposure and career really took off because of Felix (that’s how I found you). So the frustration comes because you have no issue benefitting from his fame and success, but aren’t willing to make any comments or deal with the negativity that comes with it. It would be different if you weren’t so publicly associated with him, but you are and it’s where a lot of your following came from. You unfortunately can’t separate yourself from that unless your relationship ends, which I’m sure causes complications.

      I don’t think it’s strange or ridiculous for your fans to want you to at the very least make a statement saying that you don’t agree with using racial slurs – I think that’s a pretty noncontroversial, benign statement. I hope at the very least you do talk to Felix about this whether you disclose that publicly or not. Because your career and presence are so intertwined with his, I would hope he would care that his actions are reflecting poorly on you and causing you to receive negative attention through no fault of your own, even if he doesn’t care about the effect that his words have on others.


  13. Ina

    MARZIA !

    I loved you haul video and always will. I love to know where you get your stuff because you have an amazing style. I’m sad that you had to delete it because of haters, but I am happy to know that you’ll put it here instead.

    I gotta say, I love Pewds and always will. And I truly think that his comment wasn’t ment to hurt. And I don’t think you have to take position and justify his act or your opinion in any ways. He is him and you are you. Two separate persons.

    I hope Puga gets better ❤

    Ps: Have you watched The Death Note the movie !? I am sceptical and knowing you guys are manga lovers, I would love to know your opinion about it 🙂

    You are amazing, keep the good work going xxxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Kawiiltn

    I feel horrible that you’re getting harassed about what happened. Please remember you don’t owe your followers anything, we should be glad you share any part of the wonderful person you are, with us. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Sunshine Louise Estrada

    I think you’re the most beautiful person I’ve known so far. Though I’m not usually like this to other people and kinda religious and do not get to like people that easily but here I am reading your blog for quite a long time now. I love everything about your style, your personality and everything! I also love Felix’s personality that makes me happy -when I’m on my down-est? haha! He makes me laugh! aside from family, friends and God, I kind of like stick into your posts and videos and advices. :3 So happy to have known you. 😀 Keep lighting people up!!! *hugs*


  16. Radflyynjh

    Omg Marzia, i’m sorry to hear about all these negativity you’re receiving. It is so unfair and unjustify for you to have to receive the unrelated comments people are receiving. I understand your pain and reasons for wanting to keep things personal and deciding to do hauls here instead.

    Please feel better, the real Marzipans are here to support you ❤


  17. evictoria495

    I really hate hearing about all the hateful comments. I’m sure everything will blow over soon. Keep your head up and keep being amazing. You definitely have my love and support! I hope Maya feels better also.

    Much love from MS ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Heather

    Im sorry that people are attacking you over things that arent any of their business, but im glad you havent sunken to their level and retaliated. Youre a very strong woman and we are all here to support you. Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Ashley Garcia

    How stupid are those negative people aagh, trying to bring people down to miserable, because they are.

    I’m pretty sure they don’t ever care,they just love to do it for fun (annoying)

    But if you take a look carefuly there is always more people with good vibes♡ we (millions) love all you do, and you are goals♡ thanks god you are strong. Let’s all be brats and fu*k them c:

    Btw, I hope Maya gets better 😦 I love her(she is the reason I found your channel♡) and makes me sad so hear that. Good wishes to all ♡♡♡

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Khin Rupa Waddy

    Hey Marzia, I rarely make comments on the internet. I saw a comment mentioning about your blog on ur latest video and that’s how I got here. I really don’t know if you see my comment or not, but if you do, please know deep down, those hardships will go away. The more famous, and bigger you get, the more attacks and more people trying to bring you down.but it’s just matter of time. Stay strong. We love you. 🙂


  21. Anna

    It’s sad how people expect you to leave Felix over every mistake.
    Seems like that how they themselves view relationships and being human.
    They expect someone perfect all the time, no wonder the rate of divorces are increasing.

    Keep being you, Marzia.


  22. Jasminka

    Hello, Marzia
    I love your blog and your style, especially interior design.
    I don’t like horror movies. It is probably connected with It ;). I’ve watched It series long time ago and since then when I see clowns… well… I don’t find them nice and funny. 😉

    I’m really sorry for the bad comments you have got. Haters gonna hate. Some (many) people are frustrated and just write their comments to hurt people and spread bad emotions.
    Many people have a big problem with envy and that make successful youtubers their target. So they will find anything to attack and complain. It is a very common thing that youtubers get free stuff. You get stuff, company get promotion, audience get information about product. There was no need for you to say it was sponsored video when that wasn’t required from the company. So there was no need that you remove these videos.

    Wish you all the best 🙂

    Stay cute 😉


  23. Petra

    In the last month I recently discovered your youtube and your website. I really enjoy watching them, and hearing what you have to say. I am sad to hear about this situation that Is going on.. However.. I sense you have a lot of inner strength, and though you are delicate looking, the strongest of winds cannot knock you down. You can bend in the wind like a birch tree. Keep up the good work! Stay positive! I love hearing about your animals, clothes, decorating, food, makeup.


  24. Stephanie

    We haven’t seen IT yet! Waiting for it to come out but I can’t wait! I have heard it’s like 50/50 for people liking it or not. Have you seen the third Blair witch movie? I was not a huge fan of the first two but the third one really surprised me! My boyfriend and I are big horror fans too , and we enjoyed most of it.
    Do you and Felix have similar taste in movies or do you ever argue on what to watch ?
    We love you both in this house !


  25. Kamila

    I know that it’s been some time since you did this post, and this comment’s going to get lost among the others, but I really want to give you my response.
    I love all kinds of your DIYs and decorating videos/post. It’s always extremaly inspiring, and simply nice to look at. So I hope that your new redecorations will be great and you’ll be able to share them with us as soon as possible.
    I’m not a youtuber or a public person of any kind, so I can’t really feel the same way you do with the sponsorships etc, BUT I can imagine how stressful and unfair it can be. Here you are making an interesing and creative video, and people care more about how you got a few pieces of clothing rather than the video itself. I personally love your haul videos, because they give me ideas on how I can match some clothes or decorate or whatever else there is. So I don’t understand people who leave mean comments about not the video itself, but something, actually, irrelevant. I just assume that they’re jealous and/or don’t have anything better to do -.-”
    I hope Maya get’s better soon! ❤ She seems to be a lovely dog, and it's obvious that you care for her very much, so I hope that none of you'll be in pain or see the other one in a bad condition.
    I liked the video with dogy as it was simply enjoyable to watch. I noticed your sweatshit, but I didn't even think at that moment about the whole thing with Felix. And still it doesn't bother me. Just like you said: it's your business to talk or not talk to Felix about it, and certainly you don't have to say it officialy on the internet. This is horrible that some people expect you to talk about everything you do and think on the internet just because you are a youtuber, you can and should have your privite life. I'm really glad that you keep those things to yourself. I have so much respect for you for that.
    Lastly, my favorite topic, tv series! I haven't watched Fargo, but I heard about it and my boyfriend recomment it to me and now you're mentioning it, so maybe I'll give it a go soon. As for the other things that you watched… I didn't and definately I'm not going to. I cannot watch horror movies, I can't enjoy being scared ;; Lately I've only watched some korean dramas and an american tv series called "12 Monkeys," I'm not sure if you'd like it, but you can always try.

    Wish you all the best~!


  26. Via

    Hey Marzia!

    I’m not one to write comments on your posts or youtube videos but I really wanted to tell you this:

    I know you can’t ignore the haters, nor the comments on your social media sites but I just want to let you know that I’m here to support you. I totally get where you’re coming from and it’s so true and relatable that if ever you want something said to Felix, you can do it privately. I’m also a fan of Felix and I respect how both of you will handle things and difficulties that may come your way. So yeah, just be happy Marzia 🙂 That’s all I want from you (as your fan!)

    Here’s to more happy days for you and Felix and the pugs and Dogy!


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  28. daniela13pt

    I don´t know what’s in people’s minds this days. It’s incredible that you have enough strength to get over such despicable attitudes. Anyway, you should focus in moving on and I mean you are MARZIA! I’ve always heard about Fargo being a good show, maybe now I’ll start watching. Can´t wait for the winter clothing line! Lots of love from a portuguese marzipan


  29. riteasrain

    Just so you know, I am fully on your side in this debacle. Ridiculous what you and Felix are being put through just because of a word, and then the whole Firewatch bs. Keep your chins up 😊 xx


  30. Sakuhime

    Marzia, there’re a lot of negative and jealous people in the world, who can’t handle other’s happiness. Seeing you and Felix always warms my heart, so never feel sorry for the woman who you are. You’re the star of my life, please, don’t let the malignity break you down. Love and hug form Hungary. xoxo


  31. Jen

    Hi Marzia,

    I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re doing a really great job. I wanted to let you know that your work has inspired me to learn more about my own style. When I was growing up, I was discouraged from using fashion for self-expression. Only now as an adult, I’m realizing how fulfilling it can be to dress creatively! Somehow, your work has made me more courageous to put myself out there.

    As others have said, it is impossible to be 100% ethical in the world we live in – but the important thing is that we are on a path to being better. There are people like me who are inspired by your efforts to be a better person! And you should remember that there are people like me who benefit from what you do, even if you can’t be perfect all the time.

    Regarding what happened with Felix, I completely understand that your business is separate from his, and I respect your decision to keep things private. None of us have to deal with the kind of exposure that you two have to deal with on a daily basis – our society is still figuring out how to handle social issues in the media-centered world we live in (and you work in)! Know that I’m a fan who understands this – I hope that helps when you experience times of trouble.


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