August 31st, 2017

My BuJo.


Back in January, Emma mentioned to me how she wanted to start a Bullet Journal.

Before then, I had never heard of such a thing, and I was instantly intrigued. I looked up on it, and quickly realised it required quite a bit of pre-planning – which I’m not going to lie – put me off.

I kept coming across beautifully decorated journals, wondering how much time people spent on setting them up, wishing to have one for myself. Almost 9 months went by and my quick, scribbled, pre-made planner run out of pages, and so back on Monday I went out to grab some supplies, a new notebook, and set my own bullet journal up!


At this point I had saved a few blog posts that inspired me and helped me organise the journal, specifically this one, and this one.

It’s kind of overwhelming when you get started, as it seems like there is a lot that needs to be included, but soon enough I realised that since it belongs to me, I can edit out what most people write in there, and tailor it to my own needs.


I did keep some of the main important bits: I’ve given it a small intro page, where I wrote the Index, so that I can quickly find the topic/page I need; and the Legend, so that I have all the symbols I’m using in one place.

Because I’ve started this so late, obviously I didn’t need to write down the entire year, but I got to focus on the last 4 months left. I’ve created a mini calendar where I get to mark important dates and trips.


Then I’ve also put together the Future Log, which allows you to take a better look at the months to come, so that you can really plan ahead. As you can tell things are pretty empty right now, and I did have to edit out some info as I wrote down locations I’m going to be at (safety), but I definitely think I will find this very useful once I properly start to use the journal.


I’ve also used up two more pages to track my projects. I’ve only included the main, big stuff I work on over the months, although I should probably create something similar for smaller things as well as a video calendar. Again, I removed some info, this time because I don’t wanna give away what I’m working on just yet.


The final thing is the weekly spread. I saw most people manage to fit lots of stuff in here, like what they eat, how much they work out, sleeping times and so on; but I wanted to dedicate the space to my lists of tasks.

I did get a free corner on the bottom right, which I decided to keep for photos, doodles and ideas (in this page I’ve attached a photo of me and Maya). I’ve also started the journal a bit earlier, so the dates with the star washi tape indicate these past few days, belonging to the month of August.

Can you believe that tomorrow is already September?!

Anyway, this is all I’ve got so far. A bit empty and more ‘minimal’ than others, but it has all I need for now. Any suggestions on what I could add? If you have one yourself, is there something that really helped you, or enjoy keeping track of?

Let me know!


121 thoughts on “BULLET JOURNAL.

  1. Casey Sloan

    Marzia, been watching your youtube vids for awhile, just found your blog! I have to say I love the idea of a bullet journal, a few years ago I did a ton of researching and finally landed on a planner that worked best for me. I have been in love ever since then with EmilyLey … (emilyley.com) she makes a simplified planner, (i have the weekly planner) it’s very simple and neat, and still plenty of room for doodles for anyone who is good at that (you). Love what you did with yours though, I just know I wouldn’t dedicate as much effort as it takes for this thing!


  2. Aini

    I like how simple you made this! I tend to get overwhelmed when I search for bujo inspirations on Instagram and Pinterest, but you make it seem easy. 🙂 Also, that Gudetama ruler is too cute.


  3. mishchellerr

    Oh my gah! How is your handwriting so stationary-ish? How do you do thaaat? Also, can we have a tutorial on how to make our own journal? x ♥


  4. TheLifeofKimmy

    I recently started a bullet journal and I’m still getting used to mine. How did you decide to set up your future log? That was hardest for me.
    My favorite page in mine is a book case I drew and I’m filling it with the books I’ve read. My own personal library right in the pages.
    Good luck and keep going!!


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