September 3rd, 2017

A Swedish recipe.


Yesterday Felix and I spent the day together, and decided to bake some bread buns.

He knew this recipe, which is quite simple, and so we made it (I let him guide me, as the original recipe is in Swedish) and then I ended up giving it a spin so we could have the freshly baked bread for dinner.

They turned out incredibly well, and if you are wondering, this is a vegan-friendly dish!


In this photo you see what ingredients we used, and how much of each. We decided to do only 6 buns instead of 12, as in the original recipe, because we are just 2 people and were looking to eat them for dinner.

Felix told me that the good thing about these is that you can freeze them for a very long time, and quickly heat them up in the microwave, if you wish to.

So, if you prefer, just double up these ingredients and you will get more buns out of it. We also weren’t too sure about how much yeast we were supposed to use (Felix says their yeast is different) so it should be around 7 grams, but I measured it and it filled up half of a quarter of a cup. I hope this makes sense!


We started by mixing the salt with the oil and water, to then add 3/4 of the flour. Then we combined the yeast.


Felix worked the paste with his hands and made it into a ball.


We let it sit, covered, for 15 minutes. When we came back, it was a much smoother consistency.

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 10.44.29.jpg

We sprinkled the remaining flour on a board and cut the paste into 6 pieces, which we made into small balls.

We let them sit, covered once again, for 3 more minutes.


Then we moved them onto a tray lined with baking paper, and added some toppings: in the original recipe, they brush an egg on top to get that brown/crispy effect – you can definitely skip this to keep it vegan.


I’ve also added some sesame seeds, but you can use what you prefer, or simply keep them plain.

We put them on the oven at 250*C for 15 minutes.


I’ve then cooked some vegan chicken nuggets (by Quorn – now they not only make vegetarian ones, but also vegan, which actually taste much better); I also cut up an avocado into small pieces, added some olive oil and chia seeds and mixed everything together; and finally added some hummus.


These are so tiny and delicious, that would make a great party food!

I hope you enjoyed this recipe, and send me photos if you end up trying it yourself.

Happy Sunday!


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