August 27th, 2017

Summer days are back.


Remember back in June, when I blogged about my whole week, saying how we were having a wonderful hot week? Well, since then, the weather has been rather mild, not really summer-like.

The past couple of days, finally, the heat and sun came back. Nothing too warm to be fair, but at this point I’ll take any chance I get to wear a t-shirt and have a good time outdoor.


Felix and I sent out some texts yesterday morning, to meet up with a few friends and play mini golf.


We have been living here for years now, and always seen this ‘crazy golf’ course, but never had the chance to actually play.


It’s pretty small, but luckily it was pretty empty so we got to take our time.


The results!


Then we walked to Marrocco’s, which is an Italian ice-cream place, and it’s always incredibly busy.


I peeped through the construction wall, where people were queuing up, and saw this. Isn’t it so gorgeous? I had no idea something this beautiful was here, as it’s always covered up.


After what felt like the longest line, we managed to get ice-cream. Here is a shot of Felix’s, as the cone was so pretty.

What are you up to this weekend?



90 thoughts on “MINI GOLF.

  1. Lauren Cashman

    Hi Marzia! What recommendations do you have when starting over in a new place, like starting at a new school in a new city? Would love to hear your ideas! Thanks!

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  2. Tess

    Hey Marzia! Glad you had a wonderful day with Felix. My question is, do you have any tips and tricks on adjusting to a new living environment and to sort of get rid of group and meeting new people-related anxiety?? Thanks! Love you and your videos 🙂

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  3. musubikat

    Good morning from Bend Oregon! Do you have any creepy stories you’d like to share with us? Also, are you a person who has cool, vivid dreams? Also, are you planning any clothing swaps with any of your friends? Random questions I know, but hey, random is good!

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  4. Yamo chan

    I have a dual question, sort of, for you and Felix; Is there any place you want to go, or something you’d love to do, but haven’t been able to fulfil because both of your popularity would prevent you from enjoying yourselves?

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  5. Ashley

    Hey Marzia! I’ve been watching you for a long time now and I’ve always admired the way you dealt with hate or pressure. As a very anxious person, I was wondering how you deal with criticism. Thank you!

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  6. sylliepie

    Hey Merz! That was a really cute post, I actually haven’t played mini golf before. Also my questions: I really really love how you decorate your house! How would you describe your style in homeware and what is/are your fave house items/furniture (excluding plants cuz Ik you like all your plants hahaha). Would you ever make a video giving tips on shopping or finding a homeware style or even decorating the place since you also taken a interior design course!

    Hope you have a lovely day. ❤ -Sylvia

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  7. Iru's Adventures

    Hello Marzia 🙂
    I’ve been following you and Felix for many years now and I was wondering where do you get inspiration from to make new looks and lookbooks in general.. Videos, magazines, movies, blogs? Any suggestions?
    Lots of love from very far, Morocco ❤

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  8. jenesaispas

    It sounds like you and Felix had such a nice day ( ◠ ◡ ◠ ). It’s good that you are able to experience the summer you deserve, no matter how short–trust me, I know how you feel. Climate change has really jacked up the summer where I live (East Coast North America). As for me, my weekend plan was to attend a friend’s birthday celebration at a club/restaurant. Apart from that, not much, really.

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  9. Sena

    Hello Marzia,
    I feel weird and a little bit of shy writing this but I just had the urge to write it and I thought that this is most likely the place where you could maybe see this ( this and i dont have any other social media besides youtube if that counts as social media )
    so what I wanted to say at first is, thank you, thank you for your beautiful artistic thoughts and that you’re such an inspiration regarding so many things, what I like the most is your pure personality that wants to make me enjoy life and to remind myself to live smoothly and make the best out of it.
    The second thing I want to say is, that I really like your attitude regarding eco-friendly and cruelty-friendly things, and that you take your time to actually make an impact with the things you have in your hands.
    What I wanted to ask you as a long admirer and fan is, if you perhaps could maybe give people/ your followers a view about animal-hunting, especially like lion hunting and give maybe a shoutout to people like kevin richardson etc. .I would just love to see you talking about issues like this bc I believe in your purity, engagement and seriousness as well as your personality bc your videos just show a pure concerned but calm manner without being fake or dramatic.
    I really hope you can give your audience an insight in stuff like this.

    And again thank you, for inspiring me in my everyday life and to enjoy the little things in life to its fullest and to see the art in everything!
    Greetings from Germany!

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  10. Lisa

    Ciao Marzia! Che forte il mini golf! Ho sempre voluto provarlo, tra amici deve essere divertente !
    Venerdì sabato e oggi sono “scappata” dal caldo della città e sono andata nella casa in montagna di mio papà:) è a Zogno, per farti capire un po’ sotto San Pellegrino, in Val Brembana 🙂 quando ero piccola andavo sempre su la domenica a trovare mia nonna, e adesso che non c’è più cerchiamo comunque di tenerla curata! Ho preso il sole, cucinato, sono andata a prendere un gelato in paese e bagnato i gerani che decorano il terrazzo. Mia nonna ci teneva un sacco a quei fiori e ogni anno ne piangiamo di colori diversi ! Quest’anno sono di un bel rosa acceso. Ho portato su i miei due Bassotti che non stavano fermi un attimo ! Potendolo lasciare liberi si sfogano e si sentono i padroni 😂 chissà come si divertirebbero con i pugs! Felice comunque che ti sia divertita !! Passa una bella serata 🙂

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  11. Skye

    Maybe I am late and you will not answer this but…
    I have a youtube channel, it’s about studying and study tips on how to survive school and get top grades and now I finally started my blog.
    Was it difficult to start your own blog?
    How can your photos be always so flattering?
    Love from Skye!

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  12. sunflowerthebunbunbunny

    On Saturday I went dress shopping as I needed a dress for our school Ballroom dancing. I’m really happy with what I got – a cream dress with red/brown/orange flowers andn brown shoes to match. So good!!!

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  13. Iren Leag

    Looks like you had some fun!! I spent saturday with friendz too! We went on a mini-cruise to celebrate my friend’s birthday. It was really fun but now i’m sunburnt so today i’m just enjoying the A/C while waiting for game of thrones!
    As always your posts make my day better! Lov from french polynesia!

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  14. claryssasessentialjournal

    Work and rest and relaxing and disappointment and relief pretty much in that order. I have finally as an adult taken Sunday’s as a day of rest from the past week and have new respect for it too as a Christian. It’s nice and really starting to love it taking it seriously as a should and I have learned from it. : ) I’ve put thought into things and am going to set goals that I know i can accomplish with time and hard work and will start working on them tomorrow Monday.!

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  15. Red

    Hi, Marzia. I live in Hove, which is right next to Brighton. May I ask if you know about this mini golf course called Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf, it is in between the marina and the Concorde 2 if you know where it is (On the seafront). This golf course is a much bigger one and I found it more fun than the one near Morroccos, I’d just thought I’d recommend it since you’re in to mini golf.

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  16. HaniaJedi (@HaniaJedi)

    I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now but didn’t have the time to leave a comment yet. I love your blog! You take really good pictures and always make the post interesting, even if it’s about something that wouldn’t usually interest me, like makeup.
    This weekend I’m moving to an on-campus apartment for college! I’m pretty excited for it!

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  17. Jessica Lefrancois

    Hey Marzia !! I have a recommendation for you ! I saw your blogpost from march (yes I’m quite late haha) and I’ve read that you watched Good Morning Call.

    I would recommend you to try Miss In Kiss. It’s on netflix! This drama is a taiwan remake of Itazura na Kiss but it’s even better in my opinion. It’s quite long before some action happen in there, but it’s still really funny and heart warming. Try it, I’m sure you’ll like this !

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  18. Sofia

    Hi Marzia! I often wonder: Do you think/dream in Italian still or do you think in italian, your mother language? 🙂 In your videos, you talk so fluently so maybe you got the habit of thinking in english, too

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